Jehovah Witnesses Exposed Through Former Members


This is by far the most revealing eye opening videos I have ever seen or heard regarding Jehovah witnesses.These videos are very compelling in a number of ways


first we see here real faces of real people, intelligent, hungry people that were doing all that they knew to do to be pleasing to God and to serve Him.


Secondly we discover here the sincerity and the fervor of these people especially in their reading of the word of God so that the words in the bible, even in their screwed up translation was warring in them against the words of Watch Tower Publications.

Finally we see through this, that we are to love them, we are to be kind to them, we see pathes and points to be able to reach them. And we also see now and begin to understand the cost of these poor people when God enlightens their hearts and they come to Christís feet.That these do lose houses and lands husbands and wives children relatives and friends all for the sake of Chrsit and the Gospel.


This is the same for practicing Hassidic Jews Muslims and former Homosexuals.Consider when you speak to theese that the cost of the Gospel is high, love them, understand them, and reach out to them.


Part 1-9

Part 2-9

Part 3-9

Part 4-9

Part 5-9

Part 6-9

Part 7-9

Part 8-9

Part 9-9


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