When Muslims Burn Korans
The Arabs don’t speak for all of Islam

The Washington Times
April 11, 2011

The rage of Muslims is unjust and unequally applied. 

An example of this would be the caricatures (Not Cartoons) lampooning Mohammad the father of Islamic Terrorism. We do not know the body count of those that have been slain in Europe and in Muslim nations; we do know that the attacks and murders committed were done so not for the caricatures but for the crime of depicting an image of Mohammad. 

The lies, the falsity and utter hypocrisy of this murderous rage (From well educated Muslim religious leaders in Saudi Arabia and Iran for allowing these acts to continue) can be found in illuminated manuscript versions of the Koran, one especially stands out in our mind that is supposedly the oldest Koran that exists, its location is in Russia, in a museum in a glass case under lock and key. (Which all of these high ranking educated Muslim religious leaders know full well about)  In this Koran is a depiction of Mohammad, as images of him are in other medieval and later period Korans as well as being in other Medieval Muslim sacred writings and commentaries written about the Koran and these writings in all there are hundreds of Muslim sanctioned images of Mohammad, which are neither burned nor are people slain for their existence today.

Another example of the lies, the falsity, and utter hypocrisy of the murderous rage of Muslims can be found in the burning or destruction of Korans. Right within the writings of their Hadith is the account that after Mohammad’s death that one of his general’s took over Muslimism, and one of the first acts of this man was to confiscate all versions of the Koran that existed at that time.  These versions as recorded in the Hadith were not all the same, as a matter of fact the Koran’s contained vastly different quotes from Mohammad and accounts of his actions.  This general even confiscated the copy of the Koran that Mohammad’s wife had.  This famous and greatly lauded and hailed leader of Mohammadism then destroyed all of them, tearing shredding and burning the account says hundreds and hundreds of these Koran’s.  Then he took the Koran he possessed, supposedly the only Koran that then existed and proceeded to re-write it altering sections and omitting other sections all of which is recorded in the Hadith, and then destroying the one remaining original Koran and publishing his altered re-write as the Koran that all Muslims were to obey and follow.  The Hadith then records the lament of scholars of the day as weeping as they did not know what this general had re-written, added to or removed from the Koran, citing a passage that had been removed.

This account in Islam’s holy writings utterly destroys the supposed miracle of the Koran. It utterly destroys the belief that the Koran is utterly pure and not one single pen stroke has been changed since its creation.  And more to the subject at hand it shows that apparently there is no crime in destroying a Koran.

Consider also: With all the wars between Muslim sects for more than a thousand years as well as the bombings of and the setting afire of different sects Mosques containing Korans and the households of the Muslim faithful containing with Korans – Muslims in the name of Islam have destroyed thousands of Korans, back then and still today. Yet this General is venerated, and there is no seeming punishment for Muslims desecrating, tearing up, and burning Korans. 

This shows that in traditional Muslim practice of their religion not only that is it not crime against destroying a Koran, but that a Koran’s destruction can also be done in almost any conceivable fashion -- that evil murderous Muslim men can conceive of.  

We see also through Muslim history that there is no seeming punishment for Muslims desecrating, burning, torturing, and killing other Muslims.  Whose deaths are estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands since the beginning of this evil and desperately wicked religion.

If Muslim leaders around the world would confess what is recorded in their sacred writings and in their bloody religion’s history, much of what we see today done in the name of Islamic terrorism would be brought to a quick end.  And that no “Extremism Muslim” or “Extreme Muslim Organization” would be revered or supported with one thin dime. 

The omission, and the denial of these things in the teaching done in Mosques throughout the world is perhaps the greatest lie and deceit of the whole of Islam (All sects) throughout the religion’s history and today. 

The fact that these things are not named and preached against, are not spoken of daily among Muslims wherever and whenever they meet, as well as in their households as they break bread together – shows that lies, falsity, and utter hypocrisy pervade the whole of Islam.  To which we will add: that deception and murder against other Muslims and Non-Muslims lies in wait DAILY at each and every practicing and non-practicing Muslim’s door and gate from which they go in and out.   

We earnestly pray that the eyes of these poor deceived and abused people would be opened and that these captives would be set free by Jesus Christ.    

Two dissidents, an Iranian and an Afghan, have posted a video to
YouTube in which they burn a Koran. In the United States, the act would spark a debate about freedom of speech versus tolerance. In their countries, it is a criminal offense that could bring a death sentence.

