`Pandora's Dance

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 For two days members of Ice Alaska's staff and forklift operators discussed Junuchi’s colossal lift. The problem was that one knew the exact weight of the statue.

Estimates ranging from 15,000 – 28,000 pounds. were bandied about. In either case everyone knew this was going to be the largest single lift in Ice Alaska’s history.

The question was: Would the ice with only a few small straps bear the weight of the full sculpture? And if so, how far would they be able to extend the forklift's boom before the sculpture's weight would tip everything forward?

At about midnight the largest boom forklift on sight was moved into possition about fifteen feet away from the sculpture and its outriggers dropped.

It was the well into the night of the fifth day of competition, Akira junuchi and the other members of his team set to work

connecting two straps onto Pandora's upper torso and then running a large handsaw under the ice statue to seperate it from the packed down snow it sat on.

Everyone knew that if anything went wrong on this lift it would be all over for Akira Junuchi and the other members of his team until the following year.

After a single test lift, Junuchi decides only to remove Pandora’s raised arm.

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