Trend Burn a Koran and Get Arrested

Monday, 31 January 2011
David J. Rusin

Koran burnings by Westerners are rightly frowned upon, but more regrettable is the trend of investigating, arresting, and even prosecuting those who set them aflame. Consider the cases to make the news since a Florida pastor first promised to torch Korans on the anniversary of 9/11.

The words and deeds of the Pastor in Florida who stated that (As an “Adversarial Activist”) he was going to burn a Koran as a political statement. Despite the fact that after being pressured he did not – His words caused a number of Muslim retaliatory attacks and the deaths of at least three Christians in the Middle East.  As with Able’s blood, the blood of these Christians cries out against not only the Muslims that slaughtered them, but against this activist pastor for inciting their violence. The blood of these believers permanently stains this evil and corrupt man’s hands and garments before the Lord. These “Adversarial Activist” acts are spoken of by Paul the Apostle as the works of the flesh, and by Jesus Christ as deeds of their father the devil.  And further the Apostle Peter speaking to these type of deeds declares that they do permanently stain one’s garments placing such in danger of  eternal destruction.

With that said we are greatly alarmed at the thought of the codification in US law of Sharia law.  Which is now being written bit by bit and piece by piece by state and federal bureaucrats and activist judges.  The path that liberal socialist progressives created out of whole cloth since the 1960’s of civil rights and social justice trumping federal, state and local laws as well as the US constitution as these have granted super-citizenship, special rights, and special exemptions to specific minorities and groups of people, despite the protections and rights that the constitution affords all American citizens. 

This path of unconstitutional social justice which seeks to exploits of all which is American,  is the way CAIR and Islamic judicial Activists are exploiting to grant Muslims and Sharia Law super-citizenship status.  That is these seek the illegal and unaccountable body of law of social justice to usurp power over this nation and its peoples, as those minorities and groups of people that were formerly empowered by this same unconstitutional and thereby unaccountable path to power and enablement.

Realize here that as far as liberal socialist progressives are concerned this is now unstoppable as they have created a number of Judicial Precedents. Realize that these same people world-wide welcome Islam and Sharia law to expedite the destruction of westernized culture, conservatism, Christianity, the Church, and bible.  These liberal socialist progressives are the betrayers of their nations and peoples and traditions as they seek to imprison and control all nations and people under the oppressive thuggish heal of a liberal socialist progressive one world government.   The ignorance of these people believing that muslims will be their lap dog servants to aid them to their dystopian dreams is breath taking.  

We see by the Spirit that their triumph will be short lived as the reign of Belshazzar for in the day that they call there grant celebration of their defeat of all things Christian and they pull out the holy vessels of God and silver to drink from and to make offerings to their God, their kingdom shall be stripped from them and given to another – the Muslims shall overthrow them even in a night.  And in that day shall the Great Shoa begin, as the forth beast of Daniel begins its reign of slaughter and terror such as NEVER has been seen upon the earth. For in that day as it is written the blood of the slain shall flow to a horse bridle.  In the dark ages the Roman Catholic slaughter of bible believing French Huguenots caused a river to run red for a day. In the 1950’s China in their great purge made the pearl river run red for three days. Understand that these purges shall be but a drop in the bucket compared to the slaughter death and destruction of the great tribulation. We shall state further that we see that the slaughter death and destruction that is shortly to come shall be greater than what occurred in the flood of Noah.  

What are you doing to prevent and to prepare for that day of gross darkness        

Examples from the United States:

·                     In September, the East Lansing Police Department offered a $10,000 reward for information about the person responsible for leaving a charred Koran outside a Michigan mosque. An individual surrendered, but the prosecutor shelved the case because "there is no criminal offense that I can charge under Michigan law."

·                     In December, Jesse Quinn Harrison of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was charged with a hate crime for allegedly sending an "intimidating" letter to a mosque and uploading a video in which a Koran and pork chops are grilled, placed on a bun, and fed to a dog. Prosecutors claimed that the video intends to "produce violence directed to others because of their religious beliefs." Harrison was held at a mental facility before charges were dropped.

Examples from Europe:

·                     In September, several self-described "English nationalists" were arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred for allegedly posting a video of them burning a Koran behind a pub in Gateshead, Tyneside. Due to insufficient evidence, no charges were brought.

·                     In October, French police arrested an individual from Bischheim, Bas-Rhin, over an online video that "shows a man tearing off a page of the Koran, making a paper plane, and throwing it onto two glasses representing the World Trade Center. The man then burns the page and urinates onto its ashes." The citation against him for promoting racial hatred has been dismissed due to procedural errors, but a new hearing may be imminent.

·                     In November, UK police arrested a teenage girl on suspicion of inciting religious hatred for allegedly burning a Koran on the premises of her West Midlands school, videotaping the incident, and posting it online. Despite the Crown Prosecution Service claiming "sufficient evidence" to move the case forward, it decided not to pursue charges.

·                     In January, UK police arrested a man in Carlisle, Cumbria, who allegedly was "making pronouncements against the Muslim religion in front of a large crowd" and then "set fire to the Koran he was holding." He was arrested for "using racially aggravated threatening words or behavior" and has been released on bail as the investigation continues.

Yes, those taken into custody for burning Korans often escape charges, but why are they being detained in the first place? Does not true Western freedom imply the ability to express unpopular and even offensive views — without the risk of an involuntary trip to the police station?