Of Growth
And Strength


The word perspective is a very graphic word, for some it would seem very narrow, or an ill-defined term. Yet this word governs how we view our surroundings, and with what means we are to respond to that which surrounds us.In using perspective we use our life experiences, and our natural feelings as a criteria of judgment.And by doing so we are deceived into believing that we have some kind of special expertise and or we know the absolute truth in a given matter, and thereby we are enable to rightly judge a matter when none of this may at all be true.And this tends to create a very rocky road for us, as well as those around us that we dole our perceived truths and judgments to.

Recognizing just few of these underlying factors, can revolutionize our Christian life. It is not too taxing to say that warps and weaves are not abnormal in the lives of many believers. That is to say that what we see is in part we only see the exposed edge of what god is weaving in our lives and those around us but most of the garment God is making is out of sight below the surface, hidden and those are the things that actually hold the garment together and give it its strength. Without out which the garment would simply fall apart and unravel into the string or yarn what it was woven from.

Have you ever caught yourself while you are reading Godís word, reading in something that just isnít there?I have. Even the way we interpret certain passages come from the effects of our perspective. All this is perspective. It is that which we have seen and heard but not that which we have seen and heard of HIM, it is that which we have seen of men, ministries teaching tapes books and we have made it our own. It has been woven into us. And once this has been done it is hard to remove these threads these doctrines and teachings without marring the entire garment.

With this in mind, ďIts meĒ standing in the need of prayer.

Thankfully all is not lost for we can begin a recovery of adjustments(repentance) and begin a new and afresh to line up with Godís viewpoint (His perspective.)

We all have these natural tendencies aversions toward certain people and certain things. And perhaps (it is nowhere guaranteed in scripture) in spending some real time in prayer God will help us come out of this. I really believe there is the way out. Many donít realize that their very discernments and perceptions are tainted. The words that they teach and preach are corrupted as well as their prophecies.

With a natural perspective one will never be able to properly perform their ministry and calling.Jesus said ďthat which is flesh is flesh, and that which is Spirit is Spirit.Ē Paul said for the natural man receiveth not the things of God neither can he know them for they are spiritually discerned.

Have you wondered why its hard to hit the mark at times?I would say its a perception problem. One final scripture Jesus said First take the mote of your own eye then you can see clearly to take the spec out of they brotherís eye.