How Labour Overthrew UK by Mass Imigration --2/2010

Imam Found Sumggling in Razor Blades and Sissors into Tombs Prison

Pig Lungs in Human Transplants Move One Step Closer --2/2010

Tight Times Put Gravel on the Road

The Great Global Warming Collapse --2/2010

Forests Are Growing Faster with rise of CO2

Video: Fed Gave Banks 23.7 Trillion Not 700 Billion

23.7 Trillion
Dollars to Fix Financial System

US Rescue May Reach 23.7 Trillion Dollars

Walesa's Warning To US Voters

Newly Installed Wind Turbines Idled by Minnesota Winter

Wind Farms Produce No Electricity in British Cold Snap

Toronto Muslims Gang Rape Frightened Women --1/2010

US Group Sends Solar Powered Bibles to Haiti

Voodoo Priest Claims Haiti Earthquake Aid Monopolised by Christians --1/2010

Food Costs Soar in EU as Big Freeze Deepens

Amish Families Exempt from Insurance Mandate

Catholic Cardinal Forsees Muslim Conquest of EU Christendom --1/2010

National Irish Bank Moves to Cashless Banking

Pastor Rick Warren Takes in 2.4 Million Dollars After Plea

US Democrats to European Socialists

No Rise of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Fraction in Past 160 Years

Desecration of Ezekiels Tomb in Iraq --1/2010

Intel Chips in Brains Will Control Computers by 2020 --12/2009

New EU Pres Former Pro-Lifer Devout Christian Touts Global Management --12/2001

We Will Create A Green New Deal --12/2009

Arctic Sea Ice Satellite Data --12/2009

Insurgents Hack US Drones --12/2009

UN Climate Chief Cashing in on Carbon Credits --12/2009

Copenhagen Climate Summit 1200 Limos 140 Private Jets and Caviar --12/2009

Weird Signs in the Heavens --12/2009

Religious Leader Tells Planned Parenthood Rally Abortion a God Given Right --12/2009

Global Warming Doomsday Prophets --12/2009

EDITORIAL Reckless Endangerment for Breathing --12/2009

Farmers Scramble to Finish US Harvest from Hell --11/2009

Tweaking the Genetic Code --11/2009

Climate Change Worst Scientific Scandal of Our Generation --11/2009

California Recycling Program is on the Rocks --11/2009

Three Myths about Recycling Trash --11/2009

Recycling Centers Close Eliminating Green Jobs --11/2009

Inhofe Begins Hadley Center Climategate Investigation --11/2009

EDITORIAL Hiding Evidence of Global Cooling --11/2009

Climategate --11/2009

Scientists Create Lab Grown Pork --11/2009

Joys of Being Muslim Women --11/2009

Emails Damning To CRU Head Phil Jones --11/2009

It was the Holy Time So I had to Grope the Lady --11/2009

Islamic Principle of Al Takeyya Infecting This Nation --11/2009

Climate Change Data Dumped --11/2009

All Future Teachers May Be Reeducated University of Minnesota--11/2009

NEA Union Chairman Too High a Price--11/2009

Global Warming Promoter Dismayed and Deeply Shaken by ClimateGate --11/2009

Climate Change Denial (Twisted leftist POV)--11/2009

IPCC Researchers Admit Global Warming Fraud --11/2009

Hackers Leaked Emales Stoke Climate Debate --11/2009

Global Warmings Reported Impacts Have Been Sped Up Since Kyoto Failed --11/2009

Spectre of Greenism in UK Workplace is Backward Step for Climate Change --11/2009

Boosting Cognition in Down Syndrome --11/2009

Tiny Magnetic Discs Could Kill Cancer Cells --11/2009

Police Need Help To Find Gaston County Pastor Charged With Raping Teen --11/2009

Union Bullies Boy Scout for Dastardly Good Deed --11/2009

Small Nanoparticles Bring Big Improvement to Medical Imaging --11/2009

Confirmed Anti-aging Skin Cream Product Contains Fetal Proteins --10/2009

Co2 Climate Targets Can't be Achieved --10/2009

Food Will Never Be So Cheap Again --10/2009

To Close the Deficit Federal Income Tax Rates Would Have to Nearly Triple --10/2009

Pro Life Student Forced into Isolation on Day of Silent Witness --10/2009

Obama Offers Millions for Muslim Tech Fund --10/2009

The Now Signed Obama Hate Crime Bill is a Trojan Horse Against Free Speech --10/2009

The Outrageous Truth About UK Labor Government Slips Out --10/2009

Prehistoric Titanic Snake Laughs at Global Warming --10/2009

Global Frog Die Off Finally Figured Out --10/2009

To Cut Global Warming the Swedish Now Look at Their Food --10/2009

Was Out Oldest Ancestor a Proton Powered Rock --10/2009

Obamacare is The First Step Toward Single Payer I Admit That --10/2009

Muslim Parents Sell Virgin Daughters Aged 12 for Sex --10/2009

Medicare Largest Denier Of Health Care Claims --10/2009

Shape Shifting Robot --10/2009

Enormous Oil Seepage in the Gulf of Mexico --10/2009

Fighting Western Contraceptive Mentality--10/2009

By Dawns Early Light 400 Launch Attack on Chinese House Church--10/2009

Newsweek Japanese Edition Declares Obama Not Worthy of Nobel Peace Prize --10/2009

Sun Plasma Balls Could Wipe Out Human Civilization--10/2009

Rifqa Bary Family Risks Deportation Due to Court Case--10/2009

Christian Girl Must Go Back Home Judge Rules --10/2009

Now UK Muslims Demand Give us Full Sharia Law --10/2009

Prostitution Thrives After Ramadan Ends --10/2009

Mayans Insist 2012 Isn't the End of the World --10/2009

Woman Arrested for Poking on Facebook --10/2009

Zub B Ayin Moon God Allah Sexually Violated by American Infidels --10/2009

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre to Become a Falafel Restaurant --10/2009

