Dream: Household of Unforgiveness and Neglect


The Lord spoke the following to me in a dream:


I have seen a great sin in the land that of a husband and a wife that seek forgiveness and to forgive their friends in church. -- But the same will not forgive one another in the sight of their brethren. Nor within the confines of their household will they seek forgiveness or forgive one another before their children, nor even upon the marital bed where they are alone before the Lord. This is great sin, before the Lord.


Conversely when a husband or wife have spoken amiss to the slightest offense to a close friend or have done the slightest insensitive deed these will run to seek forgiveness of that close friend -- so as to not lose face before them, but of each other they will not and do not.


Nay a wife will go out and compass sea and land to build the house of another, – to pour on them her affections, her mercy, and her strength, but she will not build her own household.  And likewise the husband will go and work on other’s fields, and toil expending his affections his mercy and his strength, but he will not build his own and so the house and the field are neglected and desolate.


And the Lord would say Thou Fool! Neglect not thy wife. And to the wife the Lord would say obey my command; Thy desire shall be towards they own husband.

And the Lord would say to the foolish parents that build not their own house and plow not their own field – for unto you come folly and desolation of divorce and it is even at door of those whose fields are empty, and their house is fallen down.


And in that hour neither shall I forgive your sins as you would not and did not forgive one another and as the sign of that forgiveness you did not turn your affections, your mercy and your strength away from strangers and their fields and unto one another and your household and your field.