A Warning About Church Of The Harvest

City Business Church (False Doctrines: Prosperity Gospel, Discipleship, Rapture)
March 14th, 2011

This article is more about the leaven of Discipleship in the Church of Harvest, its strong arm tactics, along with their extreme egotistical view that they are the only right on church upon the earth to the point that if anyone would depart from their church – they might well lose their salvation.  The evil fruits of chewed up and spat out Christians, living in great fear of their disobedience of God for having departed from this specific church and its brand of ministry. 


While on paper it may appear that we would agree with much of their teaching – the Gospel of Jesus Christ has much to say concerning how churches and ministries seek to implement their arrays of doctrine.  


Simply put: it is the Spirit from which this gospel is to be dispensed that has eluded the theologians of Churchianity since the passing of the Apostles.  Said another way that which is of the flesh is flesh and will always remain flesh no matter how you dress it up or what scriptures you put in its mouth for show.  This Church is flesh and their light is darkness. (Look it up)     


According to a new blogger there are some big problems at Church of the Harvest in Meridian Idaho.
This article has some of the best description of what Discipleship, Shephardship, Submission Teaching, and whatever other lofty names they may call this heretical authority teaching. 

If any amount of what is written in the article below sounds all too familiar to you, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG CHURCH OR FELLOWSHIP.  You are in a cult built upon the foundation of Personality and Power of the pastor or also the church elders – a foundation that is not built not upon Jesus Christ alone and the words and commandments of Jesus Christ and the Apostles. 

NO MATTER WHAT THEY PROMISE, NO MATTER WHAT THEY THREATEN – ABOUT YOU MISSING GOD FOR YOUR LIFE, ABOUT YOU BEING CURSED BY GOD FOR YOUR DISOBEDIENCE AND REBELLION – YOU MUST DETERMINE TO CUT YOURSELF OFF FROM ALL OF THEM (Friends, family, the good worship, the seemingly good teaching etc, etc, etc.) This can be the hardest decision of your life,  Pray seek God earnestly and cry out for his leading and guidance and the Lord will reveal Himself and His will to you so that you can enter greener pastures. In time your decision to stand against these teachings and the ministries that seek power that neither Jesus Christ nor the Apostles ever exerted in the New Testament – may reap great benefits in others coming to seek you out and even follow your example.  Take heart oh  little lamb.

You have no idea how cultish Mark and DiDi's church is. (Church of the Harvest, Meridian, Idaho). 

They are so controlling and they try to rip families apart. This is a serious warning. They try to pull the loyalty away from parents (which is a God-given, legitimate relationship) to the church and the leadership.

Things that were said to a friend: "My parents and I are the only thing that stands between you and the wrath of God", "Your parents don’t love God because they are not in church every time the doors are open - please process this on your own, without your parents", "You will never be blessed if you leave", "You can not take any of God’s promises with you that have been spoken over you at this church", "I’m not even sure you’re saved", "You’ll never find a church holier than ours". 

Seriously, you have no idea what goes on in that Church. I weep for the destruction that they cause in their wake. The church is so deceptive, they mix so many unsound things with random Biblical truths (Wrapping a false doctrine in a verse or two that were never meant to mean  X Y or Z  nor were these things even implied by Jesus Christ or the Apostles) and the people that are there live in fear. (More of these Preachers and their henchmen rather than the Holy fear of God) If you ever saw the inside of Mark and Diane Bryan’s church and how it really operates your heart would break. Church of the Harvest is not just a wacky MFI church. These people are dangerous and cruel beyond anything you have every experienced.