House Republicans Accuse Muslim Group of Trying to Plant Spies--10/2009

Now we Have Proof Jihadis are Infiltrating DC--10/2008

Al-Qaeda Urges Holy War Against China--10/2009

Israel's Sex Trade Booming --10/2009

Thousands of Children Brought into Dubai for Sex Trade--10/2009

Paralysed Dog Walks Again --10/2009

Smart Drugs Should Be Allowed for Childrens Use --10/2009

Former Muslims Address Islam on Capitol Hill --10/2009

TLC's Duggar Family Welcomes First Grandchild --10/2009

Indian Tribes bash Sierra Club --10/2009

Record Breaking Granny has 1400 Descendants --10/2009

ABC News Notices Obama Administration's Suppression of Criticism --10/2009

Cash for Clunkers 3 Billion Dollar Boondoggle --10/2009

ACORN Scaling Back or Shutting Down in Many Cities --9/2009

Paralyzed Rats Walk Again --9/2009

Scientists Pull an About Face on Global Warming --9/2009

Scientist CO2 Good for Planet --9/2009

The UN Strikes Again Hamas Not Terrorist Israel Is --9/2009

Castrated Vikings Charges Anger Sweden --9/2009

Hollywood Wife Lays into Feminization of Swedish Men --9/2009

Radical Sex Group Plan to Change Way Americans Think about Sex --9/2009

Staff in Carbon Footprint Trial Face --9/2009

Pay With a Wave of Your Hand --9/2009

For ACORN Video Is Only Latest Crisis --9/2009

Canadian Hate Speech Laws Ruled to Violate Constitution --9/2009

Documentary Examines Blood Money Motive in Abortion Industry --9/2009

Having My Rapists Baby is the Best Thing I Ever Did --9/2009

Gay Man Sues Bible Publisher for Mental Anguish --9/2009

Fight Nights and Reggae Pack Brazilian Churches --9/2009

Up to TWO MILLION March on US Capitol Protesting Obama Agenda --9/2009

More than 40000 Japanese Aged 100 or Older --9/2009

Child Bride 12 Dies Struggling Three Days to Give Birth --9/2009

Video Series Inside the Twin Towers Discovery Channel --9/2009

Culling Out the Population the Heart of Liberal Healthcare Plan --9/2009

House Dems Seek to Repeal Defense of Marriage Act --9/2009

Human Tissue Can be Taken From Humans for Animal Experiments --9/2009

While We Were Looking the Other Way Obama Seeks UN Post --9/2009

Inside the Twin Towers Discovery Channel Videos --9/2009

ACORN San Bernadino and Other Cities Investigated --9/2009

Madison on Article One in the Constitution --9/2009

Majority of UK Teachers say Patriotism is Brainwashing --9/2009

PRUDEN Obama At the Top of the Televangelist Game --9/2009

We Are on the Brink of Computers With a Human Brains --9/2009

Investing in Death --9/2009

Study Houston Leads in Births Under Age 15 --8/2009

Prisoners Have Better Diet Than Health Service Hospital Patients --8/2009

First Prayer of the Continental Congress --8/2009

Man Made Volcanoes May Cool Earth --8/2009

Thousands of Suicide Bombers Can Target Washington Paris London --8/2009

Senator Ted Kennedys Treasonous Act With Soviet Union --8/2009

Bill Would Give Obama Power to Regulate and Shut Down Internet --8/2009

Court Orders Christian Child into Government Education --8/2009

In Their Own Words OFA and ACORN --8/2009

Fears for economy mount as business investment falls --8/2009

Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch Worries Researchers --8/2009

Foreign Born Mothers Push Britain Past 61 Million --8/2009

House Member Markey Admits Medicare Will Take Hit --8/2009

US Court Rules Sexual Orientation Laws Include Former Homosexuals --8/2009

European Union Ban on Lightbulbs Lead to a Dim Future --8/2009

Sunscreen products may be linked to Alzheimers and Parkinsons --8/2009

UN Agency Calls for Teaching Children ages 5 to 8 Masturbantion --8/2009

Millions Face Shrinking Social Security Payments --8/2009

VA Denia of Care DeathBook --8/2009

Government Behavioral Science Experiment --8/2009

Video Glen Beck ACORN and Labor Unions and Green Movement Command Structure

The Sovietation of America Proceeds --8/2009

Lutheran Church Allows Gay and Lesbian Clergy --8/2009

Teen Christian Convert to Stay in Florida --8/2009

Twilight Series is it a Danger --8/2009

Muslim Model Caned for Drinking Beer --8/2009

Ninety Five Homosexual Lutherans Come Out --8/2009

Carbon Dioxide Irrelevant in Climate Debate says MIT Scientist --8/2009

Ayatollah sees global Islamic Army --8/2009

IBM Sees Future of Microchips in DNA --8/2009

Thousands Quit AARP Over Betrayal in Health Reform --8/2009

History Of The Democrats And The KKK --8/2009

Study Global Warming Bill To Cost 2.4 Million Jobs --8/2009

Cloud Ships To Combat Climate Change --8/2009

Scientists study huge plastic patch in Pacific --8/2009

Fayyad Proclaims Jerusalem Capital of Palestine --8/2009

64 Percent of Israelis Want Temple Rebuilt --8/2009

Police Beat Women Opposing Sudan Dress Code Trial --8/2009

2009 Mohammed Most Popular Baby Name in Dutch Cities --8/2009

Prophetic Event Syria: Euphrates River is Drying Up --8/2009

Video American Muslim Girl Now Christian Pleads For Safety --8/2009

Video Obama Advisors on Health Care --8/2009

Video Obama Saying He Wants Government Run Health Care for all --8/2009

Highlights of First 500 Pages of the Healthcare Bill --8/2009

A Turning Tide in Europe as Islam Gains Ground --8/2009

LA Episcopal Leaders Nominate 2 Openly Gay Bishops --8/2009

Quakers To Allow Gay Marriages --8/2009

ALERT on National Health Care --8/2009

Patients Forced to Live in Agony in NHS --8/2009

The Global Redistributionist at Obama.--8/2009

Psychologists Repudiate Gay To Straight Therapy --8/2009

Eight Christians Burnt to Death in Pakistan After Koran Defiled --8/2009

US Marshals Seize Sanitizer for Bacteria Problems --8/2009

Lawmakers Blast Obscene Stimulous Grants --8/2009

A Green Light to Invade Israel --8/2009

Ex Gay Tries to Educate Nations Largest Teacher Union --8/2009

German Scientists Reject Man Made Global Warming --8/2009

Climate Revolt --8/2009

US Government Converts Inflation into GDP --8/2009

Hydrocarbon Oil and Natural Gas Form in the Mantle -- 8/2009

Seven House Dems Carry Islamists Water -- 8/2009

Drudge Having Field Day With Recovery Funding --7/2009

Does ObamaCare Outlaw Private Insurance --7/2009

Bailouts Could Cost US Tax Payers 23 Trillion Dollars --7/2009

California Channel Islands Hold Evidence Of Clovis Age Comets --7/2009

Muslims One Step Closer to Power in London --7/2010

Alcee Hastings Paves the Way for Concentration Camps --7/2009

There is No Evidence Carbon Dioxide Causes Global Warming --7/2009

China Says 140 Dead in Xinjiang Riot --7/2009

Rick Warren Calls for Christian Muslim Partnership --7/2009

Summit Cannot Mask Russian Declining Population --7/2009

Ginsburg I Thought Roe Was to Rid Undesirables --7/2009

Copyright Laws Threaten Our Online Freedom --7/2009

Pope Endorses World Political Authority --7/2009

Extreme Makeover for the Recovering Liberal --7/2009

Down is Up --7/2009

Burping of the Lambs --7/2009

Pakistani Family Shot Dead in Honour Killing --6/2009

Obama Outreach to Muslims Prompts Mass Koran Distribution --6/2009

Indian Scientists Seed Clouds in Quest to Bring on the Monsoon Rains --6/2009

Survey Why Churches Losing Youth --6/2009

Neighbors Close Ranks After Lombard Sex Charges --6/2009

6 Year Old Girl Escapes Would Be Rapist While Held In Leg Shackles --6/2009

Lombard Demonstrates Why Gays Should Not be Allowed to Adopt --6/2009

Gay Rights Campaigner Leader of Paedophile Ring --6/2009

Britain Has 85 Sharia Courts --6/2009

Too Much Online Strains Irish Marriages --6/2009

Births to Foreign Mothers in UK Soars 65% in Six Years --6/2009

Conservatism Won't Save America --6/2009

Catholic Colleges Intern With Pro-Abortion and Pro-Homosexual Organizations --6/2009

