Of Growth
And Strength

The following is dream I had on December 1, 2005 its interpretation and a prophecy. Once written I held all this prayerfully before the Lord before posting it.

A Dream and the Word of the Lord

On the morning hours of the 1st of December 2005 I had a dream in which I saw a large pot, and the dead plant that was therein.  Out of the dry soil I beheld a root, it was curly and twisted for what appeared to be several inches before the stem began. The stem was unlike any stem I had ever seen because instead of extending upright from the root it laid sideways more or less parallel with the ground.   This stem or branch extended from the root for what appeared to be six to eight inches to the left side and six to eight inches to the right. It was not two separate branches as one might suppose but it was one continuous branch that had been grafted in the middle of it sideways to the root.  In beholding this dead vine or branch I saw that the protruding left side had been dead for quite some time, though it was pock-marked with indentations from former leaves or branches that had once grown on it. On the right side there was signs of more recent growth,  for on the end of the branch there had been a chute or branch that died off and part of the hollow empty paper-thin shaft remained. And all along the right side of the vine or branch there were signs of recent growth but all the growth had cut itself off from the vine or the branch and had fallen off. And As I wondered about this plant a hand reached forth with a knife and a voice spoke to me and said: “This too is also dead.” and the hand with the knife cut the right end off the vine or branch and the cut off piece showing the inside of the plant was placed in my hand to show me the stem or branch was dead through and through. The stem was soft and spongy to the touch, on the cut end of end the rings inside were yellowish, and brown.  And a voice said to me: “The whole stem is dead and rotten, and needs to be removed to preserve the root.” And the same hand reached out and laid hold on the stem by the root and gave a small tug and the stem where it was grafted in came cleanly free from the root because it was dead and dried out at the graft and the entire stem has received nothing from the root for quite some time. And I beheld the root for a time and it was a vigorous and lively root and shortly their sprang forth from it a tiny leaf, so that I might know the root contained life in and of itself and that it would continue to live.

The interpretation is as follows: The Root is Jesus Christ into whom the Father was pleased to graft in the vine or branch that is the Gentile Church.  When the Father grafted in this plant to the root it was to be a humble plant before him, and at one time the entire church had been covered with rich, bright, foliage, and fruit pleasing unto the Lord, but all of that had ceased long ago.  It first ceased on the denominational or organized left side of the Church. On the right side the revival side of the church there had been leaf and branch after leaf and branch that sprang forth but all were short lived and all cut themselves off from the branch and root and were cast to the earth. And even at the end of the branch were a notable branch of the Pentecostal and Charismatic revivals sprang forth and produced many leaves and some fruit it also cut itself off from the stem or vine and died of itself and was cast to the earth.  As to the stem or branch itself, over time it had become corrupted but even so it from it generation upon generation had sprung forth leaves and stems, but because the stem no longer abided in the root its offspring were unable to abide in the stem or branch as the branch or stem had not itself abided in to root the truth of the stem or branches attachment had only been in the deaths of it predecessors and when pulled with the smallest tug the brittle bond of dead vegetation cleanly separated. So the hour has not come upon and arrogant and dead church that was grafted into to Christ that it shall be removed and burned and the Lord shall take to himself another people that are not a people but those whom the church deemed unworthy the fatherless, widows, orphans, slaves, and those whom the church has driven out and scattered.  And these shall come forth as a humble leaf, and a praise unto the father upon the root.  

Now therefore here the word of the Lord the time of the fullness of the iniquity of the Gentile Church had come upon thee and thy children, and I shall pluck off that which was grafted in and cast it into the fire. For the stem is filled with all manner of iniquity and rottenness, and it hath become loathsome in my sight. For I have reached out generation upon generation giving good gifts to men in revival upon revival, but they repented not and neither did they turn unto me with their whole hearts for what I had bestowed upon them and their fathers, instead these corrupt and evil men took from my hand these gifts unto themselves and used my name and glory to exalted themselves, and even built houses unto themselves, wherein they exalted their own names and their ministries. And each has cut themselves off from the stem and brought death upon themselves and their hearers by making houses unto themselves. 

