To The Devout and Seeking Muslim,


For quite a while I have felt a great burden of the Lord for Muslims, especially in the Muslim nations across Northern Africa and the Middle East. When I pray and wait upon the Lord into the night I feel the cries of those who are oppressed and live in fear for themselves and those of their households.


First I want to assure you that God the Father and His only begotten Son The Lord Jesus Christ hear your cry, your anguish, your fear and your pain. I am not writing these words from some assumption based on what is written in scripture – not that would be wrong, but I write as one who by the Holy Spirit of God has seen and felt your cries and anguish before God.


We have posted a number of articles on this website that show some important contradictions between the commandments set forth in the Koran and the actions recorded in the Koran of Mohammad.


We have also posted a number of links to videos of a scholar reading directly from the Arabic Hadiths on certain commandments in the Koran as compared with the actions and claims of Mohammad.


And we have also included a number of testimonies of those who have courageously departed from Islam and “wonder of wonders” they have not turned to stone nor has and anything terrible happened to these as one’s Imam of other scholar might claim.


We know that any devout Muslim from reading and viewing these things should have the gravest concerns about what they have put their complete faith in, and devoted their life to. As both we both realize that Islam is a faith that is wholly founded on Mohammad, that that Mohammad according to the Koran in order to hold his position “Has above all men in virtue and righteousness.” And if in the Hadiths Mohammad was demonstrated to be so – then according to the Koran all that he spoke as God’s holy prophet can not be questioned. However if to the testimony of the Hadiths show Mohammad was not above all men in virtue and righteousness as these videos and writing from the official Arabic text of the Koran show, Mohammad’s words become those of a mere man. And further his words and deeds fall under the judgment of Holy Scripture as to what sort of man Mohammad really was.    


It is the devout and seeking Muslim that must be the final judge of these things, as it is incumbent on the devout and seeking Muslim to see if these things be so.


(003.001-002 YUSUFALI) Allah! There is no god but He,-the Living, the Self-Subsisting, Eternal.  It is He Who sent down to thee (step by step), in truth, the Book, confirming what went before it; and He sent down the Law (of Moses) and the Gospel (of Jesus) before this, as a guide to mankind, and He sent down the criterion (of judgment between right and wrong). (Within the opening verses of the Koran we see concerning the revelation of God that it is build upon the foundation of the Law and the Prophets [The Old Testament] and the Gospel of Jesus Christ [The New Testament].)


In the Bible this unbroken chain of truth is central of all prophecy and revelation given.


For example the words and commandments of the Apostle Paul are founded on the foundation of Jesus Christ [His Words and Commandments and His demonstration of those words in His life, and the words of the prophets, and the law of Moses.


Jesus Christ though being the Son of God was not exempt from this unbroken chain either. For even though God spoke to Him beyond measure – The Words and Commandments that Jesus Spoke first He lived and walked in them Himself, and His Words and Commandments can all be found in the Law and the Prophets.


A common misconception even among Christians is that Jesus because He was Jesus the Son of God that He could make up what ever rules and commandments He desired.


Paul in the book of Acts deals with this very question. 
Acts 17:10-13 And the brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night unto Berea: who coming thither went into the synagogue of the Jews. These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so. (In this passage we find that the Apostle Paul himself subordinated all that he preached and taught concerning the Gospel of Jesus Christ and concerning his teachings about the Church, its operation and the gifts and ministrations concerning the church to scripture.) So that anything that Paul taught that could not be found in scripture he was either given the opportunity to rebut with scripture or else what he taught in those words of phrases were thus lined out. 

In bible believing Christianity and Bible believing Judaism (As opposed to Talmudic Christianity and Talmudic Judaism) – all prophecy preaching, and teaching must be judged in the light of The Law and The Prophets, and the New Testament by the hearers.  In Talmudic Christianity and Talmudic Judaism the prophet the pastor and the teacher’s words are unassailable, and their words and commandments are equal or above what is written in The Law, The Prophets, and the New Testament.


So Talmudic Christianity, and Talmudic Judaism can be described as containing lawless doctrines and lawless traditions that are made up by men, who speak out of their own hearts and souls and have not heard from God. And Talmudic prophets speak likewise out of their own hearts and souls, and are those who know not God, and have never heard His voice.


How in the bible is it determined with one speaks out of their own soul or the words of God? When God Speaks He words are always confirmed abundantly, abundantly in the words and Commandments of Jesus Christ and in The Law and the Prophets 


This is the pedigree, the unbroken chain of the prophetic, and of teaching and preaching the true word of God.