Buggy Smart Meters Open Door to Power Grid Botnet --6/2009

VIDEO Geert Wilders Deport Millions of Muslims --6/2009

Pakistan Christians Ready to Die For Their Faith --6/2009

Creditors Cry Foul at Chrysler Precedent --6/2009

Bill Clinton US No Longer Dominated by Christians and Jews --6/2009

Pride Parade Celebration Has Political Bent --6/2009

Christian Murdered for Drinking Tea from a Muslim Cup --6/2009

Crops Under Stress as Temperatures Fall --6/2009

Rural Michigan Counties Turn to Gravel Roads --6/2009

American Pro-Homosexual Corporation List --6/2009

Democrat Mutiny on Climate Bill Grows --6/2009

Oil Prices Leaps to Year --6/2009

Headed for Another Ice Age --6/2009

The Islamification of Wales Shariah Services Launched in Cardiff --5/2009

Pedophile Protection Act Stalls in Senate --5/2009

A Father Sells His Daughter To His Landlord To Pay His Rent --5/2009

Muslim Woman Caned in Bangeladesh for Talking to Hindu Man --5/2009

2009 A Year Without Summer in Northern Plains to Northeast --5/2009

June Snow Fall in Western North Dakota --5/2009

Catholic Mothers Fury After Seeing Son Fostered by Homosexuals --5/2009

The 2008 American Election Muslim Resistance Brings Change --5/2009

One in Seven Scientists Say Colleagues Fake Data --5/2009

Freeze Warning for Central Lower Michigan Tonight --5/2009

Global Recession Making World More Violent --5/2009

The Emergence of President Obamas Muslimism --5/2009

US Embassy to Hold First Ever Gay Pride Party Tonight -- in Iraq --5/2009

Ad Campaigns Invite People to Church --5/2009

US Inflation to Approach Zimbabwe Level --5/2009

California Justices Say Marriage is 1 Man and 1 Woman --5/2009

Scientologists in France Go On Trial For Fraud --5/2009

British Churches to be Forced to Hire Homosexual Youth Workers Under Bill --5/2009

Gay Marriage Supporters To Hold Prayer Service --5/2009

Catholic Aide Says Gay Men Commit Most Pedophilia --5/2009

Church of Scotland Abandons Bible - Allows Gay Pastor--5/2009

Pyongyang Gave Washington Hour Notice Obama Golfs --5/2009

Bomb Case Raises Issue of Islam in Jails --5/2009

Video IOUSA The Compounded Trillions The US Owes

Forth Democrat Convicted and Sentenced for Child Porn --5/2009

GreenFuel Runs Out of Money Shuts Down Algae to Biofuel Plant --5/2009

The Climate Industrial Complex --5/2009

Are the Saudis Now Running US Policy --5/2009

FBI Arrest Four in Plot to Bomb Bronx Synagogues and Shoot Down Plane --5/2009.

Iran Test Missile Has Israel and EU Within Range --5/2009

Bush Doctrine Continues to Batter Islamists --5/2009

Europe in Deepest Recession Since WWII --5/2009

As Alaska Glaciers Melt the Land Rises --5/2009

US Stimulus Patronage and Waste --5/2009

Fed Up --5/2009

Federal Reserve Cannot Account for 9 Trillion Dollars --5/2009

Saudi Files for Patent for Killer Microchip --5/2009

Coral Reef Global Warming Scare in Trash Heap --5/2009

Parents Fight Homosexual Indoctrination of Kindergardeners --5/2009

Pedophile Ringleader was Top Advisor to Scottish Government --5/2009

Troy Michigan Celebrated Solar House Left in Dark --5/2009

Swedish Man Found Guilty of Making Al Qaeda Training Camp in US --5/2009

Rabbi to Pope Go Split Rome --5/2009

Gay Gene Claim Suddenly Vanishes --5/2009

Man Made Drought in California -- Greater Global Food Shortages --5/2009

Gov Charlie Crist Named in The Film Outrage as Gay --5/2009

UK Bans Cross Shaped Medal as Offensive to Muslims and Hindus --5/2009

Suspect Detained Over Extremist Bumper Sticker --5/2009

Report Obamas Master Plan to Raise UN Flag in Jerusalem --5/2009

Senate Bombarded on Pedophile Protection Act --5/2009

America the Christian Nation as Revealed in State Constitutions --5/2009

The Overthrow of Europe Will be Sooner Than You Think --5/2009

Sun's Odd Quiet Hints at Next Little Ice Age --5/2009

Iran Threatens Israel Destruction in Eleven Days --5/2009

Russia to Build Floating Arctic Nuclear Power Stations -5/2009

Peres Wants to Yield Christian Sites to Vatican -5/2009

Ronald Reagan 1964 Convention As You Listen Think of Obama -4/2009

Amazing 50 Year Old Cartoon on Losing Freedom --4/2009

Hate Crime Bill Unconstitutional and Threat to Religious Freedom - 4/2009

8 year Old Saudi Girl Divorces 50 Year Old Husband 4/2008

California Supreme Court Lets Stand Christian School Ban on Homosexuality -5/2009

In Hard Times House of God Goes Chapter 11 and Bankrupt -4/2009

Missions Trip Defectors Stun Churches -4/2009

Jihad Cell Commander Comes to Jesus Christ -4/2009

Lessons About Gays Will Be Compulsory From Age 11 in UK -4/2009

As Payback UAW Gets 55 percent of Chrysler and Board Seats -4/2009

House to Vote on Hate Crimes bill this Wednesday -4/2009

More Than 700 Scientists Discredit Man Made Global Warming -4/2009

Sharia Law Infiltrates German Courts Schools and Ministry of Foreign Affairs -4/2009

