Word of the Lord Concerning the US Senate and House

February 17, 2010


The Presence of the Lord came to me early this morning and the Lord indicated that He has set His Face against the senior liberals in the US Senate. 


Woe unto those in the US Senate that have called evil good and good evil, whereas these men and women should be Elder Statesman and do their sworn duty to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and protect this nation and its people from evil and perversion from within and without, these men and women have instead conspired one with another against the Constitution this nation its people. 


These men and women have sought to use their powers instead to legislate, to fund, to promote, and to teach everything that is unclean foul and evil. These Senators have further conspired together make war against everything in this nation and its people that is upright, righteous, and holy, and in so doing have also made war against the bible, the church, prayer, and the mention of Jesus Christ, seeking to strike out all of these things from this nation and its people.


Therefore the Lord shall change the balance of power in the US Senate for He has set His face against these wicked men and women that have so conspired together and shall cause a number of them to fall even in the months leading up to the elections in November.


For those who would lift up and exalt themselves even as God,  they shall be brought down to the earth, as the Lord will break and destroy that which would exalted itself against Him and those who have sought to corrupt and pervert those who have been created in His Image and His  Likeness even the tender ones of His flock.


The Lord also indicated that His anger shall strike some of the wicked in the House of Representatives as well.