Mormon Members Are Future Church PR
By Brooke Self

After almost 200 years Mormons have not been able to shake the status of their religion being an unbiblical cult, founded by a convicted con-man, and thief. Convicted Joseph Smith as a child for pretending to have a visionary gift used to con people out of their money for the locations of buried treasure, and later convicted again after Smith founded the cult of Mormon for not being able to read the biblical languages he claimed to have read to translate the Book of Mormon and other church documents. This deception included an Egyptian papyrus [On display at the time and today in the New York Museum of Natural History. – Which is part of the Egyptian Book of the Dead] In that trial Smith said he translated that scroll as of the spurious books that comprise the Book of Mormon.

During the ensuing 200 years hundreds of weighty and detailed books have been published showing the lies and deceptions committed beginning with the Autobiography of Joseph Smith’s Mother, the founders of Mormonism and members of its hierarchy along with eye-witness accounts of Joseph Smith, and Brigham Young, by former Mormons, and non-Mormons, as well as by assorted scholars, researchers, and members of the news media.

More recently the very underpinning of the book of Mormon have been torn out that the American Indians are part of the 10 Missing Tribes of Israel were proved utterly false by DNA  -- This find was so powerful that the Mormon Scholars that worked on this project – declared that the Book of Mormon was “Inspiring Fantasy”


About the same time a second group of Mormon Scholars seeking to historically authenticate the book of Mormon – after finding the book of Mormon to be a historic fraud – were kicked out of the Mormon Church.  


The sheer amount of these books and articles that have been published, and that they to such a large agreement agree about Smith’s criminal background and continued criminal enterprise in his Mormonism scam has largely made Joseph Smith, the founding of Mormonism and the creation of the book of Mormon and other texts by Smith utterly indefensible.


As a result Mormonism over the last decade has been seeking to reinvent itself from the unscriptural cult of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young – to a religion of “Authentic American Christianity”  


Here now we see this campaign is now plumbing the depths of the wild world of Mormon Mystery Babylon – by declaring that because it has duped and or caught in its generational web, common decent and spiritually hungry people, therefore it is “Truly a Christian Religion”.


Latter-day Saints themselves are the new face of public relations for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, several presenters said during last week’s Mormon Media Studies Symposium on BYU’s campus.

“The most authentic and transparent ways to dispel myths about the Church is through the lives of our members,” said Joel Campbell, associate professor of communications at BYU.

Campbell spoke at the conference Friday in a panel discussion with Michael R. Otterson, managing director of Public Affairs for the Church and Susan B. Walton, associate professor of communications at BYU. The panel discussed the evolution of public relations and public affairs in the Church.

The two-day conference was the first of its kind and brought together scholars and practitioners to discuss a variety of topics relating to Mormonism and media. 

Keynote speaker Teryl Givens, a literature and religion professor at the University of Richmond and BYU alumnus, told an audience Thursday that Latter-day Saints are diverging from media relations patterns of the past by choosing today which dialogues they engage in. The Church’s new media campaign, “I am a Mormon,” is evidence of that.

Scott Swofford, who previously coordinated media for the Church and is now director of content at BYU Broadcasting, said the missionary department has done research for years on the most effective way to share the gospel message. A catalyst to the new campaign was a Pew study that said 51 percent of Americans know little or nothing about Mormons.

“We did the research and the most authentic and transparent way to do that [introduce the church] is through the lives of our members,” Swofford said. “The way to connect with people most likely to respond to our message is personally, not institutionally.”

Swofford said visitors to (Here we see that Mormonism as part of this campaign has also has added Facebook style socialization to its web presence) have the opportunity to look at 4,000 to 5,000 profiles of Mormons who have entered their profile, given links to their social websites and answered questions about the gospel.

“You could literally type in, ‘I’m a 30-year-old female professional raised Catholic’ and 20 names will pop up with similar backgrounds,” Swofford said. “I think the overriding message probably is that when it’s personal then it’s authentic so that’s an approach we’re going to start taking at BYU Broadcasting as well.” (Start talking the BYU Casting Call)

Otterson said in a recent interview on the Mormon Channel that public perceptions are influenced just as much — if not more so — by interactions with individual Church members. 

“Elder Ballard started something a couple years ago when he gave that speech in Hawaii,” Otterson said in the panel discussion Friday. “We are in a new phase [of Church public relations].”

Givens described the boldness of Parley P. Pratt, who addressed the first anti-Mormon book, “Mormonism Unveiled” by writing a book with the same title.

“Yes, Mormonism will be unveiled,” Givens said, imitating Pratt, “but we will do the unveiling.”

Plenary speaker Sterling Van Wagenen also described the Church’s shift from focus on the institutional image to the individual (Scripted Hollywood-style members images) by presenting “Image and Authenticity: What We Believe About Ourselves.” 

“What kind of vocabulary can we use to talk about what it means to represent ourselves authentically?” Van Wagenen asked.

“The Book of Jer3miah,” one of the first Mormon Internet TV series, was presented Friday night to end the conference. Jared Cardon, film professor and executive producer of the series, said the film is unapologetically Mormon and compared it to shows like “Lost” and “24.” (Understand and grasp what the Mormon’s “Best and Brightest” are saying here)

“I think there has been a nervousness about sharing the things (The Unscriptural Teachings) that we believe are true and that are fundamental parts of our faith, and when we represent ourselves we leave that part out of the conversations,” Cardon said. “Those are the things that convert us.” 


