Presbyterian Church USA Accepts Homosexual Minister

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The wretched sickness of Homosexuality continues to spread denomination to denomination, church to church, and ministry to ministry resulting from the infiltration of Homosexuals into seminaries, bible collages and bible schools beginning in the 1970s. These since then have worked up the ranks until they gained positions of control where they have more recently began to exert their power to Homosexualize the whole of the church if it were possible. The other side of the story here is the fear with which these churches and denominations operate under so that none dare cast out the wolves within thereby bringing judgment and a pox upon their entire denominational houses.

Here is another example of what the evil fruit of having removed judgment from the church produces. Those that can not rightfully judge are not qualified to sit in Moses Seat in the church.

The little ones in the flock of God are dependant upon those that would be shepherds (small s) to defend them against the wolves from within and wolves without that Paul the apostle warned of in the book of Acts.

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (AP) -- A panel of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has acquitted a minister who was accused of violating the denomination's constitution by legally marrying his male partner.

The church judicial commission split 3-3 Monday on the charge against the Rev. Erwin Barron, who is under the jurisdiction of the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area, but now works as a college professor in San Francisco. A two-thirds vote was required for conviction, which could have led the denomination to revoke Barron's clergy credentials. An appeal is likely.

The church constitution requires celibacy for clergy who aren't married to a member of the opposite sex. Barron and his partner, Roland Abellano, married in September 2008 in California, during the short period when gay marriage was legal in the state.

The trial Monday grew from a complaint by an elder at a Minnesota church. The Star Tribune of Minneapolis reported that neither side would name the accuser.


Two new major Bible translations being released

WASHINGTON (AP) The nation's Roman Catholic bishops are releasing their first new Bible in decades as the season of Lent begins. The New American Bible, Revised Edition, will be available starting on Ash Wednesday, which falls this year on March 9.

The latest version contains a new translation of the Old Testament the first such new translation in more than 40 years. The New Testament section had already been updated in 1986 and will not be changed in the new edition.

The translation effort started 17 years ago, prompted in part by the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which are the oldest known texts of Scripture. A group of more than 50 experts changed language and reordered passages to be closer to the original text and better reflect modern usage.

Separately this month, Zondervan, the publishing company based in Grand Rapids, Mich., is releasing the latest translation of the New International Version of the Bible. The NIV is the top-selling Bible in North America, used widely by evangelicals and other Protestants.

Zondervan says it has already sold 40,000 of the updated translation as an electronic book.

Past attempts to remake the NIV for contemporary audiences in different editions had been plagued by controversies about gender language.