EU Judges Want Sharia Law Applied in British Courts -4/2009

US Regulatory Czar Nominee Wants Net Fairness Doctrine -4/2009

Team Obama Claims Americans Use TOO MUCH Health Care -4/2009

Special Messages On Sex Puts Baptist Church at Risk -4/2009

Spokesman Jackie Chan Comments Out of Context -4/2009

Iranian Nuclear Roulette -4/2009

Children Dont Make You Happy a Childless Researcher Declares -4/2009

Iowa Threatens Locals Marry Gays or Else -4/2009

The Blessing of Abortion and Worship of Me Me Me -4/2009

Judiciary Committee Green Lights Homosexual Hate Crimes Bill -4/2009

Pastors Right to Talk About Jesus Threatened -4/2009

The Growing Threat of Radical Islamic Groups in Germany -4/2009

Resolution Passes Claiming Oklahoma Sovereignty -4/2009

Corn Ethanol Increases Greenhouse Gas Emissions -4/2009

House Judiciary to Examine Homosexual Hate Crimes Bill -4/2009

Baptist Sunday School Teacher Kidnaps Rapes and Murders 8 Year Old Girl -4/2009

Homeland Security says Conservatives and Christians are Radicals. -4/2009

Rick Warren Waver on Prop 8 Stuns Evangelical Leaders -4/2009

Shock Osteen's Pro Obama and Pro Gay Marriage -4/2009

Saudi Judge Refuses to Annul 8 Year Old's Marriage -4/2009

Missouri Stops Police Targeting Conservatives and Third Party Voters -3/2009

Meet the Most Courageous Man in Britain -3/2009

Senate Legislation Would Federalize Cybersecurity -3/2009

Earth Population Exceeds Limits -3/2009

China Cracks Down in Muslim Western Provinces -3/2009

Financial Rescue Nears GDP as Pledges Top 12.8 Trillion -3/2009

100,000 Secular Britons Seek De-baptism -3/2009

Police Identify 200 Children as Potential Terrorists -3/2009

EU leader condemns Obama Administration -3/2009

IMF Says Clean Up Banks to Tackle Dire World Crisis -3/2009

Democrats Mull End Run For Obama Legislation -3/2009

US Bill Seeks to Rescue Faltering Newspapers -3/2009

UN 1 million in Sudan Wont Get Food Aid From May -3/2009

Christians Called to Abandon Public Education -3/2009

Bullying Mob Packs Meeting in Support of Islamic Supremacist Institution -3/2009

The Faith That Gave Birth to Tolerance Is No Longer Tolerated -3/2009

US to Sign UN Gay Rights Declaration -3/2009

Children Come With High Carbon Cost -3/2009

Where Have All the Gold Bugs Gone -3/2009

UN Proposal to Criminalize Defamation of Islam -3/2009

Are YOU a Terrorist -3/2009

Forty-five Percent of Worlds Wealth Has Been Destroyed -3/2009

Little Mr Conservative -3/2009

Could Saint Louis Lose its Catholic Hospitals -3/2009

Famed Pastor Predicts Imminent Catastrophe -3/2009

Bow Your Head Break the Law -3/2009

State Bans Prayer at Christian Institutions -3/2009

EU New Proposed Law Allows Suing over Religious Private Displays -3/2009

Bishops Middle East May Soon be Empty of Christians -3/2009

The Climate Change Lobby Has Sudden Regrets -3/2009

Morgellons Expert Says Awareness and Early Treatment are Paramount -3/2009

Radio Chip Coming Soon to Your Drivers License -3/2009

Anti CO2 Campaign Like An Atom Bomb On US Economy -3/2009

Coming Next Year Obama Inflation -3/2009

Anti Surveillance Filmmaker Plans to Use Eye Socket Camera -3/2009

Lawmakers in 20 States Move to Reclaim Sovereignty -3/2009

Oklahoma Senate Passes State Sovereignty Powers Not Granted by Constitution -3/2008

Montana Legislature Passes State Rights Amendment -3/2009

Bulgaria Numerous Southern Villages Are Converted to Islam by Force -3/2009

China Readies Military Space Station -3/2009

Catholics Slam Law Forcing Teachers to Promote Islam and Gays -3/2009

Since We Got Married My Husband Doesnt Make Love to Me -3/2009

Shocking FBI Can Eavesdrop Even When Cell Phone is Turned Off - 3/2009

Dubai's Dramatic Drop -3/2009

Do These Mysterious Stones Mark the Site of the Garden of Eden - 2/2009

American taste for soft toilet roll worse than driving Hummers -2/2009

Polygamy UK Taxpayers Footing Bill for Muslims -2/2009

Porn in the USA Conservatives Are Biggest Consumer -2/2009

Bottom Reached By Green Movement -2/2009

Turning Universities into Graveyards -2/2009

The day China's Sweatshop Workers Rose Up and Looted the Plant -2/2009

Britain Warms of Summer of Rage -2/2009

Co-Conspirator in Terror Case Complains About Informants in Mosques -2/2009

The Green Jobs Engine That Can't -2/2009

Somali Militant group in Midwest Triggers US Terror Concerns -2/2009

Archbishop of Canterbury Society is Coming to My Views on Sharia -2/2009

Islamic Subversion in US Alleged by FBI Agent -2/2009

War and Peace and Deceit in Islam -2/2009

Britons Flee Guadeloupe as Rioters Turn on White Families -2/2009

Earths Cracks May Contribute to Global Warming -2/2009

Federal Obligations Exceed World GDP -2/2009

LA Police Investigate Death Threats to Octuplet Mom -2/2009

Reids Gambling Train -2/2009

Ethanols Backers Get Gassed Out -2/2009

Pair held for Offending Islam 2/2009

UK School Receptionist Facing Sack After Daughter Talks Jesus to Classmate 2/2009

UK Baby Faced Boy is Father at 13 2/2009

Angry Survivors Blame Council Green Policy 2/2009

A Rocky First Few Weeks -2/2009

Scavenger Army Digs in Paris Trash -2/2009

Lawmakers in 20 States Move to Reclaim Sovereignty -2/2009

San Francisco Pays NRA Court Fees For Illegal Legislation -2/2009

Televisions To Be Fitted In Contact Lenses Within Ten Years -2/2009

Huge Study Boosts Disappointment on Multivitamins -2/2009

Islam Group Urges Worldwide Forest Fire Jihad -2/2009

Doom Rhetoric Seen By Some as Not Presidential -2/2009

China Declares State of Emergency Over Drought -2/2009

China Suffering Worst Drought in 50 Years -2/2009

Animal Human Clones Dont Work US Company Finds -2/2009

Two children limit Says Green Guru -2/2009

The Altering of The Quran and Destruction of Many Verses -1/2009

Octuplets mother Was Obsessed With Having Children -1/2009

No Cussing Club Kid Gets Death Threats -1/2009

Detroit Radio Broadcast Angers Muslims -1/2009

Another India Exposed -1/2009

Muslim Intimidation And Free Speech In Europe -1/2009

British Couple Told They Are Too Old To Care For Grandchildren -1/2009

Palins Got PAC and VIP Status -1/2009

We expected a massive presence of the gay community -1/2009

Ice in Canada St Lawrence Traps Ships Including Icebreaker -1/2009

Chad Charcoal Ban Enflames Public -1/2009

Scientists Not Sure Doomsday Machine Wont Destroy World -1/2009

Nations Turn to Barter Deals to Secure Food -1/2009

Drug Waste Creates Disaster Zone in Andhra India -1/2009

Workers Urged Go Home and Multiply -1/2009

This is the Frozen North of the UAE -1/2009

Cybergeddon Fear Stalks US FBI -1/2009

Ghetto Britain -1/2009

Cashing In On Despair -1/2009

Young Men Vanish Stirring Fears of US Terror Recruitment -1/2009

Islamic cleric advises rape and beating wives -1/2009

German Economic Minister Favors Coal To Gas -1/2009

Sarkozy Arabic the Language of the Future - 1/2009

Israel Discovers Gas -1/2009

Anti-Terror Bosses Hail Latest Ally the Black Death -1/2009

Mother Nature Puts Freeze on Green Solar powered Toilet -1/2009

Birth Control Pill Inventor Laments Catastrophe -1/2009

Muslim ads on county buses drive Jewish group to protest -1/2009

Arabs Lost 2,5 Trillion Dollars From Credit Crunch -1/2009

The Emission of Methane from Plants -1/2009

Exodus Mandate to Confront Public Education -1/2009

Egyptian Government Daily Hamas Syria Iran Axis of Evil -1/2009

Earth's Magnetic Feild Affects Climate Change -1/2009

Belgium Muslim riots Jewish neighborhood sealed -12/2008

Sea Ice Ends 2008 Year at Same Level as 1979 -12/2008

CO2 Levels in 1800s About The Same As Today -12/2008

Ten Years Of Proof That CO2 Is Not Driving Global Warming -12/2008

British Missionaries Jailed in Gambia With Hard Labor -12/2008

British Scientists To Ignite Tiny Man-Made Star -12/2008

Sweden Riots Over Closure of Mosque -12/2008

As The Global Warming Worm Turns -12/2008

Winter Cold Puts a Chill on Green Energy -12/2008

Iraq Celebrates First Official Christmas -12/2008

Massive Internet Disruption After Undersea Cables Break -12/2008

Hamas Enacts Full Islamic Sharia Law -12/2008

What You Need to Know About Hanukkah -12/2008

Russia Moves to Liquidate 56 Religious Groups -12/2008

Wind Turbines Fail to Generate Power -12/2008

Man Made Global Warming Began 5000 Years Ago -12/2008

Somalia Nearing Total Famine -12/2008

We Were Instructed to Kill Till Death -11/2008

Al Qaida US Overcome Meltdown with Islam - 11/2008

Vatican Thanks Muslims for Returning God to Europe -11/2008

Pervert Fighting Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg Silenced By Fear -11/2008

