Rio Mass Murder Muslim Opens Fire on Childrens School
11 Dead, 20 Wounded,
and a Jihad Suicide Note

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Pamela Geller

Here we have a recent convert to Muslimism in Brazil, he is 24 years old goes to a grade school he attended. Arriving there he asks permission to enter and go to talk to some students in a specific classroom,  he walks up to the third floor and upon entering the classroom pulls out a weapon and slaughters NINE girls and only ONE boy.  In a note he writes some incoherent statements about FUNDAMENTALIST ISLAM. 


While the article writer and witnesses are somewhat mystified by this young man’s acts, we are not.  In Islam there is only one scenario in Sharia Law that fits this crime.


This 24 year old man is a recent convert to Fundamentalist Islam – it is quite apparent he approached one or more of these young girls aged 14 or younger seeking to get married. Unlike in Muslim countries where the father must be contacted and a dowry paid, in Brazil he could approach the woman of his desires -- or in this case the underage child of his Fundamentalist Muslim desires,  from which he was rebuffed and refused, so in true Fundamentalist Islamic fashion in that of an honor killing he specifically went and killed the girl or girls and their close friends that had either directly rejected or witnessed his rejection and heaped scorn on this 24 year old man.    


I think it's important to note that all of the headlines in Brazilian news reports they call the murderer an: “Islamic suicide bomber and report that his Suicide letter refers to Islam” while NONE of the English news outlets are reporting any of these critical clues.

"In recent months, she said, he appeared to have got closer to Islam."

At least 11 people, mostly children, died Thursday and more that 15 were wounded when an armed man attacked a school in Realengo in the poor suburbs of Rio de Janeiro.

According to a preliminary police report, the attacker - a 24- year-old former student at the school - was among the dead after shooting himself in the head. He attacked Tasso da Silveira school, where some 400 students ages 9-14 were in classes.

Beltrami described the suicide letter as 'the words of a person who no longer believes in anything, full of sentences that made no sense and references to Islamic fundamentalism.'

Huh? He no longer believes in anything but made references to Islam?

Beltrami said the attacker was friendly as he went into the school, chatting with administrators and teachers and asking for permission to address the children. When he reached the third floor of the building, the suspect entered one of the classrooms and started to shoot at students, killing nine girls and one boy. The attacker apparently committed suicide upon being chased by a police officer who had been called in by a student who managed to escape the building

Roselane de Oliveira, a sister of the attacker, told Rio de Janeiro radio station Band News that the young man 'was very strange.'

'He had no friends, and he spent all his time on the Internet,' she said.

In recent months, she said, he appeared to have got closer to Islam.

Police stressed, however, that there was no concrete evidence that the attack had either a religious or a political motive.

Irmã de atirador diz que ele era ligado ao Islamismo e não saía muito de casa; ele deixou carta suicida UOP Noticias

Rio school shooting: official says 13 children dead Guardian

Witnesses tell how gunman opened fire on pupils at Tasso da Silveira primary school in Rio de Janeiro

As many as 20 pupils are feared dead after a gunman opened fire in a primary school in western Rio de Janeiro.

The vice-mayor of western Rio said 13 people had died in the shooting at Tasso da Silveira primary school, although it was not clear if that figure was accurate or included the attacker. Edmar Teixeira said the gunman was a 24-year-old former student who pretended to be giving a speech to students before opening fire with two handguns. When police appeared at the scene the gunman shot himself dead, Teixeira said. He left behind a letter outlining his motives.

One witness told the Guardian he had seen between 15 and 20 children dead or seriously wounded.

"It is a massacre, a true massacre," said Roni de Macedo, a fireman who arrived on the scene shortly after the shooting began and dragged eight seriously injured children from the school.

"There is blood on the walls, blood on the chairs. There are 15 to 20 dead I think," said De Macedo, who was covered in blood. "I've never seen anything like this. It's like something in the United States."