Openly Homosexual Boy Scouts
Bring the BSA into Even Greater Turmoil
Associated Press

The Homosexual Community having planted one of their own as head of the BSA have won for themselves one of their most coveted victories. The BSA with its fertile fields of young boys as far as one can see, now an open hunting ground for their sex corrals. 

They have okayed having 16, 17, and 18 year old homosexual wolves to guard the chicken coop filled with young, impressionable and vulnerable 12, 13 and 14 year old children.

We personally experienced at the young age of 12 with a second 12 year old receiving threats of punishments, and were menaced to force us to strip naked for two 16 year old Boy Scouts, one of which was as openly homosexual as was allowed in that setting. Fortunately I took off up hill all the way to the campsite and was about to be tackled by the larger of the two. The Scout Master hearing my cries and came to see what was going on as this older scout got his hands on me. I told everything, the scout denied everything until the second 12 year old who had partially stripped and in tears confirmed everything.  The Scout Master acted immediately and decisively segregating the two from the rest of the scouts for the rest of the weekend and we never saw either kid again.

At age 11 in another camp from another organization one summer earlier we had witness two homosexuals have sex in the bunk next to us at night, when they saw I saw I was threatened by them and lived under a cloud of fear for a number of days until God intervened that they were removed from circulation.

We later met a recently converted homosexual that had been a recruiter for the homosexual gang he belonged to. He had scars all over his knuckles and face.  His conversion was sound, early on he had confessed times of temptation but with prayer and support he overcame his former life.

None of these were benign meek homosexuals.

In another case a student from bible school I had known fell into homosexuality due to the mountain of sexual lust he felt but was unable to find a Christian woman that would even date him.  We tried for ten years to bring him back to Christ but there was nothing left in him. He spoke of sex with younger men, he suggested more than once that he wanted to move near me and my family.  We rebuffed the thought as we could feel his unclean intents.

These people live in torment as they burn for homosexual sex, and then burn with their guilt and shame afterwards. These people are continuously on the prowl as ravening hungry wolves seeking for young and good looking prey.      

We remind our readers that Homosexuality is all about youth and beauty and this is why this evil and perverse lifestyle has fought to get in every youth group they can beginning with the YMCA and YWCA in the 1980’s the Public School System and the Girl Scouts of America in the 1990’s,  2008 the US Military and now 2013 the Boy Scouts of America.  All of these have been to one degree or another overthrown from within their own organizational structure. 

Folks, the Homosexual way has been to plant and support their own to move up the ladder in every aspect of Government, the Judicial Branch, the White House, the US Senate, and the House of Representatives. Of these the Presidency and the House have proved to be the hardest due to the temporary nature of these positions but all Government workers and policy makers are there for life, all judges are their for life, and most Senators are in there for decades.

What all of these jobs have in common is these positions give a person great power to affect things – especially when the person in a given seat abuses their position for their own purposes or cause.

We have witnessed the fall of entire Methodist Denominations (Hundreds of Churches), the Anglican Church (Hundreds of Churches), and a number of individual Presbyterian churches to becoming pro-homosexual. 

We witnessed in 2010 the result of homosexuals having infiltrated churches as Pastors, and then hijacked 50% (Over 100 churches) of one Fundamentalist / Baptist denomination.  

What is next in the agenda of this godless homosexual cabal?  Are you so foolish to have to ask such a question?

An event is coming upon the horizon and already now is. 

Matthew 24:9 -- And ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. (For being called by Jesus name alone)

What part of Ye will the Rapturists weep and cry foul over when the precursors of the Antichrist and False Prophet come to pass before their closed eyes.

Realize here that at the time of Jesus Christ and the Apostles there was never a time where Christians were hated of all nations.  

Realize that from the time of the death of the Apostles until the rise of the Church of Rome in 330ad there was never a time that Christians were hated of all nations. 

The foolish blind and deaf Rapturists have utterly deceived themselves and their blind and deaf followers so that both shall

Indeed be overcome and fall into the ditch with the dead in that day.      

From the time of the rise of the Church of Rome to this very day Christians have never been hated of all nations.

