Non Christian Education is Sin and Spiritual Child Abuse

PUTTING A CHILD or young adult in the  God-hating, Christless 'public schools' is a  form of child-sacrifice. It is soul-murder.

Putting a child or young adult in the God-hating, Christless ‘public schools’ is a form of child-sacrifice. It is soul-murder.

Over the last twenty years the Christian School Lobby has been getting more and more vocal.  During this same time period they have been using more and more contemptible and condemnatory words and imagery in order to sell their product.. Here now having a child going to public school is called Sin, Child Abuse, Child Sacrifice, and Soul murder all wrapped neatly with the image of Child Sacrifices being offer to Baal.

One needs to realize here that Christian Schools are a business. The companies that supply the uniforms equipment and Christian study materials and related materials have expanded ten-fold since their humble beginnings in the late 1970's. So that today this is an industry with hundreds of millions at stake.

Note that this article has come during the nations largest economic downturn since the great depression. This has been a time period where churches all across the nation have reported a 30% to 40% decrease in tithes and offerings. This has caused the bankrupcy and failure of hundreds of churches with morgages and loans to the hilt across the nation.

Christian Schools are an expensive option that in the inflationary cycle we are now in, with food and fuel prices going through the roof, fewer and fewer parents are able to afford this optional education for their children. We have seen no figures or projections of how much christian school enrollment is down -- however we can tell that it is way down from this and other PR news releases posing as articles show the desperation within the "Christian Schooling Industry" to stay afloat by using inflamitory rhetoric and imagry.

In this article the writer in an epic fail proceeded to quote from Christian School Industry members about the importance of their product, which is weak as water. This is because they are unable to find any biblical precidence for parents to enroll their children in Christian Schools, nor have they been able to find any historic Protestant leaders speaking of the importance and necessity of Christian children to attend Christian Schools.

In business 101 we learn whatever product is being sold -- must fill a need. When that need becomes marginalized companies take action in advertizement, infomercials, and PR news releases.

In times past sending a child to Christian School was depicted as a spiritual dream come true, being able to transform hardheated and rebellious children into highly educated and deeply spiritual sucessful graduates This is a sales technique of selling dreams by romancing a product to highten the feelings of a potential buyer much like the serpent in the garden created a need and desire in the woman to partake of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

The second sales line was a direct appeal to christians vanity and pride by making out that putting one's child in a christian school was a Christian status symbol, something that made one “A better Christian” or “A better parent” than others. All of what we are writing of here we have observed time after time in different states and regions of the country, strongly indicating that these parents have all seen the same ads, PR news releases, and heard the same sales pitches.

.So on the one hand we have mothers or parents daydreaming about a Christian School education for their child. Their hearts pitter-pattering as they visualize the  romantic imagery and or fantasy being sold of  their little darling receiving all of this wonderful education, and being made into a better person and Christian for having been in these hallowed schools.

The problem has been and still is that in all actuality many of the Christian schools we have seen with our own eyes are substandard even when compared with failing public schools. The schools we have observed were of a very, very low quality,  in curriculum, and in the teaching staff, so that it was plain to see that the high school student in these schools were just marking time until “Graduation day”

When these grads would enter the labor market, they find that they can only enter at its lowest rungs as these students had no computing skills,  a fourth or fifth grade level in reading, writing, history and math.   And even worse their little darlings did not even find or excel in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  

As a direct result once these kids come of age and graduate the greatest majority of them never darken the door of the church or fellowship that ran the school – rather thesechildren turn away from all religion and proceed to live their lives as non-believers. In other words the dreams a fantasies sold are far from the grim reality of the product received.  

Why are fundamentalist and evangelical churches devoid of young people, and young married couples?

 Why is there is so much rebellion and turning away from Jesus Christ by born again and Spirit filled parents children?

What we are declaring here is an epic system wide failure to meet the needs and touch the hearts and souls of the children entrusted to these Churches and their Christian Schools.