Therefore hear ye the word of the Lord O iniquitous and vile Church,  because ye have not repented for your sins, nor of  the sins of your fathers, because you have cut yourselves off from the stem and even from my son the root even Jesus Christ I will even cut you off as was prophesied by my beloved Son.

You say wherein have we sinned for we have built great churches and towering temples unto you.  And I say unto you have you not read in the law where I said if a man lay a tool to a stone to shapen it that it has been polluted. – Even so all the works of your hands are polluted before me and do profane Me, My name, and My children whom ye obligate to partake of the pollution and corruption of your houses.  For this work that ye have done it is written that Hell hath enlarged itself to receive all the two-fold children of hell that you have produced in your own image and likeness.

Howl ye, ye rich men of  the Church for your riches and wealth shall testify against you,  and what shall it testify? It shall cry out and testify of your love for the world and the things of this world, it shall testify of how thou hast used it to corrupt the church and even my shepherds to gain seats of honor among them, and that thou mightest be greeted before the congregation and in the streets as great in the congregation, lest thou withhold from them the corrupt mammon that is in thy hand.  Behold the mammon which is in thy hand is cankered and cancerous therefore cast it aside as unclean and flee it.

Woe unto the shepherds that corrupt and defile their flock. Woe unto the foolish shepherds that teach and speak of themselves their ministries and their callings for they are an utter abomination in My sight. And they shall be eternally tormented in a place reserved in the lowest hell that for Satan and the messengers that bear his words. Woe unto those that corrupt My children woe unto those that teach My children to sin Woe unto those that call light darkness and darkness light.

Ye ask what words have we spoken that have offended thee Lord? And I will respond that when thou speakest what you speakest is laden with the poison of asps. For when thou speakest thou speakest in thy name, and in the name of men Calvin, Luther, Simons, Augustine, Kempis, Wesley, Spurgeon, Lake, Wigglesworth, Bartleman, Bosworth, Hagin and the like. Who then are these men? Were they Prophets of God or were they men? I say unto you that they were men, and that their words were the word’s of men.  For ye have sinned in that ye do continually make their words and your words equal with scripture. Ye have supplanted the words that proceedeth forth from My mouth with your own corrupt doctrines and corrupt traditions. Thou callest thyself preacher and yet thou preacheth not against sin, or of righteousness, or of the coming judgment. Instead thou preachest of thine own goodness, thou preachest of thy goodly works and thy goodly gifts – all of which is a stench in my nostrils. Behold I take no pleasure in thy prayers, in thy offerings or thy works.  Take heed, thou art blind, wretched, and naked before me. And except thou repent and cut yourselves off from the love of corrupt mammon and your love for the things of the god of this world thou shalt be utterly blotted from the Lamb’s book of life. 

Thou shalt not call men unto thyself make disciples of them unto yourself – for thou didst not die and shed your blood for any. Thou shalt not baptize men into membership of thy fellowship or thy Church for that church or fellowship did not die nor did it shed blood for the redemption of any.  Thou shalt not lift up or exalt thy name or the name of another man or a ministry – for to exalt men and to make them equal with Christ or have them stand in place of Christ is Antichrist. 

Thou shalt cast aside all the images, all the writings, and all the items of idolatry that thou hast amassed in thy churches, and in thy houses.  Thou shalt give thy wealth away to widows, the fatherless and the poor.  If thou seekest salvation then thou shalt seek tp become disciples of My Son and My Son alone. If thou seekest life thou shalt humble thyself make thyself of no reputation as My Son did. Thou shalt flee from those who would exalt themselves, their ministries and their denominations lest thou be made to partake of their sins.  

Hear the word of the Lord and repent ye for great is thy sin and great is thy iniquity, and great are the sins of your fathers that corrupt my words and teachings trading the Gospel of light that was preached by My Son and the Apostles for the doctrines and traditions of death that ye now have. Pray ye for the church and your brethren that they might be delivered from the flames of hell that even engulf their souls now in this life. For judgment is come nigh unto your house and unto the whole of the church. Even the day of the fullness of the iniquity of the Gentile Church has come upon you and your children.