Hebrew Alphabet with Letter Meanings  
This is not exact because there is a lot of disagreement over the meanings of a number of these letters. Despite that we have attempted to give here the most plausible meanings as these words were all common things that the Israelites would have been familiar with in the wilderness, as opposed to the fanciful meanings ascribed by modern rabbis and the occult meanings from Kabalah. 

Alef – A high and sacred mountain, it also means Master, chief or prince   Alef is formed by two yuds, one to the upper right and the other to the lower left, joined by a diagonal vav. These represent the higher and lower waters and the firmament between them, The form of the word Alef is a yud above and a yud below with a vav separating and uniting them simultaneously.

The secret of the image in which man was created.  (Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. The tabernacle and the garden being the earthly manifestation of heavenly things.)

Beit, from the word "house," it is the house of ones body,  the house, or tent or tabernacle that one lives in. It is ones household  and it is ones greater household   The form of the word Beit  is Three connected vavs with an opening on the left, the "northern side.  (As oriented to the sun rising in the east)

Gimel  Camel.   The word gemul, which in Hebrew means both the giving of reward as well as the giving of punishment.  The form of the word Gimel is a vav with a yud as a foot. A person in motion.   


Dalet means "door." Or “division” The door stands in the opening of the house, the beit.  Dalet also means to Draw as in water, to draw open the shade of a window, or to draw open a door (Realize this word was made when they dwelled in tents),  The form of  Dalet is Two lines forming a right angle, with a corner point. A man bent over.

Hei  To Look or Behold  Hei appears in the verse, "Take [hei] for yourselves seed." "Take" (hei) expresses a revelation of self (In perceiving ones sin and unrighteousness before God. -- Hei is there fore akin to repentance ) The form of Dalet is Three lines; the two lines of the dalet together with an unattached left foot.

Vav Hooks and  pegs that were used in the tabernacle  --   The property of the letter vav, in its usage in Hebrew, is referred to as vav hachibur, the vav of connection" As our being pegged or joining together in fellowship as the Ek-Klesia

zayin,  A Spear, A projection weapon, an arrow.. Zayin whose form is similar to a vav, though with a crown on top, reflects the or yashar of the vav as or chozer ("returning light").the verse "A woman of valor is the crown of her husband" alludes to the form of the letter zayin. Adam when he walked with God was the reflected Glory of God . And that was adams worship and praise to God  His delight, he praise his thankfulness and especially his obedience and faithfulness to his father – these rose as a savor unto the Lord. The form of Vav is a "vav" whose head extends in both directions and thus appears as a crown. Scepter of a King.


Chet A fence made of heaped of stones or stone markers for a field


Tet Wholeness or completion is a fruitful vessel, a vessel filled with the fruitfulness of God. the tet is "inverted," thus symbolizing hidden, and inward fruitfulness  The form of the letter chet symbolizes the union of groom and bride consummating . The form is a  A Vav – a pillar or man standing upright before the Lord, a second line of  a joining upon the earth  The third stroke line is the wife bowed to her husband  in submission,  in pleasuring  in comforting in faithfulness in obedience – the third stroke is the sefirah of the word yesod; -- which means  peace.


Yod  A closed hand holding or hiding something,  or a clenched fist,
The smallest of the letters and the only letter suspended in midair.

Kaf  -- the palm or hand of God   The two letters that form the full spelling of the kaf, are the initial letters of the two Hebrew words: koach ("potential") and poel ("actual"). Thus, the kafThe hand of God coming upon one -- hints at the power latent within the spiritual realm of the potential to fully manifest itself in the physical realm of the actual. As a verb, kaf means to "subdue  the form of Kaph is Three connected lines with rounded corners; the crown on the head of a prostrating king.

Lamed   To Prick or To Goad – the word comes from  Ox Goad   it is a long gnarled stick. Some representations make the letter appear as the plow pulled by an ox , Both have to do with the plowing of the field. 


Mem  The mem, the letter of "water" (mayim)  it is a spring, a fountain, that springs forth from an unknown subterainian source. this flow is from keter ("crown") to chochmah ("wisdom"). This spring of fountain then become a stream.  Mem also is used for the womb.


Nun  In Aramaic, nun means "fish." The mem, the waters of the sea, is the natural medium of the nun, fish. The nun "swims" in the mem, The form is a "bent-over" or receiving vessel, --  Joshua the servant of Moses bent over the tent to hear God speaking with Moses.


Samech  Spiraling Smoke.. Samech is the transient doctrines and teaching of men that spin around and spiral to no avail. It is vanity and emptiness  and darkens the eyes  In verb form  Samech is used in the phrase “the laying on of hands” 


Ayin  The eyes.   The eyes of the Lord ever watching men. The word is used in regards to one’s expression,

Pei  The mouth with teeth.(Is in regard to one eating and being full not speaking)  Here in (Rabbi Speak) the definition of  Pei it is noted  -- "speech" idiomatically used by our Sages to refer to such union. So are we taught in the Zohar: "[the power of] da'at is concealed in the mouth." The form of the word Pei  is a mouth containing a tooth.

Pei -- Da'at, contact, at the level of the eyes, is the secret of the written Torah. In reading the written Torah in the synagogue service the reader must see every letter of the Torah scroll. Sometimes a "silver finger" is used to point, direct one's sight, to every word. Contact at the level of the mouth is the secret of the Oral Torah. (So that the modern Talmudic concept of the oral traditions of Moses being secret knowledge passed down from generation to generation beginning with the fathers of the rabbis in the wilderness – here is definitively said that by one reading the torah in the synagogues places ruled and controlled by the rabbis – the corrupt secret meanings of these words and passages were spoken or orated forth into the perverse doctrines and traditions of Men that Christ and the prophets cried against and the disciples battled against from coming into the households of the Ek-Klesia. 

Further I see that the numerology and the colorology  taught in bible believing and spirit filled churches alike is straight out of the Kabbalah the Jewish book of the Occult.


Tzadik Holiness The letter tzadik begins the word, tzelem, the Divine "image."  The Master of the Universe, is the tzadik, "the righteous one," upon whom the world stands, as is said: "The tzadik is the foundation of the world." -- The original spelling of the letter tzadik is tzadi, which means "to hunt." The holy "sense of eating," the "sense" of the letter tzadik, is the ability to hunt in order to redeem and elevate the fallen and Lost


Kuf  An inner circular motion  (One’s circulartory system) Two letters, a reish and a zayin, combine to form the letter kuf. The zayin, to the left, descends below the line, while the reish, to the right, hovers above it. `(Paul speaks of the wisdom that is from above – this is the floating resh)  In Strongs concordance Kof  is used in regards to ones internal organs and bowels,


Resh (A rising and radiating flame as on a lamp) – the flame of one’s passions and desires)  Head or beginning (Seems to be a rabbinical interpretation rather than translation)  "The beginning (Light or flame) of wisdom is the fear of God."


Shin  Shen To sharpen (The sickle for the sheaves of harvest)  Shin in Hebrew is shinui, "change."  (The husband and wife but God giveth increase). -- Form Symbol of symmetry; Form of a flame.


Tave – A sign a mark or boundry