However the godless, sinful and corrupt men and women of this Homosexual Cabal; hate Jesus Christ, the Bible, God, and Christianity with such hatred as can not be imagined. 

They have so far and will continue by Legislation, the Court System, the Education System, and the Media to force the church to utterly defile itself in accepting homosexuals and marrying them in their churches as well, even as they have forced this very thing to come to pass in England. 

They shall, not might, but shall remove the Christian’s right of dissent, their freedom of speech concerning the sin and evil of Homosexuals. The stripping of these constitutional rights shall be accomplished by dealing with Homosexuality as a civil rights issue. In that hour the bible will be declared to be hate literature. 

And then bible believing Christians will begin to come under persecution, with the loss of their jobs in Federal, State, and Local government.  Christian owned or run companies shall be black balled in the same manner the Boy Scouts have been over the last few years.

As this persecution deepens Christians shall be removed from law enforcement, fire departments, and anything that deals with public safety. Christians shall also be weeded out from the armed forces.

Christians the world over will be faced with all they have to do is deny and walk away from the Bible, Church, God and Jesus Christ and they will be forgiven. They can have their jobs back, have a roof over their head,  their table and bread on it for their children and family.  As prophesied by Jesus Christ; Christians by the droves will depart the fold, rather than willingly lose everything for Jesus Christ.

What we are describing is what happened to the Jews in Europe in the 5 years leading up to World War II.  Despite all these signs many a Jew in that day did not have eyes to see or ears to hear before the day they were swept away by the utter darkness that broke upon them. 

For fifty years standing bible believing Churches have had no biblical response to the rise of one evil and perverse movement after another that have assailed Jesus Christ, God, the cross, the bible, the Church, husbands, and the family. 

Each of these movements that have stripped bit by bit all mention of God in Federal State and local government, they have also been used to put unconstitutional demands upon private industry and private citizens alike.

The proper response in the word of God is not accomplished by preaching of the evils of these things to the choir members.  (The preaching of sin, righteousness, and the final judgment have been gone now for almost two generations.  Supposedly due to the ministries fear to offend their cash cow of congregants.  So that today churches are filled with adulterers and adulteresses, and every sort of unsavory form of sin and corruption.  How then can such a corrupt ministry rise to defend the flock of God from the pressure brought to bear by homosexual rights organizations and the media? They will bend the knee as they are none of His)

The proper response in the word of God is not having gospel ministries and televangelists have huge fundraisers to supposedly help defeat homosexuality. 

The proper response in the word of God is not sending to the streets Christian protestors and activists to make themselves appear as loathsome as the deceived hate-filled members from Westboro Baptist Church.              

The proper response in the word of God is not seeking to bribe and buy politicians as some have sought to do in recent years.

As Christians we have not been asked to, we have not been give a suggestion, as Jesus Christ Himself commanded all that would follow Him; “To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every living creature” and “To make disciples of the nations” 

To fall short of this first and great commandment given unto the church, is to deny Jesus Christ before men by omission. In other words those who have not enough love for their neighbor to deliver them from the fires of eternal death, shall not be confessed by Jesus Christ before the Father as one of His.  

Woe unto all who do not rise to cleanse and strengthen the fallen church of this day and hour, that some might in the end be saved.

The Boy Scouts of America will get no reprieve from controversy after a contentious vote to accept openly gay boys as Scouts.

Dismayed conservatives are already looking at alternative youth groups as they predict a mass exodus from the BSA. Gay-rights supporters vowed Friday to maintain pressure on the Scouts to end the still-in-place ban on gay adults serving as leaders.

"They're not on our good list yet," said Paul Guequierre of the Human Rights Campaign, a national gay-rights group. He said the HRC, in its annual rankings of corporate policies on workplace fairness, would deduct points from companies that donate to the Boy Scouts until the ban on gay adults is lifted.

