UK Soldier Single-Handedly Kills 30 Taliban

March 25, 2011
The Blaze
Jonathon M. Seidl

Jesus said: Greater love hath no man than to die for his friends. The US Military and more recently the UK Military are far closer to the early church than any known church or denomination of this hour.  The training, the dedication, the honor, the willing sacrifice of these young men and women’s lives for not friends, but for strangers and peoples not even of their nation passes all that is called Churchianity of this day and hour.  How blind, how deaf, how corrupt and how filled with all manner of filthiness is the church made with hands today. Lazy, fearful even of the shadow of the lost, ruled by their own lusts and fleshly desires, disgraces to Jesus Christ and the Apostles.

And yet we look among the Unsaved and see such fearless dedication determination and sense of duty, not loving their lives even unto death that it takes our breath away.  Here is one of the best of the best of the best – We must ask here, where are these men and women in the church?  Where are such being nurtured and trained up in the way of Jesus Christ and the Apostles?

It took him 400 rounds, 17 grenades, and a machine gun tripod used as a weapon, but one British Gurkha soldier single-handedly beat back an attack by 30 Taliban fighters in Afghanistan last summer. And now he‘s getting one of his military’s highest honors:

Sergeant Dipprasad Pun, a 31-year-old from Bima in western Nepa and part of the Gurkha regiment serving the British Military, is receiving the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for bravery. It’s well deserved. According to his superiors, Pun’s fearsom fighting is responsible for saving the lives of at least three other soldiers.

Yesterday, he explained his unbelievable battle (via the London Telegraph). Not only is he brave, but he’s also ingenious. At one point during the fighting, after running out of bullets, he fought off an attacker using a pole from a machine gun tripod:

Sgt Pun told yesterday how he was on guard duty at the base near Rahim Kalay in Helmand Province on September 10 last year when he heard a digging sound in the darkness in front of him.

Grabbing two radios, a GPMP machine gun, his SA80 rifle, a grenade launcher and an arsenal of hand-held grenades he climbed onto the rooftop and opened fire.

With rocket propelled grenades and gun fire flying over his head from all directions he defended the position for more than 15 minutes, killing three Taliban and forcing the others to flee.

At one point the diminutive soldier turned around to see a “huge” Taliban fighter approaching him on the rooftop, a few feet away, having silently scaled the wall, and shot him.