Paula White Breaks Silence on Probes Divorce and Benny Hinn

Pastor Paula White broke her silence Thursday night, addressing all the scandals that she has been associated with since her divorce in 2007.

Christian Post

By Lillian Kwon
Apr. 01 2011


It now appears that prosperity gospel pimps Benny Hinn and Paula White were committing adultery while both were married, both then dumped their spouses and if they had not been caught on film in Rome, Italy walking hand in hand out of a hotel day after day they would have never been caught and would have quite probably married each other and joined their ministries.  We also need to thank Senator Grassley for having confronted these evil and perverse televangelists, his investigation though unsuccessful ended up bringing down Paula White – who knows how many poor, sick, elderly, and infirm people have been spared being bilked by her – for her personal gain and enrichment.


paula white

Pastor Paula White speaks at the Pastors and Leadership Conference,
hosted by Bishop T.D. Jakes, in Orlando, Fla., Thursday, March 31, 2011.

Paula White one of six prosperity Gospel televangelists who were rightly investigated for fraud and abuse of their ministries’ tax exempt status in enriching themselves.

"We’re letting our hair down," White told thousands at the 2011 Pastors and Leadership Conference in Orlando, Fla. (Being offered by another one of the ministries that had been under federal investigation.  We can clearly see in this article that this meeting was designed to return Paula White to the ministry, and to declare her clean and absolved of any wrong doing) "I'm not here to look cute ... I came to let the devil know ... I'm stronger than I've ever been." (She repeats here over and over that it was the devil that brought her and the other ministries and caused all the ills in her life)

Though the two-hour message began with shouts of encouragement and notes of affirmation for the participating leaders who may be facing challenges or opposition, by the end of the night it was apparent that the popular charismatic pastor was also preaching to herself.

"I have a word to those who have all odds stacked against them," she preached. "You're about to get your bounce back."

"The enemy strategically plotted against you, hunted you like prey, (Victimhood) set out to destroy you, (As in destroy her ministry, her earthly riches, and her reputation) tried to wreck your mind, (Depression, despondent, feeling the guilt and weight of her sin) destroy your heart, (The affair, the divorce and then ending up with nothing) jack up your family, (The results of the affair and divorce)  take your ministry, (The results of the affair and divorce) ruin your reputation ...  (The results of the affair and divorce) and he thought that he had you. He set you up and thought this is what will kill them. (Her again speaking of herself and that all of this was the devil.)

 "I came to put every devil on notice ... I'm getting my dream back, I'm getting my prophesy back, I'm getting my vision back, I'm getting my anointing back, I'm getting my strength back." (At this point we have to plainly state that everything coming out of this woman’s mouth is about the devil and the me, me, me of pure selfishness.)

She is not thanking God here for sustaining her, for preserving and upholding her as David did. She is not speaking of Jesus Christ as her Lord, Master, and Savior that brought these things upon her to bring about His will and His purposes in her life.  Instead it is all about her; For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh and again For that which is flesh is flesh and that which is Spirit is Spirit.

For two solid hours we are told she was preaching to herself and of herself.  Of her being destroyed, of her mind, of her heart, of her family, of her ministry, of her reputation, of her dream, of her prophesy, of her vision, of her anointing, and of her strength.  These are not the words and testimony of any kind of true believer in Jesus Christ that I have known.  This is the testimony of a person’s flesh, of a person’s carnality, of their love of the things of this world, of their love of Churchianity and all the earthly riches that can be gained from it. This is the testimony of selfishness of self-aggrandizement or the lack thereof. This is the cry of the earthly lusts of her soul; to be able to conduct her own ministry in her own strength, and according to her own will, wants, and desires.  This is not the voice of one who has surrendered their life, their will and their wants at the feet of Jesus Christ. This is not the voice of one who was willingly placed His yolk upon their neck, and has been learning of Him who is meek and lowly of heart, of Him that made Himself of no reputation, of Him that in the end of His ministry said foxes have holes and birds have nests but the son of man hath NO PLACE to rest His head.

White, who calls herself the "former messed up Mississippi girl," let the audience know that she would be "very vulnerable and very open" that night.

Before walking back through her tumultuous past few years, she told them, "I think it's time we stop being hypocrites in the pulpit. I think ... it's time that we take the mask off to this generation and show them that we have the same issues and the same struggles." (Nice sounding words, but 180 degrees out of phase with what she is going to say)

"We (sic) going public with all our stuff. Somebody's got to get real in the church now."

She did just that, opening up about the pressures that piled up and the crises in her life that the media was all over.

It all began in 2004 when the IRS launched a nine-year investigation into the personal and organizational finances of White and her then husband, Randy.

Just two years earlier in 2002, White had written in her journal: "I'm living heaven on earth. Life cannot get any better."

"I'm above the struggle and beneath the radar. I love my husband and my husband loves me. And we do. The kids are doing good. And millions of dollars in the bank. Not sick," she recalled feeling at the time. (This has to be understood as the polar opposite of us as disciples and followers of Jesus Christ walking as He so walked. In the three temptations of Jesus Christ, we are clearly told that the things of this world, the glory thereof and the riches thereof are all under the express control of the god of this world – If thou will bow down and worship me I will . . . It is given into my hand . . .)

White had risen to prominence as a preacher, motivational speaker, author and TV personality after co-founding what is now Without Walls International Church with her husband and starting her own ministry.

She was living her dream life, as she described to pastors at the Orlando conference.

But after the IRS investigation began, she began to face challenge after challenge to the point where she wanted to and even tried to quit.

