Norman Dodd Interview

Federal Investigation in 1953 on Ford Foundation, Carrnagie Foundation, Guggenhiem Foundation finds that these were socialist front organizations that planned and implemented the beginning of the takeover of national education by overthrowing the teaching of history and in particular American history so as to promote socialist change in America.

The results of this investigation exposes socialism’s attack on what we have come to call American Exceptionalism. That is the American history that has been re-written to re-educate the public stripping away teaching of the nation’s founders, American Heros; Military Heros, Heroic leaders, heros of invention, heros of industry, and killing the notion that in America you can be anything you want to be, and succeed at whatever you want to do. 


In recent decades the socialist media and enducation system parade before the public as their “New Heros  the obscure, the poster boys and girls of so called victimization, the laundry list anti-American socialist activists, and the dregs of society from every form of deviancy known to man.