Sadly, they view any criticism of Church of the Harvest or the Bryan family as confirmation that they are doing everything right (because the Bible says all who are godly will suffer persecution) (Understand that this persecution only counts for righteousness sake, Jesus speaks also of persecution for sin, unrighteousness. These things can be offenses and stumbling blocks – even if not receiving persecution (Righteous persecution) for these works of the flesh are not counting for anything towards the kingdom of heaven. But rather these selfish, self-serving, self-aggrandizing, acts regardless of how well intentioned often bring and open shame upon Jesus Christ, and the Gospel.  These people have not taken the yoke of Christ upon themselves in surrender, and learn of Him as to be meek and lowly of Heart, but rather these walk in the ways of the Pharisees their spiritual fathers)  See how twisted that is. They can’t even see what they are doing. They really think that what they are doing is right. They are deceived. Only God can open their eyes. They’ve even tried to control all the negative info on the web! There used to be several places that people could express their complaints about Church of the Harvest, but they bought them and only allow good stuff to be said now (they were public type forums). (This speaks of them having big money to throw around another sign they walk not in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and the Apostles) I never wrote on them, but I did read them and was glad that they were on the web. After reading this blog, I searched again and discovered that they hired someone to "clean up" the first few pages of the google search. Mark and DD Bryan think that if you have any constructive criticism that you are coming against the church and you are a heretic and rebellious. They are vicious.

We now offer a few passages of scripture for your inspection.

Ezekiel 22:27 Her princes in the midst thereof are like wolves ravening the prey, to shed blood, and to destroy souls, to get dishonest gain. This passage is cited by Jesus Christ and the Apostles – Note here that the purpose of these wolves match the evil one’s purposes which is to Maim, Kill, destroy [Souls] Here we see these wolves dressed in traditional shepherds cloaks sheepskins do so in order to get dishonest gain.  Dishonest gain is illegal tithes and offerings which is forbidden to come from the sick, infirm, and poor, Pharisees took the houses of widows, as well as preying upon the fatherless, and orphans.

 In other words these WOLVES WITHIN make a prey of the weakest the most destitute, and those who have the most desperate needs and make a spoil of them – even unto their victims eternal destruction.

Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets, (False teachers and preachers that claim to reveal great spiritual and prophetic truth unto you.) which come to you in sheep's clothing, (The traditional garment of shepherds) but inwardly (Hid from the natural eye) they are ravening wolves. (Insatiable, never satisfied, never have enough tearing, blood and flesh of their victims)

Acts 20:29-30 For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, (Paul is prophesying here a time when the church has been overtaken over by greedy ravening wolves) not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them. (This passage is one of the great discerners between true and false ministries.  Shinning a light upon the wolves within wolves without the church of this hour – if you indeed believe that this is the last days know that Jesus in Matthew 24 prophesied that these deceivers would be everywhere, that they would become predominant in the church of the last days. Paul speaks of these speaking deception mixed in with truth to lead people astray. And finally the biggest sign of all – these deceivers, false teachers, false prophets, and wolves MAKE DISCIPLES AFTER THEMSELVES, drawing away disciples after them – something that the Apostles did not.)

Some of these people that "get out", well it’s hard to describe the psychological damage that’s been done to them. They are usually broken, broken, broken people. The emotional and spiritual abuse that happens at Church of the Harvest is shocking. People that come out of their literally have shell shock and what’s that other disorder that people get after fighting in wars? They ask you to violate your conscience over and over again. Many people buy into it hook, line and sinker because it appeals to our natural man. "You tell me what to do, I’ll do it, then I’ll go to heaven".

It is so sad to see the monster Dick Iverson has created with MFI … and many, many other "churches" that have come out of Bible Temple. The relational dysfunction, the unsound doctrine, etc.  DD Bryan literally feels like they have a new brand of Christianity. (Truly, truly they have the 6th century Roman Catholic Church to compete with for that title – In more recent history back in 1972 Bob Mumford and a number of nationally recognized preachers swerved off the path of Christ and created exactly what is described here word for word and called it discipleship. A great heresy in its day that we stood toe to toe against speaking of its evil and perversion of ministry and the word of God.)  

Well here you go current and former COTH members.  Here is the time for you to see the truth and for the truth to make you free. 

Members going home and the road opens and swallows them for speaking against the church and its ministers.  God and the church are the same thing,  if you love God you go to church, this is loving the head but loving the body.  Implies this is all scriptural.  (90 percent of all NT references to the word church are the local church.  (Agape teaching) mentions again murmuring and those speaking against the church mentioned discipleship more than once in regards to discipling themselves and then in the final prayer mentioned the term point blank.

(Why study the commandments of Christ)