The real problem here is detached Christian parents not being directly involved in the day to day life of their children rather than the public school system. In other words these children are being lost and destroyed within the home do to parental neglect. Children are the gift of God and are to be treasured and to be carefully brought up in the fear and the admonition of the Lord. The high priest of the family is to be functioning as well leading in prayer, waiting upon the Lord, and the reading and study of the bible within the household. All of which is NOT being done and is totally unacceptable in the eyes of the Lord.

When Jesus said we were to preach the Gospel in Jerusalem, Judea, and unto the utter most parts of the earth -- Jerusalem begins right within your household. To neglect so great a call of God within ones household, but to jump to endless church meetings, fellowshipping with other beleivers, your extended family, your neighbors and your work colleagues is sheer disobedience that will come with a terrible cost.

These are things that are hard to be uttered as the majority of beleivers walk in the broadway while beleiving great fantasies and utter deception about themselves, of their spirituality, and God's great need of them.

Seeking a spiritual shortcut to fix the glaring deficiencies in their household and child rearing skills a number of these parents dreams of Christian Schools have them being some sort of miracle working entity.   Which we have stated is simply not so.

Many high school children attending these Christian schools we have visited have a history of being  problem children. Who their failing parents cast into a Christian school, with the notion that this school will teach them, fix them, and instill spirituality, honor,  and humility into their lives. Making their son or daughter into the person they fantasized them to be. In reality these older kids regard christian school as being a punishment, a tool of separation to keep them from their friends. We could add many other things here but will pass on it. The results predictably are anger and resentment of their parents and the Christian School.

  Parents above all are in charge of their child’s education.  It is the duty of the parents daily to run through what their child is taught,  to filter and adjust said teachings. In public school a child who is so loved and so cared for by their parents becomes a voice to lift up a standard against the falsities that are being taught. This same child will exert Godly influence on other children around them just as it is meant to be.   A child’s growth mentally and spiritually is directly connected to their parents and the relationship and bond that has been created and is upheld between them.  

Christian Schools are no substitute for parental failures.

We will remark here that Home schooling is a different animal altogether, so that when it is conducted by a loving, and attentive parent has produced some amazing results, however when conducted by a selfishand slothful parent the results will be as bad as if not worse than the Christ High School children we discussed in some detail.  

A final note: We have also come to believe that this same romance and fantasy view of spiritual life is used by Christians in the churches they choose to go to.   In the end their true reasons for being at a given church is usually social ones in nature, rather than spiritual. 

Think on these things


By John Lofton, Editor

“And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” — Ephesians 6:4.

To put a child through 15,000 hours of Godless, Christless, Holy Spiritless, no-Bible, non-Christian “education” (K through 12) is sin and ignores what has been said by many of the greatest teachers of the Reformed faith. A Godless “education” is not bringing children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Such an “education” is not “for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31) — or which we are commanded to do everything.


John Calvin, commenting on Ephesians 6:4, says: “It is not the will of God that parents shall … corrupt their children. Let their conduct towards their children be … to guide them in the fear of the Lord, and correct them also when they go astray.” But non-Christian “education” (Read this as the same definition the Roman Catholic Church used with Galileo during the same era)  does precisely this. It corrupts children and leads them astray.  (Luther and Calvin were very anti-education in their own writings)


Charles Hodge writes:

“This whole process of education is to be religious, and not only religious, but Christian  (All of the collages of this man’s day were in fact Roman Catholic all of which exist to this day in Europe, the UK and in the US too.) And as Christianity is the only true religion, and God in Christ the only true God, the only possible means of profitable education is the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”


A. Hodge writes, in his “Religion in the Public Schools” (1887):  (When a liberal newsman supports liberal socialist progressive candidates and their dogma we call that being biased.  When I person in the business supports their business in lectures or television ads and the like we call that PR and Advertisement – how is this any different this man and the next few are all in or supported by the Christian School Lobby – so what are they going to do talk about the flaws and failures of these Christian Schools by hanging out their dirty laundry?  We have personally traveled in a number of states visiting a great number of fellowships and seeing q number of their Christian schools and what we have seen has been extraordinarily poorly run and managed beginning in 1976 in basements with bare light bulbs and nothing but booklets and answer keys with monitors walking back and forth  to 2011 in a brand new “State of the Art School building with all the bells and whistles”  The conditions, the studies themselves, and the results of high Christian dropout and transfer rates back to public schools for Junior and Senior high schools , with those who do stay in through grade 12  such poor educational skills  that they can only obtain menial jobs,  and if these go on to take collage many have to take remedial math and remedial English before beginning classes.)