Authenticity is not created by Mormonizing Facebook.

Authenticity is not crafting a warm fuzzy, up close and personal media images of Mormonism.

Authenticity is not making a fantasy image of Mormonism in the image of “Lost” or “24”.

As we have spoken of in other articles there was a time when we were in the belly of the beast, working a job in marketing and direct sales in which we were trained and drilled for three hours every day of the work week and many times on road trips on weekends as well.

A brother in the Lord upon hearing some of our testimony asked on more than one occasion why did we not teach him and those in his church how to get in people’s doors. How to pitch Christ as we did products. How to close one’s confession of Christ like one would close a sales deal and make the sale stick.


The reason we write this is that we realize that a number of people will read this article and think in their heart why don’t we, why doesn’t my church do these things, or add these kind of things and techniques to the arsenal of stuff they use already?


There are those in the church already that believe that it is acceptable to God to persuade, to argue, to deceive, to trick, to bribe with gifts, prizes, meals, parties, banquets, feasts etc. to bring a soul to Jesus Christ.  Much of this is employed in the salvation call at the end of the service where special mood music is played, and a very emotional appeal is given, after which pastors routinely ask everyone to close their eyes and no one is to look, and then unabashedly beg again and again and again for someone anyone to come to Christ.


All of these things are the powerless, earthly fleshly, sensual, and at times devilish, the doctrines and traditions of men.  Also of these seek the man of the flesh to as it were to get the flesh of man to put upon itself a gown of righteousness. Regardless if one person in ten or a hundred or a thousand really commits to Jesus Christ in such doings – it is not worth it all as claimed by those who employ this evil and perversion in the name of Jesus Christ.  But rather the opposite is true that many are defiled and forever corrupted from coming to Christ because they were at one time duped and deceived into believing they had some kind of conversion or change in their hearts.



John 6:25-26 And when they had found Him on the other side of the sea, they said unto him, Rabbi, when camest thou hither? Jesus answered them and said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Ye seek Me, not because ye saw the miracles, but because ye did eat of the loaves, and were filled. (Here contrary to the conventional fleshly wisdom of the Church in this hour Jesus did not look up at the crowd and say to his disciples; “We have water here, so what preventeth us from baptizing these”?    

Jesus answered then and said verily, verily ye seek Me not --- because ye believed when you saw the miracles.   Jesus did not open the altar rail for new disciples here, [Realize here that in just a few verses John 6:66 to be precise Jesus does the exact opposite by instead cleaning house and ridding himself of almost all of His disciples]

People that quote Christ’s parable in Luke 14:23 And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.  And tell us that the word compel in this parable means that Jesus wants us to fill our church’s by any means possible – ie Lying, cheating, stealing, bribing, persuading, arguing, deceiving – They tell us all of this is good -- because even if one of these; one out of ten, one out of one hundred, one out of one thousand, one out of a million, really comes to Jesus Christ – it will be worth it all.  And all of the angels in heaven will rejoice over that one soul more than . . .

2 Peter 3:16 As also in all his  (Pauls) epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, (The Unlearned and Unstable [Blind, and ignorant christians] wrestle against, argue about what Paul was teaching) as they (These same blind and ignorant Christians) do also [With] the other scriptures, (Here Peter declares that in the day of Paul and himself that there were ignorant, blind unlearned and unstable believers that did not understand scripture that is hard to be understood just as Paul’s writings – to the point of) unto their own [Eternal] destruction. (This cult of unbelief and disobedience to scripture and the words and commandments of Jesus Christ and the Apostles that existed at the time of the Apostles Peter and Paul; in a measure, but is now leavened throughout the whole loaf in our day.)

These bible preacher and teachers in all quarters in this day and hour are unlearned, and unstable christians. These blind, and ignorant people with their own false and lying “private interpretations” of bible passages; bring about their own, and their hearer’s destruction.

The compelling to bring them in [Luke 13:23] is speaking of the Jews rejecting Jesus Christ and the bringing in of the unthinkable of God bringing in the Samaritans and the Gentiles found in the highways and byways to come to the wedding feast of the lamb in place of the Jews.

Whereas in real life as opposed to spoken in parable [John 6: 25-26] Jesus rebuked the crowd that came to him for the bread of the natural man. Jesus rejected using the natural bread as an opportunity to lure in unbelievers so as to then be able to preach Christ to them.


Jesus for all time in this passage rejected for all time the notion of compelling the people to become christians.  Jesus is declaring here and in other passages that our arguing or persuading, or using the wisdom of this world to make people come to Christ is out of bounds and therefore the fruit of such deeds would be rejected of the Father.  Jesus here is refuting the use of dishonesty, tricks, chicanery, bribing, lying, cheating, stealing, and deceives people in any manner into becoming followers of Jesus Christ. 


For to do any of these things to compel one to come in unto Christ is NOT the straight and narrow way.  Rather it is the act of thieves and robbers to somehow gin up the system to make their earthly deeds and earthly numbers to look good all of which is an abomination unto the Lord.


when Jesus said Ye came unto me not because ye believed but because I gave unto you bread.


And in this instance Jesus then walked away, he departed these fair-weather believers miracle seeking believers. Choosing instead to seed or water and to leave open the possibility that one day Peter, Paul or someone else who come and reap the true harvest of that soul.