Spiritual Thirst


In the book of Psalms we find the expression of a yearning for God Himself; a cry from deep within our hearts, for something more in God. And in reality this is a response to God’s longing heart, His thirst for fellowship with men. That He might fill us to overflowing that we might come into a deep abiding personal relationship with Him and His Son Jesus Christ.


Psalm 84:2 My soul longeth yea fainteth for the courts of the Lord. 

This is a longing for His presence and His anointing. This is a cry to walk in the Spirit. My friends, there is something higher, something purer in God that is available to us in this day and this very hour in which we walk.  This longing for the Lord is the irresistible urge as expressed by those who so hunger and so thirst after God.


My heart and my flesh crieth out for the Living God Have you experienced this cry for Him to inhabit his people?  Have you felt this yearning to be so clothed upon by the Spirit of God? This spiritual longing is far different than the cry of selfish earthly prayers of men.


Psalm 63:1 O lord Thou art my God Early will I seek thee. My Soul thirsteth for Thee. My flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land where no water is.  This is so apart from the typical Christian experience. Are you so consumed with having this inner knowing of God? Do you so thirst that you will be satisfied with nothing less than knowing Him in all the fullness that can be known of him even as the apostles and the prophets of old so knew Him?


David said: “One thing have I desired of the Lord and that will I seek after . . . ” Many of this day are guilty of having divided hearts, so that they seek many things. They seek for their ministry. They seek for earthly riches. They seek for their own power. They seek to be seen of men. But there are those who seek God for himself. Believing that His fellowship, His presence, and His approbation are all the reward in itself.


David said: “As a hart panteth after the water brooks so panteth my soul after thee. . .”  In out questing for the Lord we find ourselves running over hill and dale, running through mountains and valleys, panting and longing with our mouth wide open, pressing forward, stretching ourselves to reach His streams of living waters. Have you caught the scent of His living waters? I am told that a deer can smell water from miles away.


If you do not feel this burning thirst, if you lack this singleness of vision, take heart!

If you are willing to lay aside your own personal aspirations. If you are willing to close your wandering lustful eye. If you will reach out to Him with all your heart, you too can enter into this wondrous thirst -- and sup with Him and eating with Him of His secret manna and drinking with Him of His living waters.


David had this kind of hunger and thirst for God. This hunger and thirst of David was the main reason he had such great spiritual attainments – attainments that surpass most Spirit-filled and bible believing Christians of our day. By this very thirst he had revelations of Christ, beyond measure of men and women we consider spiritual giants. Perhaps this lack of a spiritual hunger and thirst is this is why we so lack today.


Psalm 107:9 For he satisfieth the longing soul, (The Thirsty) and filleth the hungry soul with goodness.


God will satisfy the thirsty soul that truly reaches out unto Him with His goodness. But unto the bible believing or Spirit filled soul that reacheth not out to Him, it is because that soul has found its satisfaction in some other source, and of a truth that soul shall has received all its reward and no more of the Lord in this life or the next.


In this hour so many things have taken the place of thirsting for God. A satisfaction with the doctrines of men, and the traditions of men, a love of the things of this world, a lust of the eyes for wealth, for ministry, for power, and to be seen of men.  It is also possible to be satisfied with one’s supposed spiritual attainments and thereby fall short of one’s calling.


Never lose sight of this one thing: salvation, our walk, our ministry, and our calling, rise and fall on one issue and one issue alone, how we cultivate our personal relationship with Him. True ministry, true gifts and true callings all lead to Him. If they lead not to Him the ministry, the gifts, the callings are not of God, but rather of the god of this world.


Do you so hunger?

Do you so thirst?       

Do you so yearn to know the Lord intimately and personally?


Then cry out daily and tell Him so, and you too shall be gloriously met and found of Him.