Word of the Lord unto the Netherlands

April 30, 2006

And the word of the Lord came unto me in the night and the Lord said speak unto the Netherlands even Holland.  For the daughter of my people in this nation have been a haughty people. They have looked with disdain unto France and said in their heart: This shall not come neigh me. For we are members of the EU, and the head of justice and law, for our laws and equity in justice are known and respected of all men. And you have boasted in your heart: Our laws and our justice shall protect us and we shall make a bond between us and people of the bondwoman and we shall dwell in peace and safety because of the bond.

But the Lord would say unto the Netherlands and even Holland what concord can light have with darkness, what equity can their be between that which is clean and that which is unclean? For thou has brought corruption in your midst beyond all measure and committed great whoredoms before the Lord. I have examined your heart and your heart has been found wanting.  You have become filled with emptiness vanity and pride. And in your vanity you have lifted up yourself and said there is none like me and have exalted yourself beyond all measure inserting your will upon others and your false balances upon the children of men. For thou hast declared haughtily I have brought peace and equity to the world -- but thou has done nothing of the sort.


For thy works are that thou has filled thy land with all manner of evil and corruption, and perversion. Thou hast declare darkness to be light, thou has declare bitter to be sweet and thou has declared that which is holy to be profane.  Your heart has become filled with pride and has been placed in the balances and found wanted therefore the Lord God of heaven even the one whom you deny, And the Lord shall blow upon thy nation and shall send a flame of fire in your midst that you shall not be able to contain. For unto you shall come a summer of discontent and they cities shall be set on fire and the people of the bondwoman shall rage within thee. They shall set fire to your offices, they shall set fire to you courts, they shall set fire to your commerce and this shall be a sign unto you that except you repent you shall be utterly consumed before the Lord. Even these fire bombings shall come up to thy oil refineries but shall cease at their gate.

And in that hour there shall rise a cry in the land to cast our the bondwoman from thy coasts and there shall be great upheaval but the removal of the bondwoman and her children shall not save thee. For even it thou couldest cast her out from they midst in less then a generation the bond woman and her children shall utterly consume thee. And in that day they shall burn with fire and what they cannot burn they shall brake in pieces and what they can not hack in pieces they shall flood and the land of the Netherlands even Holland shall be given rest from thy corruption and whoredoms.  And in that hour they shall strip your people of their riches, all their wealth, of their houses of their lands of all the pollution you call art and all the wisdom and judgment and law thou hast created and they shall burn even that. They shall in your midst all those with great age, your men and your women, they shall slay the wealthy in that day their gold and riches shall not save them. They shall utterly slay your young men and your men-children and the mothers with young. And the children of the bondwoman shall take unto themselves your young women even those who have known no men and your female children, and they shal with great contempt for thee and with great cruelty them slaves and shall do unto them whatsoever evil they will until you are utterly consumed as a people.

Repent ye! Repent for surely this scourge shall come upon thee. But I know thee and I know your heart is lifted up. And I know that in no wise shalt thou repent. For thou lovest thy inequity and thou lovest thy perversion thou lovest your false equity and false judgment and thou lovest to speak with disdain against the Lord that created thee and thou lovest to add sin to the sin of the daughter of my people.

Yet I will speak to remnant of my people from thy midst. Even unto those who shall wash their garments in the blood of the lamb.  For those who truly love me and walk in ways I shall cause you to be hidden from the angel of death that shall Passover this nation. But thou must apply the blood of the lamb upon thy doorposts and sprinkle it upon thy children. For then and only then shall you and your little ones be hidden from they eye of the children of the bondwoman, and hidden from the evil and corrupt men in your midst that would make a covenant with death. For there are men and women that shall indeed sell out their nation and people and shall increase the servitude of their nation and people to the bondwoman and her children. Even those who care for nothing but themselves and their inequity and corruption and think that with bribes and offerings even unto the enslavement of their people to the bondwoman and her children that they shall spare them. But this shall be fail. And the destroyer that they shall put their trust in shall turn upon them and with rage shall he consume and destroy them as well.

For those who would repent sell thy stocks sell thy bonds sell thy houses your lands and give to the poor in your midst even unto your widows your fatherless and your orphans that their might be bread in their households. And unto the young men and women see to it that they can be fruitful, for children are the inheritance of the Lord, for I shall indeed have a righteous seed upon the earth.  And if you shalt make thyself the caretaker of the weak and of the infirm in thy midst, if thou shalt with all your heart agapeo these and with deep compassion take care of thy weakest members in your midst with your carnal means, I shall in no wise cast thee out and in the day of trouble. And their shall be food in thy household for thee and the strangers that I shall send unto thee.  And I shall watch over the doorposts of thy household as thou has been faithful to watch over others households. And I shall watch over thy wives and thy little ones as thou has so done. But woe unto the households that are empty, that have enriched themselves and heaped money and goods for themselves that have not poured out unto others as I have commanded and unto even those household in which there is not the sound of the young man and the maid, that have not the sound of the little ones of my inheritance among them. For in that day I shall divide between the faithful and obedient from unfaithful and the disobedient as a herder separates the sheep from the goats. And in that day the disobedient and the unfaithful shall be gathered and burned.