In California, gay-rights leaders said
they would continue urging passage of a bill pending in the Legislature that would make the BSA ineligible for nonprofit tax breaks because of the remaining ban (On having adult homosexuals in any place where they could come in contact with boy scouts. However this free access to these children and teens is exactly what these homosexuals want)

The Boy Scouts' chief executive, Wayne Brock, pleaded for the Scouting community to reunite after the divisive debate that led to Thursday's vote by the BSA's National Council. The proposal to lift the ban on openly gay youth — while keeping the ban on gay adults — was supported by about 60 percent of the council's 1,400 voting members. (These voters were not scout masters, but appointees that were closeted Homosexual infiltrators,  in so doing the Boy Scout Council betrayed all the scout masters and boy scouts that overwhelmingly were against admitting openly homosexuals within their ranks)
However, Brock's plea failed to sway some conservative religious leaders whose denominations sponsor many Scout units and who consider same-sex relationships immoral. (Together these account for about 25% of all boy scout troops)

After lengthy and wrenching debate, local leaders of the Boy Scouts of America have voted to open their ranks to openly gay boys for the first time, but heated reactions from the left and right made clear that the BSA's controversies are far from over.

The Scouts' longstanding ban on gay adults remains in force, and many liberal Scout leaders (Homosexual infiltrators) - as well as gay-rights groups - plan to continue pressing for an end to that exclusion even though the BSA's top officials aren't ready for that step.
A meeting is planned for next month to discuss the formation of a new organization for boys.

Part of this organizations humiliation will be changing the name of the Boy Scouts of America or to wear rainbow kerchiefs or have rainbow flags to reflect the homosexuals rule over them.

The vote was conducted by secret ballot Thursday during the National Council's annual meeting at conference center not far from Boy Scout headquarters in suburban Dallas. Of the roughly 1,400 voting members of the council who cast ballots, 61 percent supported the proposal drafted by the governing Executive Committee. The policy change takes effect Jan. 1.

"This has been a challenging chapter in our history," the BSA chief executive, Wayne Brock, said after the vote. "While people have differing opinions on this policy, kids are better off when they're in Scouting."

However, the outcome will not end the membership policy debate, as was evident in the reactions of leaders of some of the conservative religious denominations that sponsor Scout units.

"We are deeply saddened," said Frank Page, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's executive committee. "Homosexual behavior is incompatible with the principles enshrined in the Scout oath and Scout law."

The Assemblies of God said the policy change "will lead to a mass exodus from the Boy Scout program." It also warned that the change would make the BSA vulnerable to lawsuits seeking to end the ban on gay adults.

John Stembeger, a conservative activist and former Scout from Florida, founded a group called to oppose the policy change. He assailed the BSA executive committee for its role in gaining a "Yes" vote.

"What kind of a message are we sending to young people about being brave when its top adult leaders don't even have the courage to stand up to the pressure of a militant lobby when the bullies in Washington D.C., Hollywood or even some of their own renegade councils start pressuring and harassing them?" he asked.

He said OnMyHonor.Net and other like-minded organizations and individuals would meet in Louisville, Ky., next month to discuss the creation of "a new character development organization for boys."

We see hundreds of scout troops jumping ship along with the Christians sponsored troops. Whatever becomes of the Boy Scout of America they will retain all of tens of thousands of acres of prime river and lake properties on which scout camps are across the nation. These holdings are worth hundreds of millions of dollars if sold to developers     

Texas Gov. Rick Perry also expressed dismay.  "While I will always cherish my time as a Scout and the life lessons I learned, I am greatly disappointed with this decision," he said.

The result was welcomed by many liberal members of the Scouting community and by gay-rights activists, though most of the praise was coupled with calls for ending the ban on gay adults.

"I'm so proud of how far we've come, but until there's a place for everyone in Scouting, my work will continue," said Jennifer Tyrrell, whose ouster as a (Openly lesbian) Cub Scout den leader in Ohio because she is lesbian launched a national protest movement. (From a coalition of Lesbian and homosexual organizations – which more than likely are dummy organizations that have non-profit status, a face book site, with email and a tweet account)

Tyrrell recalled having to tell her son she had been forced out as den mother.

"He doesn't deserve to be told that we're not good enough," she said. "We're not going to stop until this is over."