"You can handle something if it's for a short season. But how do I praise Him when my days turn into weeks and my weeks turn into months and my months turn into years and my years turn into decades?" she said. "How do I praise Him under that continual pressure? That kind of pressure wears you out."

Listing the numerous trials she went through, White said she experienced a midlife meltdown, compassion fatigue, her friend being falsely accused and sent to prison, a stroke, addiction to the prescription medication she was given following her stroke, and problems in her marriage.

Continuing, she added that her church staff split in the middle with some turning on the Whites and going to the media.

She maintained that the articles written based on allegations from former church staff were "mostly, totally unfounded" and "lies." The Whites were accused of being all about money and fame.

She also indicated that the staff turned on the church because they couldn’t "supply the staff with the lifestyle that they were used to."

Family problems were added when White found out that her son had a drug addiction and was sexually abused by another male at a staff member's house. She then had to experience the pain of her non-biological daughter battling brain cancer. Kristen, Randy's oldest daughter, died in 2008 at age 30.

In the midst of all this, White said she was being pressured to preach and prophesy and fulfill her role in the church.

"[Bishop] Randy, Pastor Paula, give me a word, marry me, bury me, pay these bills, prophesy. Why aren't you doing this? Why isn't it like it used to be? We don't like the music. We leaving the church because you didn't know our names and you didn't come have lasagna with us," (Note how similar this sounds like Jesus parable Lord Lord have we not done many great things in thy name – depart from me for I never knew you.) she said, mimicking the demands and criticisms she was met with.

White noted that it was under "that kind of pressure" and "in a really weak moment" that she and her husband made the decision to divorce in 2007. The split was amicable.

According to White, her husband closed up to her.  (Everything is someone else’s fault here) While she traveled the world preaching, she pondered, "Why can I win the world and not go home and win the one that I love?"

She recounted a time when Randy took her into a dark room, placed a mask on her, spun her around and told her to find her way out. With tears, White said she sat there for half an hour, scared and calling out to him. He took off her mask and informed her that that is what he felt like he was going through.

When the two announced their split, Randy had agreed to take the responsibility. (So she could in her ministry remaining unscathed) And "God told me to keep my mouth shut," (Would God have told her, or her own flesh to not admit her culpability in causing the failure of her household and marriage? Not paying attention to her husband or her children) she said.

Randy, who no longer co-pastors Without Walls, is now writing a book, she noted.

But she added, "I'm proud of him. He never quit .... God or anything else."

The trials continued even after the divorce when White and televangelist Benny Hinn were pictured last summer in The National Enquirer leaving a hotel in Rome holding hands. They were accused of having an affair and being engaged.

On Thursday, White flatly denied that she ever had an affair. (We have a second article from the Christian Post on this specific event where it is reported that Benny Hinn had confessed having had an inappropriate relationship with Paula White – So that Hinn’s publisher sued him for breech of contract in breaking The Morality Clause in his 300,000 dollar book contract – In other words Benny Hinn admitted to his publisher that He had committed immorality, more specifically adultery with Paula White while Hinn was yet married with his wife, and more than likely the affair went on for years while she was married to her husband Randy.)

"They're going to talk about you and write ... because it sells ragtag magazines," she said. "They're going to lie on you but God's going to tell you to keep your mouth shut."

There was also the so-called Grassley investigation. Sen. Charles Grassley launched a Senate probe in 2007 into six influential ministries, including White's, following complaints of opulent spending and possible abuse of nonprofit status.

The probe came to a close in January of this year. With little cooperation from most of the ministries, which called the investigation an attack on their religious freedom and privacy rights, Grassley's office was unable to make any conclusion about the spending of the ministries and handed out no penalties.

White interpreted that to mean her ministry was cleared.

"The church better recognize, it should be thanking six ministries for fighting for the body of Christ for saying 'we are not going to let you dictate to us how we interpret Scripture' (This is an outrageous statement) and you can't tell us 'because Jesus rode in on a donkey' because if you start telling us how to interpret Scripture in one way, you'll tell us how to interpret it in every way," White said in frustration. Grassley had referred to Jesus' humble entrance into Jerusalem to make the point that ministers today don't really need Bentleys and Rolls-Royces to spread the Gospel.

"I preach in countries if I say 'Jesus Christ is the only way, the truth and the life,' they'll arrest me. And don't think America's that far away. Unless the people of righteousness stand up and say 'we're not going to allow for this because you cannot take what is our First Amendment rights. You can't do that!" White asserted. "We pay taxes. We work hard. We do it by the books. We have integrity. But you're going to make a public misery and mess out of it like something's wrong!"

Stressing that her church gave $9 million to mission in January 2007, built education centers in Pakistan, put students through college, fed and continue to feed thousands every week, and helped transform countless lives, White said, "Are you serious? You want to fight over a $50,000 what? Excuse me?!"  (Remember she stated above they had MILLIONS in their bank account, as well as their houses and lands and whatever else they had enriched themselves with on the backs of the poor the infirm the elderly and the sick that supported their ministry – otherwise they were told God could not bless them.)

Her long, emotional testimony was met with applause and support from the thousands of pastors in the conference room in Orlando.

Though at the time, she wondered whether she would be able to overcome the trials, she now says what the devil meant for bad, God has turned around to work for the good.

"God uses every enemy, every lawsuit, every lie, every betrayal, all the brokenness," she stressed.

"It's not over. I got my bounce back. That's my message."

The three-day Pastors and Leadership Conference, hosted by Bishop T.D. Jakes, kicked off on Thursday