To here in the Koran

(003.001-002 YUSUFALI) Allah! There is no god but He,-the Living, the Self-Subsisting, Eternal.  It is He Who sent down to thee (step by step), in truth, the Book, confirming what went before it; and He sent down the Law (of Moses) and the Gospel (of Jesus) before this, as a guide to mankind, and He sent down the criterion (of judgment between right and wrong).


We find a this statement right at the beginning of the Koran placing the whole of the Koran in subordination to The Law, The Prophets, and the New Testament. And the Koran says that it is in accordance to what has already been written in the bible, that it is to confirm that which is already been written in the bible, not replace it, not supersede it, and therefore the Koran here declares that it’s words and commandments are not placed as equal or above The Law, The Prophets, and the New Testament. 


So that whatever is written thereafter in the Koran is subject to the scrutiny that the Koran calls upon itself in the light of the Law, The Prophets, and the New Testament and this would include all the writings and commentaries written of the Koran as well.


To declare that the Koran, and Mohammad are a law unto themselves and not subject to scrutiny in the light of The Law, and The Prophets, and The New Testament, as Paul and the Apostles were, as Jesus Christ Himself was subject to the Law and the Prophets, and the Prophets of the Old Testament were subject to the Law, places the Koran and Mohammad above the word of God. In other words the Koran and this prophet Mohammad would be declared lawless.


Many preachers and teachers today are lawless and feel free to make up whatever meanings they want to any words or phrases in the bible – these practices are evil and perverse and will be judged most severely by God whether they call themselves Jews or Christians. 


In this ministry we are very concerned of all departure from the true faith of believing in Jesus Christ God’s only begotten Son, the One through all that seek salvation must come and bow their knee to begin their walk on the path to salvation. We have many articles going into great detail so that those who have erred in their walks might repents and turn once again to God’s Son Jesus Christ whom God hath placed all things in His hands for the heirs of salvation to obtain.


I want to speak to you here about my personal relationship with Jesus Christ, as my personal Lord and Savior.

The Lord had a heavy hand on my life as a young child, before I knew anything about God or Jesus Christ.  I had many dangerous things happen to me when I was young, I drowned in a pool, I was on fire from my waist down from lighter fluid, I had an air rifle pressed up to my eye and fired, I had a metal spiked rake fall on my head and puncture my skull in three places and other things as well. But the Lord continually protected and delivered me these things. (I was pull out of the pool and choked and sputtered all the water out. I received no burns from the fire, my eye was not damaged, my head is fine.)  And all of these things occurred before I came to Jesus Christ, and after I came to Jesus Christ these dangerous things have continued even to this very day, but The Lord Jesus Christ has delivered me out of them all, so that I am very conscious that owe God and Jesus Christ every day I live, and every breath that I take. I have almost been killed or died repeatedly in my life. One the highway when  my friends car stalled and a tractor trailer drove over the trunk of the car and through the rear windshield and I looked up and the truck stopped and the driver turned the wheel and turned the wheel to keep from crushing me and my friend against the dashboard and the truck suddenly lurched backward a foot or so and then drove forward under a second tractor trailer in an adjoining lane. (God held the vehicle back and pushed it away and then it slammed with great force against the other truck) I was spared from being crushed to death when the wall of a boiler tore out of a concrete floor and sheared the ladder I was standing on in half and smashed all the plumbing of a boiler adjacent to into pieces leaving me completely unharmed. My legs were almost crushed between a plow blade and a car’s rear bumper when the clutch popped loose and a man with much of his insides removed bodily pick me up out of harm’s way. I was spared falling down the tube of a 130’ water tower when the steps of chain link ladder gave way. I slid off a 4 story slate roof as fast as one could run and slammed into the scaffolding so hard it rocked back and forth. I was working on a roof of a man’s house three stories above a stone patio and when the man raised the ladder higher so I could come down the ladder collapsed leaving me sitting in a roof gutter laying on my back clinging to a tar roofing shingle to either side me while felling the law of gravity heavy on my hips and legs that were dangling. I was cutting down a tree and it began to fall over strait on top of me and I called out Jesus Save me and the tree in mid-air spun and fell over to the side ant an impossible angle from its trajectory. These are not all but some of the things the Lord has protected me and delivered me from.


Unlike so many of the Christians I have known and met over the years, I have no fear of death whatsoever, I am at complete peace with God and am ready to pass on from this life at any day or any moment knowing that I will see God the Father and Jesus Christ seated at His right hand when I get to heaven.


