The Word of the Lord Unto the EU and China

This morning I awoke from praying in my sleep for Europe and the coming overthrow of it and the hundreds of thousands of death that the radical Muslim hoards shall cause.

And in my first waking moments I saw in Paris on the Eiffel tower hundreds of corpses hanging. I saw in Paris along the Rue De Rivoli the dead heaped everywhere and the water running below red, I saw the arch of triumph destroyed not remaining one stone upon another. And I saw also the museums and their treasures laid waste and burned.


As I prayed my thoughts turned to the words of Christ in Matthew 24 Pray that it (the Great tribulation will not befall the church) not be in the winter. And I saw by the Spirit that the wealthy fled Europe in planes and boats I saw the harbors and airports filled with crying people in great anguish for there were no crafts left that they might flee upon. I then I saw the poor fleeing Europe heading to Russia for safe haven, the roads clogged with vehicles so that the poor were forced to flee on foot with only what they could carry on their backs and the Words of Christ came one more Pray that their flight be not in winter for tens of thousands would freeze to death on such a trek in a Russian winter. I also saw that several eastern European nations near the time of the Eus fall would vote themselves out of the EU and attempt to re-join the Russia


I also saw this morning that in Communist China that Christianity and other traditional eastern religions shall be made legal to quell civil unrest, and the growing threat of Muslim insurgency in the border regions of that nation.