A Dream Stirred His Soul

Gospel for Asia
February 1, 2011

In Rijul's dream, Jesus helped him cross a river.

Rijul stood by the river as night descended. He had to cross it to reach home, but he had no one to help him. He wasn't sure what to do, until a man drove up inquiring about Rijul's situation.

"What happened to you?" asked the driver. Before Rijul answered, he asked the man who he was.
"I am Jesus," the driver replied, "whom you heard about from your wife."

"I need to cross the river to get home," Rijul explained, "but there is no one to help me."
"I would like to help you cross," Jesus said. "Will you get in the vehicle?"

When Rijul got in the car, he looked in the backseat and noticed there was an abundant amount of Bibles and Gospel literature.

"Why are you carrying this many books?" Rijul asked. "There are many people who have yet to know me," Jesus said. "Take all these books and distribute it to the needy."

Rijul Sen suddenly woke up from his sleep and began pondering the dream he just had about Jesus.

He wasn't a believer, and he had even forbidden his wife, Daya, to go see a film show about the life of Jesus Christ that same day. But without his consent, Daya went ahead and saw the movie screened in her village by Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries. When she returned, she told her husband about the film and was surprised to find Rijul paying keen attention to all she told him instead of reprimanding her for disobeying him.

Rijul shared everything he had experienced with his wife and asked her questions about this Jesus whom she had seen a movie about and who invaded his dreams. Daya explained the film to Rijul, telling him Jesus is the Savior of the world, and He needed Rijul to share the Gospel with those who were perishing without Him.

Later, Rijul and Daya went to meet with the film team to find out more about Jesus. The team expounded the Gospel message and shared about Christ's love. It was then that Rijul and Daya decided to follow Jesus. Now they attend a GFA-supported church and are ready to publicly testify of their faith.