Rick Warren -- Yet Another Shoe Drops


Brannon Howse: Aired on Febraury 25, 2011

We are grateful to the Lord in His great kindness and mercy to the masses of Churchianity causing Rick Warren to testify the truth as to what is really in his heart and soul. Understanding here that Rick Warren a liberal, socialist, progressive, completely alters the meaning of his words and writings in his best selling book.


All along Rick Warren has not been the man of God that he has made himself out to be. Rather he has been a liberal socialist progressive shill covertly poisoning and polluting his congregation and followers with liberal socialist progressive ideals and notions sandwiched between Christian sounding things and garnished with bits and pieces of scripture.


Here now God has provided us with a baseline from which we are now to judge this manís words traditions and teachings whether they be from God or man.


Rick Warren was mentored by communitarian Peter Drucker and sits on the advisory board of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. Tony Blair is a Fabian Socialist. Rick Warren positively quotes 3 Fabian Socialists in his book, The Purpose Driven Life. Warren also quotes no less than nine mystics in this book as well. Brannon explains why he believes Rick Warren approves of communitarianism, Fabian Socialism and mysticism.

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