Terror Threat Rising
FEMA Orders One Billion in Dehydrated Food

February 24th, 2011 1:22 pm ET

This is a very ominous sign that the US is under imminent attack from Muslim terrorists.  What we do know is about two weeks ago in Los Angeles docks a nuclear device was found and seized.  Hours after this was reported by multiple sources the story was spiked with a news blackout. 

We also know that Muslims are all about dates, numbers, and symbols.

This is 2011 and September is the 9th month – so we are in a 9/11 year.  In our estimation they will attempt their attack on September 2nd so that it would be 9/11- #2 saying we got you again, and that this is just #2 with more to come.

We also can speculate the targets; in the first attack they came with three planes, we have heard that there was possibly a fourth plane but the bombers backed out.  But we will work with three. 

#1 Would be the New York City World Trade Center site – taking it down again before it can be rebuilt. And/or the NYC Financial District.

#2 Would be Hollywood -- probably the Iconic sign as that how the world see’s Hollywood.

#3 Would be in Washington DC here we are unsure whether the Pentagon again, or the US House and US Senate, or the White House. 

It would appear that dirty low yield nukes are what Al-Qaida is planning to use this go around.  The damage would be relatively minimal. This would be no Nagasaki or Hiroshima but rather a footprint of damage from a few city blocks to the size of the World Trade Center catastrophe and then there would be the plumes and trails of fallout going in whatever direction the wind is blowing at that time.

In any case, the effects would be a disruption, damage and possible destruction of the NYC financial district which would be very devestating, Hollywood by its iconic sign or a studio. In DC the big question is what will be the target – all of which would be very devastating.

The NYC LA and DC telecommunications hubs and electric grid would be damaged or destroyed stopping all computer re-ordering in stores along with internet commerce.

With damage to food, water, and electric infrastructure thousands would need food water housing.  The end result beyond this being a multiple target terrorist attack we would speculate the total magnitude of such an event would be that of a hurricane Katrina.

We earnestly hope and pray that all these devises and all the cell groups involved will be caught and that September 2011 will pass as any other month with its normal trials and successes.      

Terror threats appear to be on the rise as FEMA has rushed a $1 Billion order of dehydrated food in the event of attacks on domestic targets in the US.

This is also coming on the heels of one of the largest terror drills performed by the US Navy on American soil, as Operation Solid Curtain is taking place this week.

In an article Tuesday from the Beaufort Observer, many of the largest suppliers of dehydrated foods in the country are dropping their distributors and customers to dedicate their resources to supplying a billion dollar FEMA request and purchase.

One of the nation's largest suppliers of dehydrated food has cut loose 99% of their dealers and distributors. And it's not because of the poor economy. It's because this particular industry leader can no longer supply their regular distribution channels. Why not? Because they're using every bit of manufacturing capacity they have to fulfill massive new government contracts. Look, the government has always been a customer of the industry to some extent. But according to our sources, this latest development doesn't represent simply a change of vendor on the government's part. It's a whole new magnitude of business.

And that's not all.

Apparently, even though they've cut off their regular consumer markets, the industry leader I've just mentioned still can't produce enough survival food to meet the government's vast requirements. How do we know? Earlier this month, FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) put out a Request for Proposal, or RFP, for even more dehydrated food. The RFP called for a 10-day supply of meals - for 14 million people. That's 420 million meals. Typically, FEMA maintains a stockpile of about 6 million meals. Why the sudden need to increase the stockpile by 420 million more? (And that's in addition to whatever our aforementioned industry leader is supplying.) It almost seems like they're trying to stock a modern day "Noah's Ark," doesn't it?

Single functions or events such as FEMA requesting a purchase of survival food might not stand out as peculiar when it is their responsibility to ensure they are mission ready for unforseen events in the US, but couple this with other pieces of the puzzle, such as the Navy drill of Solid Curtain, which is intended for:

...nationwide "drill" involving all military, and it's a drill based on a severe terrorist attack.

and the public had best be aware of something major potentially occurring on our soil in the near future.  Global events across the world such as the revolutions and protests, the rising spike in oil, the falling dollar, food shortages, and unrest in Wisconsin and Ohio, are bringing us to the point where crisis may take place, whether from domestic or foreign sources.

Terror alerts have been raised by FEMA in the past month, and this new special order of dehydrated food, at the magnitude of $1 Billion dollars in taxpayer money, should be a call for everyone to prepare on your own for any potential crisis.

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