US Seeks 300 Billion Dollars from Gulf States -11/2008

Attitude Channeling and Brainwashing -11/2008

Case of Poynette Pastor Who Paddled Son Headed to Trial -10/2008

Law Professors Threaten Churches Supporting Prop 8 -10/2008

A Church Under Siege -10/2008

Mideast Leader Obama is Muslim Who Studied in Islamic Schools -10/2008

Obama's Illegal Fundraising -10/2008

Sarkozy Arabic Is the Language of the Future -10/2008

The Jewish Holiday of Sukkot -10/2008

In Observance of Sukkot -10/2008

Lost Synagogue Reopens in Jerusalem Muslim Quarter -10/2008

Colorado Bible Ban Faces Court Challenge -10/2008

Decision to Teach Kids to be Gay Allowed to Stand -10/2008

Mark Steyn Verdict is In On Hate Speech in Canada -10/2008

Swiss Green Power Ethicists Ponder Plants Rights -10/2008

Grain Shipments Stalled in Credit Drought -10/2008

Election Prayers -10/2008

Google Shows Obama Involved in Muslim Organizing in 2001


Video: Obama Promises Acorn to Shape his Presidential Agenda -10/2008

Video: Obama Supports and Campaigned for Kenyan Terrorist-10/2008

British Moralist: Dementia Parients Have the Duty to Die -10/2008

Meat Must be Rationed Declares Global Warming Study -10/2008

Russia Chief Rabbi Living in Israel Weakens Faith -10/2008

More babies and Muslims Will Take Over UK -10/2008

Cult Leader Tony Alamo Arrested in Arizona -9/2008

London Olympic Park Toilets to Turn Away From Mecca -9/2008

Ramadan in Brussels Tramp Beaten for Drinking in Public -9/2008

Russian Woman on Trial in Dubai for Drinking Juice in Public -9/2008

Surprise Spring Snowfalls Blanket South Africa -9/2008

Darwin Receives Apology from Church of England -9/2008

China Big Quake Doubles Chances Of More Quakes -9/2008

Obama Stealth Muslim 2007 NYT Article -9/2008

Link: Obama Muslim Student Certificate Indonesia

God Wants Me to Be Rich -9/2008

Branson Greenlights An Airborne TV Tie In -9/2008

Pastor Uses Cancer Hoax to Hide Supposed Porn Addiction -9/2008

Supreme Moslem Council: Temple Mount is Jewish -9/2008

Cholera Epidemic in Iran -9/2008

UKs Brown warns of Russian Energy Stranglehold -8/2008

Preachers of Evil in Britans Mosques -8/2008

Kremlin Announces South Ossetia Now part of Russia -8/2008

British Doctors Justify Killing Infants for Organs -8/2008

Muslims Ban ALL Council Members Eating During Ramadan -8/2008

Russia May Cut Off Oil To The West -8/2008

Eight Year Old Saudi Girl Files for Divorce -8/2008

Sichuan Earthquake Orphans Fail to Find Home -8/2008

Muslim Father Burns Christian Daughter Alive -8/2008

Hadith of Hate Banned at USC -8/2008

Principal of Islamic School Ousted Over Sex Allegations -8/2008

A Few Speculators Dominate Oil Trading -8/2008

California Court Homosexual Rights Trump Religious Freedom -8/2008

Getting Poor to Use Toilets a Major Health Conundrum -8/2008

Saudi Columnist Bomb Iran Now -8/2008

Premature baby comes back to life -8/2008

Researcher Predicts 80 year Little Ice Age To Begin Soon -8/2008

Chain Wrapped Around Body Found in Mosque -8/2008

Was Young Obama An Indonesian Citizen -8/2008

A Franken-Robot With Rats Brains -8/2008

Germany in the Midst of Enemies -8/2008

Meeting Plotting Global Abortion Strategy Exposed -8/2008

20 Muslim Nations Ban Missionaries -8/2008

Ventura County Hot Spot Puzzles Experts -8/2008

Restraining Orders Out of Control -7/2008

Desire to Build Church Led to Players Comeback -7/2008

Secret Nuclear Plant Discovered In Iran -7/2008

Islamist Bombers Target Olympics -7/2008

Son of top Hamas leader converts to Christianity -7/2008

Christian Divorce Trends Fuel Debates -7/2008

Brazil Advances Toward Homosexual Dictatorship -7/2008

Afghanistan Death Penalty For Man Distributing Koran -7/2008

Dutch Oil Traders Accused of Crude Swindle -7/2008

Why Are Persian Gulf States Switching to Coal -7/2008

Algae Infests River Near Three Gorges Dam in China -7/2008

All UK Students to be Taught Islamic Traditions -7/2008

Three Californians Stand Against Gay Marrige -7/2008

Proved There Is No Climate Crisis -7/2008

So Much For Global Warming Flooding Cities -7/2008

Myth of Climate Change Consensus Explodes -7/2008

Consumers Face Higher Home Heating Prices This Winter -7/2008

Mission Expert Dismisses Fears of Islamic Take Over of UK -7/2008

Pastor Accused of Groping Women Fights for Job -7/2008

Baptist Pastor Jailed For Rape -7/2008

Faith Under Fire -7/2008

McDonalds Chain Those Opposing Gay Marriage Hate -7/2008

Creationism Dispute -7/2008 (Anti-Christian Bias)

Scientists integrate living brain cells into semiconductors -7/2008

British Nanny State Declares Racist Babies -7/2008

Thousands Expect Apocalypse in 2012 -7/2008

Testing The Faith -7/2008 (Warning Concerning The Day of The Lord)

Zondervan Faces 60 Million Dollar Lawsuit -7/2008

Stafford Virginia Minister Jailed for Sex with Boy -7/2008

Pope to Star in TV Bible Reading Marathon -7/2008

New Plagues Hit Beijing With Algae and Locusts -7/2008

UK Students Disciplined for Not Kneeling to Pray to Allah -7/2008

Denmark Church Pays Protection Money to Muslims -7/2008

Trying Times -7/2008

China in Major Battle Against Locusts -7/2008 (Judgment of God)