Homeschooling on the other hand has had a number of great success stories of high aptitude in the US national spelling bee,  and in some great collage prospects, however too many homeschoolers have inept and uncaring parents and thus end up with a very poor education.

Case and point,  a young man who lived down the street was being home schooled, which consisted of his unsupervised self study as both his parents worked.  He became a degenerate, and a drug dealer when to jail several times.  Do not for one instance think that this is rare.

Another case A child with a strict Christian mother in homeschooling was a finalist in a national science project contest – he was given a grant from a collage with all the bells and whistles – when away from his domineering mother he immediately in his dorm room got a video game machine and played day and night for his first semester.  He lost the whole grant and was kicked out of collage he returned home over 18 having become a gamer now able to ignore his mother and played in his room day and night until his father got him a job at tech center where you read of a computer screen to customers where he was  a supervisor.

This in itself is not rare either as many children going to Sunday school and Christian schools once they turn 18 never return to darken the doors of their respective churches in fundamentalist churches this has become a crisis with many now predicting their complete denominational demise in the next few decades as reported in articles on this website. 

Even in that state of the art Christian school we mentioned earlier with uniforms and the works things are not going well at all as the teachers themselves are turning out to be people who were teachers assistants and or those that can not meet the educational qualifications for teaching in better paying public schools.  So the students in pristine surroundings are still getting a very low bang for the buck, leaving administrators to explain away and outright lie to parents about how good things are at that school for their little Johnny or Sally.

What we strongly advise is for parents that desire to go the Christian School route first explore the school thoroughly.  And once enrolled that parents make numerous unannounced visits to the classroom to sit in and observe the lessons and goings on.

 In public schools parents should also make unannounced visits and become vocal members of the PTA and even seek positions on the local school board or council to in someway oversee what is going on in the local schools.

Angry parents is the greatest thing public school officials fear.  We speak from first hand knowledge here.     

“The system of public schools must beheld, in their sphere, true to the claims of Christianity, or they must go, with all other enemies of Christ, to the wall.”

In a series of lectures to several women’s groups in the 1880’s he stated:

“I am as sure as I am of Christ’s reign that a comprehensive and centralized system of national education, separated from religion, as is now commonly proposed, will prove the most appalling enginery for the propagation of anti-Christian and atheistic unbelief, and of anti-social nihilistic ethics, individual, social and political, which this sin-rent world has ever seen.

“The tendency [of those who promote public education] is to hold that this system must be altogether secular. The atheistic doctrine is gaining currency, even among professed Christians and even among some bewildered Christian ministers, that an education provided by the common government should be entirely emptied of all religious character. The Protestants object to the government schools being used for the purpose of inculcating the doctrines of the Catholic Church, and the Romanist object to the use of the Protestant version of the Bible and to the inculcation of the peculiar doctrines of the Protestant churches. The Jews protest against the schools being used to inculcate Christianity in any form, and the atheists and agnostics protest against any teaching that implies the existence and moral government of God.

“It is capable of exact demonstration that if every party in the State has the right of excluding from the public schools whatever he does not believe to be true, then he that believes most must give way to him that believes least, and then he that believes least must give way to him that believes absolutely nothing, no matter in how small a minority the atheists or the agnostics may be. It is self-evident that on this scheme, if it is consistently and persistently carried out in all parts of the country, the United States system of national popular education will be the most efficient and wide instrument for the propagation of Atheism [and humanism] which the world has ever seen.”


