Benny Hinn Sued by Publisher Over Alleged Relationship with Paula White

Strang Communications is suing Hinn for $250,000 for breaking a morality clause in his book deal

By Elena Garcia|Christian Post Reporter

Feb. 18 2011


It now appears that prosperity gospel pimps Benny Hinn and Paula White were committing adultery while both were married, both then dumped their spouses and if they had not been caught on film in Rome, Italy walking hand in hand out of a hotel day after day they would have never been caught and would have quite probably married each other and joined their ministries.  We also need to thank Senator Grassley for having confronted these evil and perverse televangelists, his investigation though unsuccessful ended up bringing down Paula White – who knows how many poor, sick, elderly, and infirm people have been spared being bilked by her – for her personal gain and enrichment.

Charismatic televangelist Benny Hinn, who denied romantic involvement with Paula White after a tabloid article last year, is being sued for $250,000 by his book publisher for violating a morality clause in their contract.

A Christian publisher upright or corrupt does not sue someone that is a cash cow who they stood to make millions with in a three book contract like Benny Hinn accusing him of having an affair with an equally wealthy and well known female evangelist Paula White – both of whom who could have easily turned around buying the most powerful lawyers in the land to defend themselves and sue the publisher out of business – unless they had irrefutable evidence of that affair in the form of a taped or written confession from one of the parties involved.   

Hinn broke the terms of the agreement with Strang Communications Co. when he engaged in an "inappropriate relationship" with White, the Lake Mary-based publisher alleges in a suit filed Tuesday.

Strang paid Hinn a $300,000 advance for his first book, Blood in the Sand, three years ago. Hinn was supposed to write three books for the publisher, according to the suit.

Filed under "Contract/Indebtedness," the complaint claims that Hinn admitted "his inappropriate relationship" with White in August (Which in court the publisher would have had to provide evidence of that confession either in the form of a tape recording or a signed confession. If in court the publisher would not have been able to produce iron clad evidence, but only circumstantial evidence, Hinn and White would have counter sued the publisher into oblivion.) and that he failed to pay Strang despite agreeing to do so.

A Strang attorney also alleges in a letter attached to the suit that Hinn also didn't keep a contract term requiring him to help market the book. The letter said he was a no-show at media appearances, including on Christian Broadcasting Network's "The 700 Club."

The case number for Strang Communications Co. v. Benny Hinn is 2011CA000575.

Last summer, The National Enquirer published photos showing the television preachers going in and out of a hotel in Rome, holding hands. (This was done in the same exact manner that the Nation Enquirer got a tip and caught Senator John Edwards leaving the hotel room of Rielle Hunter [A former campaign staff member] to see her and the child from their adulterous affair. It appears that someone in either Benny Hinn’s or Paula White’s organization tipped off the National Enquirer of their affair, and then later of their rendezvous  in Rome.)

Following the article's publication, both Christian preachers issued statements denying any wrongdoing.

Hinn strongly rejected the article's claim that he had an affair with White, saying in a statement on his website that there was only a "friendship" and "no immorality" that existed between the two. He also derided claims that he and White secretly stayed together at a hotel as "absolutely false."

The televangelist said the twice-divorced White had been an “encouragement” to him and “shared helpful advice” after his wife, Suzanne, filed for divorce last January.

"I will not deny that the friendship has strengthened, and, while it has remained morally pure at all times, I have enjoyed the company of someone who has also gone through the trauma of a painful and public divorce," he stated.

“I forcefully, categorically, and absolutely renounce the lies that have been spread about me and want to set the record straight with you. There is nothing inappropriate or morally improper about my friendship with Paula White. There has been no immorality whatsoever!"

In her own statement, White, who has known Hinn for over 20 years, called the assertions by the tabloid "categorically false."

"We were never alone and were in the constant company of staff and other associates," she asserted. "My relationship with Pastor Benny is genuine and pure and should not be taken out of context."

White, pastor of Without Walls International Church in Florida, also emphasized that she would hold accountable those who "thwart" her calling to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.  (This is an acknowledgement that if the affair they had would be proven publicly that this would end her career as well as Benny Hinn’s.  In cases like this, White and Hinn would settle out of court and have a signed statement that their payment to the publisher and ending of their business relationship was in no wise an admission of guilt.)

Both had agreed to "have no further social relationship" until his divorce is finalized. (This statement by Hinn and White seems to shoot to pieces their statements about their having only a professional relationship, and that there was nothing between them.)

Hinn is legally divorced from Suzanne, according to the marital status listed on their divorce case in the Orange County Superior Court of California. (Hinn’s wife was rolling in wealth, mansions, servants and all the perks that go with that.  There are not too many reasons a woman would willingly walk away from such a lifestyle, would make herself an anathema in the Christian community losing all her friends she made through her husband’s ministry over the last three or so decades by divorcing her husband.  Elizabeth Edwards only divorced her husband John after it had been made publically known of his long time affair with a female staffer.  It appears here also that hidden between Hinn’s and White’s words that they have also had a long time affair that became known perhaps to both parties spouses.  Who were then more or less paid off so as to not further damage Hinn’s and White’s ministries.)  

Hinn and White were among six televangelists whose spending and nonprofit status were investigated by Sen. Charles Grassley beginning in 2007.

Last month, Grassley concluded his three-year probe and reported that Joyce Meyer Ministries and Benny Hinn's World Healing Center Church were the only two ministries that fully cooperated with the investigation and even implemented financial reforms.