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And Strength


Who has the custody of the Power of God?


We sometimes have found expressions whether written or spoken, that someone or some organization claims to control certain revelations or certain aspects of the Kingdom of God. They act as if they patented it and that all rights to it are all theirs. They’ll tell you all about it,  and  without a single breath they will then tell you that in order to receive God’s blessings you need to join them or submit to their special group. In Webster’s Dictionary we might find a similar definition under the word ‘selfishness.’

This is certainly not how Christ behaved himself while he was on earth. He spoke of  “In honor preferring one another.” For centuries Rome made claims similar to these, telling us that they alone: “possessed the keys to the kingdom.” They took a supremacy over all the believers. And when they were disobeyed, they rained  down persecutions and murdered those that were not harmonious with their doctrines and traditions of men.

One would hardly dare to believe that we might find this same thing working among our circles in this hour. Yet it is becoming so prominent today (This was written in 1982.) And yet if one should question these man-made set orders as to their origin? Should one question where one of the “Submitted” ministries might be leading them?  He could be branded a heretic, a rebel, and ostracized. How can this be?

How can we cast out brethren, those who truly have a heart after God and the things of God? Perhaps our sacred order has become a barrier instead of a way to God.

But thank God there is an awakening and a hunger in this hour for bread from on high for the people of God. God is troubling the waters around man-centered movements. And their stale provender of endless teachings are beginning to run dry. This has in turn caused the people of God to weary of ever hearing but never coming to the knowledge of the truth.

I see that there are individuals who are rising and coming forth from the midst of these corrupt fellowships and making stands for the truth. And I praise for every one that has the courage to do so. But in this hour but the question remains, “To whom is given the custody of the power of God?”

It belongs to the mystical body of Christ, not a church or an organization, but to those who follow the lamb whithersoever he goeth. It belongs to those, like Paul, that are pressing for the mark of the high calling of Jesus. It belongs to those who must meet God for themselves. It belongs to those that can’t live off of second hand religion.

To these, and to these only will God grant himself and the things pertaining to His Kingdom: These are the ones who have been granted the custody of the Power of God.