32 Teenage Girls Freed From Nigerian Baby Factory

June 1, 2011

It pains us to report that not to many decades ago Nigeria was once a predominantly Christian Nation. Like so many nations in the region the nation has been under assault by Muslims tearing the nation apart piece by piece, killing, maiming, and destroying, everywhere they go. 


During which time many evils have been able to reassert themselves within Nigeria and neighboring nations in the region.  Here we have a report of slavery’s resurgence.  Slavery that we have been repeatedly told had long-ago ceased among Africans and Muslims. 


We are speaking of a very ugly form of slavery that begins with kidnapping of young and teenage girls who are repeatedly raped to create baby and child slaves, child work slaves, child house slaves, baby and child sex slaves, and baby and child slaves to be tortured and offered in satanic sacrifices and rituals by resurging local witch doctors.  Apparently this is becoming big business in the region as these baby factories and baby farms are turning up all over the place.


As we have reported in previous articles slavery is practiced in a number of northern African nations as well as in almost every Middle Eastern, Asian, and African Muslim nation despite their claims to the opposite.  While slavery may be called other things in Islam, and not practiced openly in their most enlightened nations, it is allowed in the Koran and in Sharia Law, so that slavery in all of its perverse and evil forms will never cease.


LAGOS (AFP) – Nigerian police have raided a home allegedly being used to force teenage girls to have babies that were then offered for sale for trafficking or other purposes, authorities said on Wednesday.

"We stormed the premises of The Cross Foundation in Aba three days ago following a report that pregnant girls aged between 15 and 17 are being made to make babies for the proprietor," said Bala Hassan, police commissioner for Abia state in the country's southeast.

"We rescued 32 pregnant girls and arrested the proprietor who is undergoing interrogation over allegations that he normally sells the babies to people who may use them for rituals or other purposes."

Some of the girls told police they had been offered to sell their babies for between 25,000 and 30,000 naira (192 dollars) depending on the sex of the baby.

The babies would then be sold to buyers for anything from 300,000 naira to one million naira (1,920 and 6,400 dollars) each, according to a state agency fighting human trafficking in Nigeria, the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP).

The girls were expected to be transferred to the regional NAPTIP offices in Enugu on Wednesday, the regional head Ijeoma Okoronkwo told AFP.

Hassan said the owner of the "illegal baby factory" is likely to face child abuse and human trafficking charges. Buying or selling of babies is illegal in Nigeria and can carry a 14-year jail term.

"We have so many cases going on in court right now," said Okoronkwo.

In 2008, police raids revealed an alleged network of such clinics, dubbed baby "farms" or "factories" in the local press.

Cases of child abuse and people trafficking are common in West Africa. Some children are bought from their families to for use as labour in plantations, mines, factories or as domestic help.

Others are sold into prostitution while a few are either killed or tortured in black magic rituals. NAPTIP says it has also seen a trend of illegal adoption.

"There is a problem of illict adoption and people not knowing the right way to adopt children," said Okoronkwo.

Human trafficking is ranked the third most common crime after economic fraud and drug trafficking in the country, according to UNESCO.