UK Top Judge Sharia Law SHOULD be Used in Britain -7/2008

Secret Report Biofuel Caused Food Crisis -7/2008

Nigerian Sharia Court Jails Female Singer For Concert -7/2008

Energy Experts Puzzled Over Oil Jihad -7/2008

Beijing Promises No Algae Blooms in Olympic Game Waters -7/2008

Blond White Schoolboy is Al-Qaeda Extremist say British Police -7/2008

Free Speech Dies at the UN -7/2008

It Is Allowed to Marry a Girl at the Age of One -7/2008

Al Gore Increased Power Consumption Ten Percent Last Year -6/2008

Christian Preachers to Gather in Birmingham No Go Area -6/2008

Malaysia Islamist Party Pushes for Sharia Penalties - 6/2008

China Clearly Overtakes US as Leading Emitter of Climate -6/2008

Scientists Find Bugs That Eat Waste and Excrete Petrol -6/2008

Irish Voters Reject EU Treaty -6/2008

Coal to Diesel Conversion plant could have huge impact -6/2008

California Muslim Polygamist Convicted of Torturing 19 Kids -6/2008

Canada When did the Bible become hate speech -6/2008

Dobson editing radio show to avoid hate crimes laws -6/2008

Free speech held hostage by tribunal -6/2008

Southern Baptists reject creating a sex abuse database -6/2008

Religious Boom in China after Quake -6/2008

Seven people arrested for cheering at graduation -6/2008

Worries Mount as Worlds Farmers See Mediocre Harvest -6/2008

Canadian Government to Pastor Renounce Your Faith -6/2008

Belgium's Dwindling Churches Being Converted to Mosques -6/2008
***Missionary Opportunty With Doors Wide Open***

Warning to Baptists Turn or Burn -6/2008
Baptist Denominations Failing

Man Falls Out After Receiving Spirit and Sues -6/2008

New Atheist Video Game Where Players Murder Biblical Figures and Behead Muhammad Seeking to Stop and Destroy Religion -6/2008

Texas High Court Saves Constitution in Polygamy Ruling -6/2008

Idiots Guide to Idiotic Canadian Human Rights Tribunals -6/2008

Canadian Priest investigated for quoting Bible -6/2008

David Warren The CHRC Show Trial Begins -6/2008

You Can't Preach the Bible Here This is a Muslim Area -6/2008
No Go Zones For Christians Being Established in England

French Actress Bardot fined for Anti Muslim Remarks -6/2008

British Islamic Extremists Should Get Therapy -6/2008

Since 1943 Coal Used to make Gasoline, Diesel, and Jet Fuel -6/2008

Pollution Turns Chinese River System Red -2/2008

Home Schooled Police officer and Daycare Workers Lose Jobs -6/2008

Judges Hasten Cultural Decline-5/2008

Bishop Collapse of Church of England Creating Void for Islam -5/2008

Boy Scouts File Federal Lawsuit Against City of Philadelphia -5/2008

Tennessee Nullifies Home School Diplomas -5/2008

Danish Muslims War against Nationals -5/2008

Swedish Welfare State Collapses as Immigrants Wage War -5/2008

Baptist Pastor arrested in sex sting resigned -5/2008

Texas seizure of polygamist children overturned -5/2008

MPs Back Creation of Half- Human Half Animals -5/2008

30,000 Scientists reject global warming as man made -5/2008

US Islamic Schools Teaching Homegrown Hate -5/2008

Radical Muslim Paramilitary Compound in New York State -5/2008

Japans Children Steadily Disappear -5/2008

Pleasure Marriages Regain Popularity in Iraq and Iran -5/2008

My Proud Depature From Islam -5/2008

Practicing Muslims Will Outnumber Christians by 2035 in UK -5/2008

Canadian Birth Rate Crashes -4/2008
Curses of Deuteronomy -- I will make you few

German Birth Rate Hits Bottom -4/2008
Curses of Deuteronomy -- I will make you few

South Korea Birth Rate Lowest in the World -4/2008
Curses of Deuteronomy -- I will make you few

Sweep of polygamists -4/2008

World might be heading towards Ice Age -4/2008

Motions Filed against FLDS Raid -4/2008

Wall Street Jounal - Load Up Your Pantry -4/2008

Cloud Falls on China -4/2008

Europe Turns to Coal Again -4/2008

ACLU joins debate about FLDS kids -4/2008

Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World -4/2008

The Real Reverend Jeremiah Wright -4/2008

FLDS Prophet's Nephew Speaks Out of Sexual Abuse -4/2008

Terrorist Krekar can stay in Norway -4/2008

Shepherds Leading the Sheep to the Slaughter -4/2008

Lesbian Ex Says Christianity Makes Mother Unfit Parent -4/2008

Lesbian Demands Custody of Christian Moms 6 Year Old -4/2008

Public Pool Bars Father and Son for Being Non-Muslim -4/2008

Iran Should Defend-Control the Islamic World -4/2008

Investigator Girls 13 and Older Pregnant in Polygamist Sect -4/2008

Brazil Defends Biofuel production from Growing Criticism -4/2008

Merkel Says Bad Farm Policy Not Biofuels Drive Up Food -4/2008

Hunger in Haiti increasing rapidly -4/2008

Rice traders hit by panic as prices surge -4/2008

Utah's Legislature Doesn't Have Time For Polygamists -4/2008

Biggest Grain Exporters Halt Foreign Sales -4/2008

Brigitte Bardot on Trial for Muslim Slur -4/2008

Food Costs Rising Fastest in 17 Years -4/2008

Free Speech Vs Lawsuit Terrorism -4/2008

Mothers of Sect Children Forced to Leave -4/2008

Worldwide Food Inflation and Riots -4/2008

Workers Dig Furiously Preventing Jersey From Cursing New Stadium -04/2008`

Welcome to Islamic Lawfare -4/2008

Haitian President Fails To Stop Food Riots -4/2008

Climate Change Confirmed That Cancels Out Global Warming -4/2008

Rush to restrict trade in basic foods -4/2008
***Coming Famine***

Rice jumps as Africa joins race for supplies -4/2008
***Coming Famine***

Haitians riot over prices -4/2008
***Coming Famine***

Mile High Tower -3/2008 (New Tower of Babel)

Iran seeks Death Penalty for converts from Islam -3/2008

Islam’s ‘Public Enemy #1 -3/2008

Islams Secret Weapon - Mothers -5/2007 (Confirmation found!)

Muslims more numerous than Catholics -3/2008

Muslims to Outnumber UK Churchgoers -3/2008

They Want Jesus Instead Why Muslims Convert -3/2008 (Suspicious article)

Jump in Rice Price Fuels Fears of Unrest -3/2008
***Coming Famine***

UN Rights Council Passes Islamic Resolution on Islamic Defamation (The overthrow of the EU begins in earnest) -3/2008

