Transgender Father Beat Children Because they didnít Call Him Mom

A transgendered father of four received two years behind bars Wednesday for starving and beating his kids after they refused to call him "mom."

The 31-year-old South Korean, identified only by his last name Oh, is taking hormone injections once a week and considering sex reassignment surgery, the Yonhap news agency reported.

His ex-girlfriend and mother of three of the children was sentenced to two years in jail on the same charges, (His sick enabler / how could a mother so betray her children?) the news agency reported. The couple had lived together from 2006 until last year.

"Although the defendants claim that the beating was for educational purpose and legitimate, their conduct cannot be seen as a way of parental guidance," said Presiding Judge Choi Doo-ho in handing down the sentences.

The Jeonju judge cited "the numbers, means and reasons of their violence" against the children.

Oh led the life of a man in the morning hours, but became a woman in the evenings while working at a local transgender bar, court documents indicated.

While sex change surgery is increasingly common in many countries, South Koreans seeking to change their gender still need to receive court approval.