Islam is Regarded as Biggest Threat to Europeans

Laid-back Sweden questions its welcome for Muslim

My, my, my’ how things have changed in the last two years. We are hoping and praying that in the UK that the common people will rise and throw the bums out in their local and national government and turn this attack on the people and nation of Islam, Homosexuality, and Atheism.  If they can not or will not Great Britain as a nation is finished.  Both Germany and France are putting the breaks on multiculturalism and Political Correctness.  

By Theresa Cook

The bullet exploded through the mosque's window, sending glass splinters hurtling into the office worker's neck.

Frantically abandoning their New Year's Eve chatter and coffee cups, worshippers rushed to the bloodied victim's aid. The bullet had missed his head by inches; the sniper's target would survive.

Police allege the shooting at Malmo's Islamic center — Sweden's largest mosque — was not random. Investigators say it was one of ten attempted murders and at least one killing perpetrated by a gunman whose objective was to "shoot at immigrants."

The apparent bid to kill a Muslim in a place of worship provoked much soul-searching in Sweden, long regarded as one of Europe's most liberal and welcoming societies.

But only nine months later, hundreds of thousands would cast ballots for the far-right Sweden Democrats . With its roots in the neo-Nazi movement, the party warned of "the dangers of Islamization" and ran a controversial campaign ad showing a gang of burqa-clad women overtaking a senior citizen in a race for benefits.

The election result grabbed headlines across Europe. "Anti-immigration party formed from skinhead movement seizes balance of power in Sweden" was the take of Britain's Daily Mail. Germany's Der Spiegel magazine noted that the showing had "shocked a world so used to viewing Sweden as an open-doored bastion of tolerance."

Many stunned Swedes took to the streets to express dismay that an anti-immigrant backlash sweeping across the continent had reached their shores.