Ethnic Repression in Tibet Masterminded by Faceless Trio -3/2008

Britain Islam and the Clergy -3/2008

Forget Biofuels we Need our Daily Bread -3/2008
***Coming Famine***

Forget global warming - Welcome the the New Ice Age - 2/2008

UN Conference Promotes Insect Eating -2/2008
***Coming Famine***

Shoppers warned bigger food bills on way -2/2008
***Coming Famine***

Soaring food prices imperil US emergency aid. -2/2008
***Coming Famine***

Canada's Human Rights Beef with Catholics -2/2008

Sharia law in Canada - 2/2008

Are We Already Living as Dhimmis -2/2008

Archbishop Goes Muslim - 2/2008

Archbishop of Canterbury calls for Sharia law in Britain -2/2008

Bishop Warns of British No Go Zones -1/2008

MK Zeev Says Gay plague could destroy Israel --1/2008

Chinese Government Rethinks Religion -1/2008

Chief Rabbis of Israel Rule Abortion is Sin -1/2008

Gospel of Wealth Comes Under Investigation - 12/2007

Fossils challenge old evolution theory - 8/2007

Sex for Mother Russia -7/2007

Terror ringleader is brilliant NHS doctor --7/2007

Terror plot hatched in British hospitals -- 7/2007

Rising Immigration Makes Mohammed Number One Name --7/2007

I was a Muslim fanatic - 7/2007

Britain on Critical Terror Alert - 7/2007

Teheran Aims Missiles as US Bases in IRAQ --7/2007

Killer Hornets have come to the US State Department --7/2007

Coral Preserves Reefs in Warmer and Cooler Periods --7/2007

Alarmist global warming claims melt under scientific scrutiny -- 7/2007

Car Bombs Come to London -- 6/2007

How do I Aposticize from Islam -- 6/2007

Financial Post Forget Global Warming - 6/2007

Scientist Implicates Worms in Global Warming - 6/2007

Devout Muslim Leaves Islam - 6/2007

Missing Lake --6/2007

Russian Academic CO2 not blame for Global Warming --10/2004

Islam I missed a prayer --6/2007

Islam My Proud departure --6/2007

Mohammed likely top name for British boys --5/2007

The torture of the grave for the Muslim --5/2007
***Critically important article***

Islams First Overthrow of Europe - 5/2007

Time Bombs In Our Midst --5/2007

Hate crime bills Anti-Christian--5/2007

Bitter and Frustrating Experience With Islam --5/2007

American Muslims Not Moderating --5/2007

Number of Japanese Children Drops 26th Consecutive Year --5/2007

Disdain for Evangelicals in the Classroom --5/2007

Baptist Preachers Accused of Sins --4/2007

Iranian Imam Receives Christ Via Satellite TV --4/2007

Muslims converts face ostracism in France --4/2007

German Judge To Battered Muslim Wife Koran Allows Beatings --4/2007

UK Secularists and Gays Demand Marginalization of Christians -- 4/2007

My Homosexual Agenda is Jesus --3/2007

Islams humiliation by Napoleon and the coming fall of EU - 3/2007

Islam hates its history --3/2007

Baptists Asked to Crack Down on Sex Abusers --2/2007

Anglican Churches Back Plan to Unite Under Pope --2/2007

New Dutch Bible Cuts Out Gospel Passages --11/2006

Global Warming Not Due to CO2 --2/2007

Principal Deems Jesus Chant Offensive --2/2007

Cross Removal Stirs Va --2/2007

Global Warming on Pluto and Other Planets --1/2007

Pat Robertson Prophesies Mass Killing in US -- 1/2007

Asia Quakes Damage Cables --12/2006

The liberal church in meltdown --12/2006

Ohio Case Draws Attention to Burgeoning Church Fraud --12/2006

Homosexuality splits American Baptists --5/2006

Pakistani Islamists Protest Against Anti-Rape Law --12/2006

Chinese Officials Defend Dog Crackdown --12/2006

Conservative Jews ok Gay Rabbis --12/2006

Islamists Dominate Bahrain Elections--11/2006

751 Zones in France --11/2006

The Huguenots The Jews and Me --11/2006

Court Rulling Protecting Online Freedom of Speech --11/2006

Danish Anti-Immigration Backlash Marks Radical Shift --11/2006

Anglican Church: Disabled Babies Can Be Killed At Birth --11/2006

Superstar Pastors Pose Challenge --11/2006

Volcanic Aerosol Clouds and Ozone Destruction (Truth comes to light) --11/2006

Germanys Population Decline Cannot Be Halted --11/2006

Islam Threatens Freedoms of American Women --11/2006

Evangelical Leader Says He Bought Meth (Coming Storm in bible beleiving churches) --11/2006