Life is so different when you come into a personal and intimate knowledge of God and His Son Jesus Christ. To hear them speak to you personally, and individually in your heart day by day hour by hour and moment by moment is a thing of great wonder and delight. To know continually that God personally loves me, and that Jesus Christ so loves me, To have God provide all my needs days to day, To know that I am resting in the center of His hand, and He is watching over me and protecting me – is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

To be very honest the greatest majority of Christians do not know God in this way at all. Most have a second or third hand knowledge of God which they receive from their pastor, their teacher, their evangelist which they expect in place of themselves to so hear from God, and to tell them the will of God. All too many Christians in a complete lapse of faith and belief expect others to spend time in deep prayer for them that these others will pray that they are cared for and watched over by God.


But the men and women that seek and do such things are found to be reprehensible and wanting before God so that it behooves all true believers of God and Jesus Christ to first enter into a true personal relationship with God and His Son Jesus Christ, through time spent in personal prayer, waiting upon the Lord, reading His words and commandments, meditating upon them, becoming filled with the Holy Spirit of God so that we can better hear from God and His Son Jesus Christ for ourselves and better understand His words and commandments as recorded in The Bible. And from coming into this personal firsthand knowledge of God we are to share teach and impart these very things to others.


This is the walk with God that Moses and the Prophets of God had, this is the walk of God that Jesus Christ had and His apostles as well, and this is the same walk that is offered today to all who would believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ and come unto Him to be His disciple yet in this day.


I want to speak to you about Jesus Christ and God. I want to speak to you about how to come into the same type of personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ that I so entered into by the grace of God.


In the bible salvation and redemption are always spoken of as a walk, as a path, as a highway, as a way and a race. No where in the bible are salvation and redemption spoken of as an event that happens to you one day at a certain hour at a certain minute so that then you have it and from then on you can go on as you will. (This kind of teaching and doctrine which is called by many names has been through the ages is still a great weapon of deception in the hands of the devil. So that many believing themselves after some fashion to be Godly, righteous, Christian and even disciples of Jesus Christ are in fact not.


Believing on the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal friend and savior does happen at a certain day at a certain hour and at a certain minute and from then on you are a believer in Jesus Christ and become a follower or disciple of Him.


Rather it is through you believing in Jesus Christ specifically as Lord over your complete life, making Him your Master and receiving Him as your savior day by day hour by hour and moment by moment. You need to come on your knees in private and declare yourself as the sinner you are, that you are blind empty and hungry for Jesus Christ to forgive you your sins and that He would begin to speak to you, to lead you and guide you. And that from now on you will follow Him with great determination of heart.


You may begin your walk with Christ, very haltingly at first, stumbling along the way, but you have begun and it will improve as you pray confess your sins, seek Christ express your hunger and desire to know Him. In this walk you need also to read the word of God and in particular to begin with the life and deeds and words and commandments of Jesus Christ in the Gospels. You need to saturate your heart and soul with the word of God and the gospels.


In the bible it says that we are cleansed by the washing of the water of His word. Reading the bible is cleansing, it removes things from your life, it strengthens you. You need also to spend time in prayer praying alone if you can and aloud in your prayer closet speaking to God himself telling him how you feel, what is bothering you, and expressing your desire to know Him personally and His Son Jesus Christ, pray that God will open your ears and eyes that you might see and hear from Him. 


Then you need also to spend some time sitting in silence before the Lord we call this waiting upon the Lord. Letting your soul and spirit calm down, at times the Spirit of the Lord will come and you will sense and feel God’s presence with you, it will feel peaceful, like warm oil flowing over you, like little ripples of electricity coursing through your blood veins. Bask in that Presence of God acknowledge it and thank God for it.


Besides feeling the presence of God which also cleanses your heart and soul and brings you healing and comfort, God will begin to speak to you, to illuminate passages from the bible, and at time God will speak to you personally correcting you and calling you to change this in your life or alter this so that you can grow and come in time into a closer and deeper relationship with Him and His Son Jesus Christ.


The bible says no man can come to Jesus Christ except the Father draw him

And likewise the bible says no man can come unto the Father except through His Son Jesus Christ.


John 3:16 For God so loved the world – (This would include you as well) that He gave His only Begotten Son (Jesus Christ) that whosoever believeth (Continues to walk and obey) on Him should not (At the end of their life) Perish but come (Enter) unto everlasting life.


Obey the call of God unto you and do these things now and you shall never regret what you receive at the hand of Jesus Christ thereafter.