The Dubai World Island Project

It’s gone belly-up, and is actually sinking back into the sea. If you didn’t see this coming, you have never studied much in Islam

January 20 2010 

Muslims still employ slave labor in 2010.
Despite UN agreements to cease the slave business, in northwest Africa Muslims still buy and sell slaves in open markets.

My friend Robby’s sister, Ann-Louise, used to go on and on about Dubai, and how much she wanted to live there, calling it “the future” and marveling at all the things being built there…with slave labor.

THAT part Ann-Louise demurred never to talk about, denying Muslims still hold and abuse slaves, but it’s true.  Everything that’s been built in Dubai in its massive construction boom was created on the backs of slaves…men mostly, but including female sex workers as well, who were duped into coming to Dubai from India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Asian countries with promises of jobs and large financial incentives to leave their homes and lives behind and work in the Dubai construction industry.  

When these people arrived in Dubai, their passports were taken from them, they were stuffed into metal cargo crates that sleep 20 men to a container, rationed just enough food and water to keep them alive, and then enslaved as the brute muscle behind the fanciful Muslim building projects that so fascinated Ann-Louise.

Everything in Dubai was built with slaves, and everything in Dubai is now falling apart because more likely than not the slaves sabotaged these building projects as they were going up.

Wouldn’t you have done that?

Just think about it.

You are forced to sleep in metal shipping crates with dozens of fellow slaves, exposed to the burning heat of day and the freezing cold of night, never paid any wages for your work, while your Muslim masters hang onto your passport and stand guard outside the barbed wire perimeter keeping you enslaved against your will.  Wouldn’t you dream of loosening bolts, mixing bad cement, and doing whatever you could every day, in small ways, to ensure the Muslim building projects collapsed under the weight of Islam’s own hubris?

Islam is not an inventor or perfecter of anything.  It is a corruptor, and a user.  Islam was designed to be a conquest engine that militaristically and savagely sweeps into a territory, exploits its people and resources, and maintains control through the rote memorization and implementation of the Koran…itself a sadistic playbook for the conquest and subjugation of others.

Muslims do not create beautiful, fanciful projects out of thin air that rise high into the sky with longterm stability…instead, they just buy architectural plans for massive, dreamlike fancies and then follow the Koran’s lead in creating the nightmarish working conditions that enslave others to build these Muslim whims.

All of this evil is catching up with Dubai…which is literally falling apart at the seams.

The “Dubai World” islands are sinking.

It would not surprise me in the least if one day soon the current tallest building in the world, the Burj Kalifel, also built with slave labor, collapses upon itself, like the Tower of Babel.

There’s a reason Muslim countries are so backwards, corrupt, and incompetent in almost everything they do…and it’s the Koran and the toxic influence it has wherever it’s spread.