Christian School Teacher, Pastor Accused of Having Sex with Student

Suspect is also Pastor at Hico Baptist Church

Staff Writer

February 8, 2011


Christian School Teacher, Pastor Accused of Having Sex with Student

Denny Glenn Wall, 51 (Alamance Co. Jail)


Local pastor and part-time teacher and soccer coach at Alamance Christian School was arrested Monday and charged with allegedly having sex with a student who attends the school.

Denny Glenn Wall, 51, of 1929 Briar Lane, Graham, was arrested Monday and
charged with having intercourse with a female student who attends the school, according to Burlington police.

"We had a student from Alamance Christian School contact us to report that she's had a sexual relationship with a teacher--a coach. We were able to confirm at least one sexual encounter between the teacher and the student.," Capt. Steve Smith said.

Police said the victim was 18 years old at the time of the alleged incident. However, investigators said it is a crime because he was a teacher and coach at the same school.

"Consent is not a defense in this type of crime," Smith said. Especially when the criminal is a pastor, a teacher and a coach in a public school. The story does not whether he is single divorced or married. Acts of adultery, fornication, rape, incest, pedophilia, and homosexuality are all the more damning when it is conducted by those in the ministry. These tear up churches families friends and relatives that are left to deal with a mess they never wanted any part of. The wound the scars and the suspicions of every action for the minister, the teacher, the coach remain long after. I remember in the 1980s when there was a series of scandals about homosexual pedophile scout masters in the Boy Scouts of America (I had been a boy scout, when I was a child and have fond memories of being a Star Boy Scout, the hiking and camping, Scout Camp, and the Merit Badges.


However there was an incident involving myself and another young Scout named Jim, we were washing dishes in the lake when we were approached by our older patrol leader and another older scout who had Homosexual mannerisms. We were ordered to strip off our clothes and expose ourselves to them. We resisted and were threatened, we resisted the threats and they were going to forcibly remove our clothes, I managed to break away, run up a long hill and make it to the campsite where the scout master and some kids fathers were. One of the two older scouts pursued me up the hill and caught up to me just as I broke the perimeter of the camp and I shouted and cried out and the scout master and the fathers immediately came out. In tears I told what had happened, leaving the older scout stammering, and mumbling broken sentences to try to cover up, divert, and outright lie about what had occurred. I tearfully stood my ground and some fathers raced down the hill to rescue Jim who had been partially stripped by the second older scout. All hell broke loose, the two were immediately stripped of rank and once we returned kicked out of the troop. We recovered immediately as being young kids. So needless to say these incidents involving homosexual scout masters and the like preying upon young children trained to obey orders struck me hard so that I made sure not to enroll any of my three sons in scouting. Later the Boy Scouts of America took a public stand that no homosexuals whether scouts, scout masters, or organizational staff would be allowed. Immediately they were black balled, their stand cost them a lot of donations from public organizations, the loss of many school gymnasiums that they had for decades met in. Today I have the utmost confidence in the Boy Scout organization and have regrets that my sons never experience the things that I enjoyed so much as a youth.


In that light I have great pity on the victims of homosexual attack, and pedophilia in the public schools, and in churches regardless of denomination. The hurt and anguish over these evil deeds far outlast the sentences given to these evil criminal perverts. While the girl was of the age of consent a coach has great power over his players, far more power than a teacher, just as a pastor or a priest has great power that can be exerted over parishioners and their children enrolled in Sunday school or their altar boy programs. So we have no mercy for a man such as this fundamentalist pastor for doing such a thing. Who even broke his churches laws about having no sex before marriage. He never had any intent of marrying her (He in his 50s and her being 18, and his getting consent from her parents) he was overthrown by sexual lust and then using his position, lying flatteries, bribes or favors or possibly even blackmail. so he could take advantage of her. Such things should never be. They can not be allowed in society.


We have the identical view of homosexual organizations being placed in the public schools, and the adults running these homosexual support groups being allowed to freely mingle off school grounds with these confused children. These adults have a lot of power and authority over these outcasts in their groups and so have a stable of supposedly willing victims at their disposal, an endless stable of young flesh ready willing and able to become the toys and in essence slaves of local homosexual pedophiles. Homosexuality worships youth, beauty, and innocence all of which these child victims represent in spades.

Police confirmed Wall is a part-time teacher and a varsity soccer coach at the school. Information listed on the school's website reported Wall taught Bible 7, 8 and 10 at the school. Wall is also the pastor at Hico Baptist Church in Graham.

Police said the alleged sexual activity occurred between September and December of last year. Police also said the sexual encounter did not happen on school grounds. The victim reported the alleged incident on Feb. 5.

An administrator said Wall is no longer employed at the school due to the charge and released a statement:

We are very saddened by the recent developments that's been reported to the proper authorities, and we intend to cooperate fully with them. It would be inappropriate to say any more at this time until the investigation is complete.

Wall was released after posting a $50,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court Feb. 15. Attempts to contact Wall at his house went unanswered.