Robert L. Dabney writes in “Secularized Education,” in his Discussions, vol. 4: Secular (Ross House Books and Sprinkle Publications, 1979), that education without Christ is like the play “Hamlet” but without “Hamlet”! Says Dabney: “To every Christian citizen, the most conclusive argument against secularized education is contained in his own creed touching human responsibility. According to this, obligation to God covers all of every man’s being and actions. Even if the act be correct in outward form, which is done without any reference to his will, he will judge a shortcoming. ‘The plough ing of the wicked is sin.’ The intentional end to which our action is directed determines its moral complexion supremely.

“Second, Our Savior has declared that there is no moral neutrality: ‘He that is not with Him is against Him, and he that gathereth not with Him scattereth abroad.’

“Add now the third fact, that every man is born in a state of alienation from God; that practical enmity and atheism are the natural outgrowth of this disposition; that the only remedy for this natural disease of man’s spirit is gospel truth. The comparison of these truths will make it perfectly plain that non-Christian training is but literally an anti-Christian training” (emphasis his).


J. Gresham Machen, in his “Education, Christianity, and the State” (Trinity Foundation, 1987), making an important distinction between church members and real Bible-believing Christians, writes: “The true hope of any people lies in a kind of education in which learning and piety go hand-in- hand. Christianity, we believe, is founded upon a body of facts; it is, therefore, a thing that must be taught; and it should be taught in Christian schools…. Character-building, as practiced in our public schools, may well prove to be character-destruction. I can see little consistency in a type of Christian activity which preaches the gospel on street corners and at the ends of the earth, but neglects the children of the covenant by abandoning them to a cold and unbelieving secularism…. The Christian life cannot be lived on the basis of non-Christian thought. Hence, the necessity of the Christian school.”


Cornelius Van Til, in his “Foundations of Christian Education (Presbyterian & Reformed, 1990), says: (A hack for the new Christian cash cow at the time)

“Non-Christian education puts the child in a vacuum…. The result is that child dies. Christian education alone really nurtures personality because it alone gives the child air and food…. Modern educational philosophy gruesomely insults our God and our Christ. How, then, do you expect to build anything positively Christian or theistic upon a foundation which is the negation of Christianity and the theism?…. No teaching of any sort is possible except in Christian schools.”


John Murray, in his address “Christian Education,” published in his “Collected Writings, Vol. 1: Claims of Truth” (Banner of Truth, 1976), says:

“To conclude then, the sum is, in words recently penned: ‘The whole range and content of education must be God-centered; that is, God must be the unifying principle and the interpreting principle of the whole curriculum.’” (An argument that by design is good for his line of business – building up Christian schools that in that time were in their infancy)

In 1839, Samuel Miller, Archibald Alexander, Charles Hodge, J. Addison Alexander, and James Carnahan were, as a committee, charged with investigating the status of the Christian education of young people in the Presbyterian Church. They concluded, in part: “The religious instruction of our youth, instead of becoming more ample and faithful… has undoubtedly declined, both as to extent and identity. The children of church members are, in a multitude of cases, totally neglected and left to ignorance and heathenism…. And it is painful to recollect that, amidst this unhappy delinquency, the judicatories of our church have in great measure slumbered over this evil, and have taken no systematic or efficient order for the removal of it. The mischiefs flowing from this neglect of early religious instruction are numberless and deplorable.”

Note that this cherry picked quote in no wise mentions nor infers this decline to be the fault of secular public schools (Which at the time were in their infancy something the writer is totally ignorant of or willfully ignoring to make a false point) This quote instead indicts the whole of the Presbyterian church, blaming their corruption on their Pastors and Elders having failed to maintain that denominations former faith and beliefs so that their children are being left to be ignorant of Sin – the wiles of the devil, and the corruption of a love of the things and riches of the world, Of God’s demand of Righteousness of His people , and the Final Judgment that will come to all believers and unbelievers alike.  In other words Samuel Miller was berating the American Presbyterian church for their children the next generation of preachers and teachers becoming liberal and worldly.  Which others testified of in that same day and age.

That was 1839. Today the situation is even worse and more evil. I pray that all Christian parents will wake up re: the education issue.