In the American context, some say burning a Koran is a legitimate act of free expression, while others charge it is an act of bigotry that needlessly incites anger and violence abroad. Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, went so far as to say that, “anytime we can push back here in America against actions like this that put our troops at risk, we should do it.” That is a dangerous capitulation to anti-progressive forces. It is wrong to limit American freedoms based on the violent propensities of foreign extremists. And it would be a strange manifestation of freedom in which burning a Koran was illegal but burning the American flag was protected speech. Osama bin Laden would certainly approve.

We restate here that that pastor in Florida as a Christian brought reproach upon the name of Jesus Christ when he publicly suggested burning a Koran as a statement against Islamic terrorism. (The words and teachings of Jesus Christ and the Apostles do not allow for Christian activists).  All the people that were slain at that time (10 or more) by Muslims for this man’s evil words, and threats became blood upon his hands -- for which the word of God emphatically states that in the final judgment this man will be held accountable for.

This evil and corrupt pastor then proceeded to falsely repent of his words before God and men in the days leading up to the remembrance of 9/11, and then he subsequently went and burned a Koran months later anyway, which for pride alone he had this evil and perverse act recorded and put on You Tube for the whole world to see.  Which has caused even more people (20 or more) to be slain by Muslims which heard of and saw recordings of this man’s evil words in the name of Jesus Christ, his threats and then his desecration and burning of a Koran.  What do you suppose the end of this evil man shall be before the judgment seat of Jesus Christ? (The words of Jesus Christ and the Apostles does not allow for Christian Activists) No liar’s, No deceiver’s, No hate mongers, No Murderers directly or indirectly, No man that creates a stumbling block that brings offense to the name of Jesus Christ, the Gospel, or the Church shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.) This man is a worker of iniquity that never knew Jesus Christ who shall be destroyed with the devil and all his angels.

President Obama has framed his approach to the struggle against violent extremism by emphasizing tolerance even above critical judgment. Last autumn, he said that while the United States “is still predominantly Christian,” there are other faiths whose “path to grace is one that we have to revere and respect as much as our own.” The White House tells us that extremists who commit offenses against human dignity in the name of Muhammad have a perverted view of Islam. But these academic rationales do nothing to bring freedom to those who suffer under the totalitarian rule of those who believe that the more extremely they interpret  Islam, the closer they draw to their god. From Tehran’s point of view, the leader of the “Great Satan” lacks the credentials to make authoritative judgments on the true nature of the Muslim faith.

The two anonymous dissidents in the video look at the Koran much differently than Americans. To them, it’s not a religious tome but a political document, the blueprint for the tyrannical legal systems under which they live (in the case of the Islamic Republic of Iran) or have lived (in the Taliban’s Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan). They do not view the Koran as the foundational volume of the religion of peace but as an extremist manifesto that has been used to justify the worst forms of human cruelty and oppression. Whether it is human-rights advocates being hanged on cranes in Iran or Taliban goons spraying acid in the eyes of Afghan schoolgirls, the justification always comes back to the Koran. (We need to point out here that there were no riots over their acts, nor were any people slain as these two men are Muslims, non-practicing Muslims)

The dissidents in the video also consider the Koran alien to their national cultures. This may seem strange to Americans who reflexively discuss the “Muslim world” as though it is a monolith. However, the countries with Muslim majorities represent scores of nationalities, cultures and traditions. Persian culture predates Islam by thousands of years, and Afghanistan’s patchwork of nationalities can trace their lineage back to the dawn of history. These dissidents complain that Arabs foisted the Koran on their people, resulting in 1,400 years of decline. They see nationalism as a potent antidote to Islamism, and it’s no coincidence the jihadists see national identity as one of their primary obstacles in realizing their dream of a global caliphate. (Hence Iran has brought about all the protests and wars now raging in the Middle East, pitting Muslim nation against Muslim nation, and setting out Muslim to kill Muslim in order to drive out or slay these nation’s dictators – in the hopes that these nations would become subservient to an Iranian Caliphate)

Iranian and Afghan dissidents simply want the freedoms that people in most Western countries achieved centuries ago. Some Americans might feel uncomfortable at the sight of a burning holy work, while others might cheer. To these two dissident Muslims, burning a Koran is igniting the flame of liberty.