Of Growth
And Strength



A Little About Ourselves

1972 we personally came to the feet of Jesus Christ when we were 14 years old. We well recall our days before receiving the Baptism of the Holy Ghost as being a very veiling experience in our prayer life, in our reading and understanding the word of God, everything was very surface, prayer seemed difficult, praise and worship seemed hollow, and the King James Version of the bible I recall was as if it was written in a foreign language. Yet I went to meetings and stumbled forward.

1973 in Feburary we went to a meeting with the Hunters and was was powerfully powerfully filled with the Holy Ghost. Which radically radically turned my Christian life inside out. Flooding us with the love of God, a love of the brethren, and a fair level of understanding of the word of God as we marathon read the King James Version like a best selling novel two times cover to cover and the New Testament three more times to boot. We witnessed to many, we attended churches all over the place simultaneously filling our week with everything God. We found power in prayer and waiting upon the Lord, we found power in fasting, we found deep joy in worship and praise, and the Lord caused us to understand things about the church and the end times that at the time we had heard from no other preacher or teacher. It was one amazing period of time

1976 -1981 We attended Pinecrest Bible Training Center. So to speak Pinecrest for us was a great spiritual homecoming as those things which we had seen and heard of the Lord were commonly taught there, as well as a number of things concerning God, His manifest presences, and His workings and dealings that we at the time were not familiar with.

1980 -1982 We worked for a number of years worked with Wade Taylor, as a part time assistant editor for The Banner

2002 -2003 During the end of 2002 into 2003 we had a tremendous visitation from the Lord in which He opened our eyes and understanding to many things that we never saw nor understood though they were hidden in plain sight in the word of God all along

2006-2010 We worked closely with Wade Taylor as we built and administered Wade Taylor's personal website

Dear Friends,

Ecclesia in the wilderness is all about you, your coming into a deep abi diing, more vital personal relatioship with Jesus Christ, your personal growth in God, and that you might become all that you can be in Jesus Christ.

The calling of God in a man or woman's life can not be accomplished by the works of one's hands. Not in my life and certainly not in your life. (I have gone through a great many twists and turns before I came to where I am today, and could never have guessed in my wildest dreams of what I needed to go through to get here.)

We strongly beleive that all can enter into their true calling,

IF we earnestly seek after the Lord. And in so doing we will begin hear the voice of the Lord for ourselves as He endeavours to speak to us through the manifold means at His disposal. The
Holy Ghost seeks to lead us, and guide us, to the feet of Jesus Christ where on bent knee we are willingly to take upon us His yoke and learn of Him that we might truly become His servants His bride and His beloved.

The path to these things in each of our lives is unique, it is totally apart from our natural wisdom, understanding or strength. The Lord desires that each of us be a unique shining flower with our own special song, and fragrance that rises to His nostrils.

Our entering into the will and purposes of God are wholly dependant upon our being able to hear for ourselves the Voice of the Father, the Voice of Jesus Christ and the Voice of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives.

While the majority of ministry and teaching in this hour are geared towards the preventing of our coming into our own unique callings, by preventing of us from being able to hear from God for ourselves. by preventing us from making ourselves disciples of Jesus Christ alone, and by preventing us from from entering into personal sanctification and personal justification before the Lord.

In truth the majority of ministry and teaching of this hour's main purpose is to keep you happy and buzy in their immense sandbox of Talmudic doctrines and teachings, so that you remain babes forever, and ever addicted to them and their teachings, while ever pouring into their laps the tithes and offerings of men.

If you have come to this page it is no doubt that something in you is seeking and crying out for more in God.

In your heart and spirit you have come to realize taht something is wrong with yourself , and there is something wrong with the things you have been taught, as you have slowly realized that neither yourself nor your church you have sat under can be found as they are in the word of God.

And that this is not just something that simply comes and goes away, but that in your heart and spirit you struggle over these things time and time again despite all the smooth answers you have been given by your blind preachers and teachers and by the other well-meaning blind fellow beleivers around you.

The fact of the matter is that these are the last times now. We might well say here that the Last Days have long passed, and we are now in the last minutes.

We have all heard endless mumbo jumbo on who we are, and all that we have. We have heard all about that we will suddenly wake up and become manifested sons of God, or that with no need for preparation of any kind, with no need for deep repent
ance, with no need no for change i n our heart or life or walk with Christ we will all suddenly fly away, or in the same manner we will all suddenly become a part of some glorious company of beleivers embued with power on high.

We have at one time or another beleived all of these things, trusting the words of hireling teachers and self-engrandizing preachers that have never manifested a single one of these things in their own lives. Muchless have been able to explain in real terms as to how these things shall be? And how it is that individual real people like you and I can individually and personally pass from darkness unto light, and become the Ek-Lektos of God (The Light Beams of God) and a part of any company of the end time people of God?

Well beloved, the concrete answers to all we have sought and hunger for in our hears have been hidden in the word of God, just as Jesus Christ, the Apostles and the prophets of old declared. That seeing these men and ministries would seen not, and hearing these men and ministries would heard not.

The wisdom of God has been hidden for 2000 years from the blind scholars, and their "rabbinical" teachers, who get their words from moldering commentaries, books, tapes, videos and the like. We have to be able to hear from God to be able to see and hear and partake of His hidden mana. Hidden but in plain sight, so simple that any child can understand as spoken by Jesus Christ. And yet hidden from the eyes of the prudent, the eyes of the wise.

The purpose of this site is to prepare the endtime people of God (Specifically those that have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying unto the Church) for all the things that are shortly to come to pass. So that there might indeed be a righteous seed, a holy bride without spot and wrinkle, prepared to perservere though the coming dark times and to be a light and glory, shining forth Jesus Christ and Him alone in the gross darkness that shall cover the earth and even those that are called by His Name.

Those that would follow after Jesus in this day and hour have been presented with great, great challenges. Insurmountable challenges to our flesh, and our understanding, that can not be answered by our hands, nor by our own will and our wants. There must be a taking off of our filthy garments, there must needs be a casting aside of the doctrines and traditions of men that have so po lluted the church of this hour , there must be a severing and seperation and a cleaving wholly unto the Lord -- If by any means we shall enter into that hidden gate along the hidden narrow way that few shall find

One question that is good to ask daily is: What lack I yet Lord? What do I lack to be able to enter in to what Christ and the Apostles attained? And when God speaks to you as He promises over and over in His Word, you must stop at nothing to obey the Lord as He speaks and and shines His light into your darkened heart and soul to reveal those things that are unlike Him and that displease Him. And then you must do everything you can to cleanse yourself from these weights and sins that have so easily beset you regardless of however long you have known Christ.

One final thought The articles here are written slowly and prayerfully. And as such one needs to read them slowly and prayerfully to let God have his full work to move upon you and to speak to you those things that you need to see and hear off Him. Speed readers and marathon reader will pack their minds with information but having your head full and leaving your heart and spirit empty -- is utterly futile as to our individually and personally entering in to becoming the endtime people of God. 

The just shall live by faithfulness