Primetime Propaganda
by Ben Shapiro

In the 1980’s the original book on the subject of the media’s subversion of the American and world wide public was entitled THE MEDIA. The book was a boast of the media’s accomplishments in liberalizing America.  So here is a re-write with more boasting and gleeful quotes from Television and Hollywood types.   Television has been the single most destructive influence against American conservatism, and the church.  Television reaches far deeper into people’s consciousness and has been far more life altering than any evangelist or revival campaign in the last 50 years on all five continents.

On TV: There is a solution, and it is very simple.

Ann Barnhardt
June 1, 2011

There is a new book coming out detailing how TV is and has been Marxist propaganda for decades.

Yeah. Duh. But it is interesting to read all of the quotes from the TV execs and Hollywood people gleefully admitting to all of it. TV is the "bread and circuses" of our crumbling Roman Empire cultural analogy. TV is being used to both misinform and indoctrinate both children and adults, AND it is the primary pacifier that the Marxists are using to mollify and distract the populace. It is also the primary means of destroying our Judeo-Christian culture and of tearing down anything good or beautiful. Sin and ulginess are the two criteria by which things and people are judged and assigned merit: the more sin and the more ugliness, the better. Beautiful women are presented as sluts and whores (sin). Ugliness is glorified (all reality television). Evermore frequently both are being combined (Lady Gaga, Jersey Shore). Sports, while potentially noble, have devolved into nothing more than mindless distraction populated by morally degenerate athletes who are oftentimes blatent cheaters. There aren't any Joe DiMaggios out there. All that remain are pimps and wanna-be pimps, hustling for a nine-figure contract so they can buy a Bentley and screw a different golddigger every night of the week. And save the "college sports" argument. College athletics might actually be worse. At least the pros are fairly open about their motivations. The college athletic scene is every bit the whore-fest of the pros, the difference being that the college programs and players continually try to convince us that there is no money involved, and that the youngster with the gold teeth driving the Lexus Landcruiser is actually a "student-athlete" diligently pursuing a degree in "communications". Pardon me while I vomit on my shoes. Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining.

Are you pissed at the media? Are you pissed at the fact that the media and news organizations are 100% Marxist propaganda? Well, why don't you do something about it? And there is a very simple solution to the entire media problem. If every conservative in this country executed my plan, I can promise you that there would be an entirely new media in this country within two years. That new media would provide decent, moral programming. It would provide objective, inquisitive news. All we need to do in order to bring about this new media is to CREATE A VACUUM.



Quit screwing around. Pick up the phone and do it right now. If you are thinking of arguing that your family simply can't do without this or that aspect of TV, then you are just proving my point all the more. If you or your spouse or your CHILDREN are so addicted to TV, then that is precisely the reason why you should eliminate it.

But what will we do in the evenings?

Oh, I dunno. How about . . . talk to each other? How about READ? How about go outside and PLAY SPORTS YOURSELF, rather than watching them? And if you really want to watch TV, guess what? You can watch TV on the internet! I myself watched an episode of "DRAGNET: 1951" last night on Netflix. God bless Jack Webb. All the good old TV shows and cartoons are available online streaming. And much of the good and decent new television programming is also available online streaming as well - especially news, which is more and more being generated by freelance journalists and bloggers. Why continue to subsidize lying Marxist agitprop and morally soul-poisoning degenerate filth? Why? The only possible reason is ADDICTION. There's no way around that truth, and you know it.

And by the way, I would guess that the average cable / satellite bill today would go a long way toward covering the increased monthly cost of gasoline for today's family. Starve the beast and fill up your tank. Can a sister get an AMEN?