The Rape of Europe --10/2006

Black Cloud of Darkness Threatens Egyptians --10/06

French Police Face Permanent Intifada --10/2006

Police Warned Over Ramadan Arrests --10/2006

China Becoming Like Africa With AIDS Scourge --/10/2006

The Married Are Now a Minority --10/2006

Cold Case of pedophile Rabbi protected by Mesira --10/2006

British Government Favors Muslims Over Church --10/2006

After Homework Iman Duty (Extensive Comments Added) --10/2006

1988 Khomeini Letter Describes Iranian Nuke Ambitions (Confirmation) --9/2006

Military Spouses to Teachers Program Expands to Europe (Oportunity) --9/2006

Ceding Our Values For Free --9/2006

French Feminists Fight Entry of Islamic Scholar (Instructional) -- 9/2006

Iraqi Terrorist Seeks Scientists for Jihad --9/2006

Suicide bombers follow Quran --9/2006

Confessions of an Ex Feminist (A must Read) -9/2006

PM warned of more riots --9/2006

Man Sentenced 16 months for Hate Website --9/2006

Fertility Gap --8/2006

Hezbollah Coming to a Town Near You --8/2006

If you want Sharia Law --8/2006

Iran To Launch Large Scale Military Maneuvors Aug 19th --8/2006

Globally Dimming (The Rising Darkness) --8/2006

Day of Terror Strikes Planned for August 16th --8/2006

The Spread of Homegrown Terror --8/2006

Home Grown Terror is our Greatest Threat --8/2006

Iran's August 22 Surprise --8/2006

Iran threatens to use Oil Weapon --8/2006

Church Free Zoning Rules Challenged in Federal Suit -- 8/2006

IRS Threatens Political Speech --8/2006

Ministry of Vice Fills Afghan Women with Fear --7/2006

Baptist Collages Cut Ties with Baptist Churches --7/2006

China Forging Strategic Ties to Radical Islam -- 7/2006

Saddam Warns Syria Against Alliance With Iran --7/2006

Saudis blame Hezbollah -- 7/2006

Bush Remarks on Ahmadinejad and 12th Imam -- 7/2006

Death Sentence for not Praying --7/2006

Islamists will set off dirty bomb --6/2006

An Apocalyptic Religious Zealot Takes on the World -5/2006

Pope How Could God Tolerate Holocaust --5/2006

LDS to push marriage amendment --5/2006

Russia Cries Out for Harvest --5/2006

Homosexuality splits American Baptists --5/2006

Lies Feminism Told You --5/2006

Belgian Churches Being Turned Into Mosques --5/2006

Farewell to the Land of our Forefathers --5/2006

Plunge in Teen Pregnancy (Judgment of God) -- 5/2006

Copelands at Center of Debt Controversy --5/2006

Gadhafi prophesies against Europe -- 5/2006

Dutch Worry About Radical Muslims in Military --5/2006

Swedish Muslims List Demands to Swedish Gov --5/2006

End Time Values -- 4/2006

Iran threatens US targets in every possible part of the world --4/2006

Iran buys missiles capable of hitting Europe --4/2006

Russia shrinks China Eyes East Russian --4/2006

Islamist Protest in NY -- Mushroom Cloud on the Way --4/2006

Hindu temple demolished by Muslim Malaysian Authorities -- 4/2006

US Jews Not Interested In Shul --4/2006

They are the hollow men (New Disease Alert) --4/2006

Communists and Muslims Ally in India Election Against Bush --4/2006

Muslim Americans Told To Become Politically Active --4/2006

Iranian Group Signing Up Potential Martyrs --4/2006

Iran Sets Up New Terror Camp in Eastern Iraq --4/2006

Iran Suicide Bombers Ready to Hit Britain and US --4/2006

Islam EU Prepares Lexicon of PC Terminology --4/2006

The Frightening Truth of Why Iran Wants a Bomb --4/2006

Israel will be annihilated in one storm --4/2006

Muslim Knifemen Storm 3 Churches on Good Friday --4/2006

Iran Issues Stark Military Warning To United States --4/2006

Christian Left rejects Hamas boycott --4/2006

US Intel Al Qaeda Plotting Big Bang in Iraq --3/2006

Zarqawi Al-Qaeda are heading out Iraq --4/2006

State Dept Iran Could Have a Functioning Nuke in Days --4/2006

Netherlands Advisors Embrace Islam, and Terrorists --4/2006

Gardens Where the EL-Line Once Ran --4/2006

Ultra Small Batteries Powered by Viruses --4/2006

France Scraps Youth Job Law --4/2006

Imams vow to preach values of Islam --4/2006

Canada Gay Toronto Radio OK Catholic Radio No Way --4/2006

US Sees Threat From European Militants --4/2006

Terrorist Plot Targets Church and Metro in Italy --4/2006

Chief 911 Architech Critical of Bin Laden --4/2006

Danish TV Hires Veiled Anchor Woman -- 4/2006

Saudi Council Declares All But Islam is Heresy and Has No Right To Exist -- 3/2006

First Canadian Website Fined and Shut Down for Hate Speech -- 3/2006

Dutch Feminazis Want to Punish Stay at Home Moms -- 3/2006

Belgian Priest Stands Trial for Citing Fears of Coming Islamic Persecution --3/2006

Brussels Prosecutes Priest for Islamophobia --3/2006

Aborting Churches --3/2006

Cosmetics Firm Using Remains of Chinese Prisoners --3/2006

Vicar Can No Longer Beleive in Christ --3/2006

The Liberal Baby Bust -- 3/2006 -- (MUST READ)

Quiet Spoken Muslims Who Turn To Terror --3/2006

Al-Sadr Blames Al-Quida for Baghdad Attack --3/2006

Islamist Terrorists Dont Recognize Peace Activists --3/2006

Cyprus Portrait of Carnal Christianity Obliterated --3/2006

Muslim Vote in Netherlands Tips Balance of Election --3/2006

Muslim Brotherhood MP States Koran Supports Terrorism --3/2006

Aisha "The Prophet's" Nine Year Old Bride --3/2006

Iran Sending In Military To Destabilize Iraq --3/2006

Babies Win Wars --3/2006

Israel Our Own 911? --3/2006

US Intel Al Qaeda Plotting Big Bang in Iraq --3/2006

Analyst Predicts Muslim Majority in Russia Within 30 Years --3/2006

Mosque Attack Pushes Iraq Toward Civil War

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Blames Israel and US for Attacks --2/2006

Blast Destroys Mosque of 12th Iman --2/2006

Iranian Pilgrims in Mecca -- 1/2006 (MUST SEE WHILE LINK LASTS)
The following is a five minute Arabic video clip with english subtitles taken in Mecca of Iranian Pilgrims. That was aired on Iran's Channel 1 and Al-'Alam TV, on January 9, 2006. The speaker is addressing the crowd in front of a image of the World Trade Center and an American flag in flames.

Bible quoting Students in Medical Collages On Rise --2/2006

Churches Urged to Back Evolution --2/2006

Scientists Enlist US Clergy to Battle Evolution --2/2006

A Lesson of Muslim Tolerance --2/2006

Russia Clamps Down on Freedom of the Press --2/2006

Couple Chip Implants --2/2006

Anger Over Austrailian Abortion Remarks --2/2006

Aborted Churches --2/2006

Free Speech has Liberals Tongue Tied --2/2006

Nation of Islam Will Rule the Throne of the World -- 2/2006

Norway Finds its Generosity no Sheild from Muslim Wrath --2/2006

Pat Robertson Redux -- 2/2006

Court Rules Worship in Home OK --2/2006

Island Disease Hit 50,000 --2/2006

Indian Ocean Nations Brace for Crippling Incurrable Disease --2/2006

Blair Out-Voted British Hate Speech Law Fails --1/2005

Hamas Will Not Sell Our People or Our Principles --1/2005

British Hate Speech Legislation Goes to Vote --1/2005

Greedy Prosperity Gospel Preachers Swindled Set To Testify -- 1/2006

German Women Told We Need More Babies --1/2006

Hamas EARTHQUAKE -- 1/2006
Article and discussion on the meaning of this election.

How Many Divisions Does It Take to Make a Caliph? -- 1/2006
Article on Bin Laden and Other Terrorists to build one Islamic Super State
This is in the Bible and it is spoken of in context of the Antichrist and False Prophet.

Rice Says Time for Talk With Iran is Over -- 1/2006
War with Iran has been announced

Russian Authorities Seek To Convert Beslan's Muslims -- 1/2006
The harvest fields open wide in Belrus

Robertson tries to save Jesusland after Sharon gibe -- 1/2006

Why Hundreds of Western Autrailians Are Joining Islam -- 1/2006
An eye opening article explaining why "Chrsitians" are leaving the faith in Autrailia Canada Europe in droves.

Computer Chips Implanted in Hands -- 1/2006
The world's obsessive worship of Tech, Science and Computers marches on.

Muslim State in Europe -- 1/2006
Today there are more practicing Muslims than practicing Anglicans in England. In one demonstration in front of British Parliament, signs were carried reading, "Islam, our religion today, your religion tomorrow."
1/12006 Washington Times

Computer chips get under skin of enthusiasts --1/2006

Escape From Polygamy -- 12/2005

Mormon Sects Lost Boys Struggle to Find a Place -- 12/2005

Canadian High Court reserves ruling on biblical scriptures --9/2005 (must read)
This article contains some history of Canadian hate crime legislation that brought Canada to ban the bible as "hate literature" in the summer of 2002.

Top Anglican Advisor Issues 'Apocalyptic Warning' on the Future of Western Christianity --12/2004
I Marvel and bless the Lord that He independantly has revealed these same things to others that don't necessarily hold the same views as us. -- It powerfully demonstrates that the Lord is indeed crying out to His sheep to prepare themselves for what is to come.

India Lost Jewish Tribe Recognized --9/2005

Rabbis Convert India's Lost Tribe of Israel --9/2005

Benny Hinn in Nigerian Money Scam -- 6/2005

Europe's Muslim Street --2/2005

Jesus-Mall Churches -- 2/2005

Big Business Religion --Undated

The Sin of Divorce --1/2005

The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience -- 1/2005

Believers willingly go on rack to be tortured in laboratories --1/2005

Rat Brain Flies F-22 Simulator -- 12/2004

Where Are Gods Heros and Warriors --4/2004

Chill Bill (The Canadian bill that made the Bible hate literature) --4/2004

Solar Activity Study -- 2004

Muslims Criticize Al Qaeda For Waking Up Westerners --2/2004

Onward Christain Soldier --12/2002

Those Crazy Charismatic Book of Mormon Lovers -- 2000
This upbeat fluff piece wrtten by an RLDS (Reformed Latter Day Saint) preacher. This is not at all an endorsement -- but this has been posted to show that they is yet a pentecostal wing in the Mormon movement. Something that might be called: "The Charismatic Morman renewal." This is in like manner of the Chrisimatic renewal that came to the Roman Catholic Church, the Methodist church, and other old main-line denominational churches.