A Trip into Alaska's Historic Past

Park's Main Entrance

Alaska Land / Pioneer Park was originally built in 1967 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of US Secretary of the Interior Seward's purchase of Alaska from Russia, Alaska Land has been an overwhelming success since first opened it's doors, having had more than 250,000 satisfied visitors

 Located on the southern banks of the Chena River there is much to see in Alaska-Land's 44 acre theme park including a running narrow-gauge railroad.  On The Crooked Creek Railroad you can take a ride around the park. During the tourist season (the beginning of June thru the end of August) the Crooked Creeek Railroad operates daily from 11AM to 9PM.

The Valley Alaskanland Map Picnic Area

The park also has a Pioneer Museum, an Alaska Air Museum, and a small small convention center called the Alaska-Land Civics center. Depicted below are some interesting Athabascan ceremonal masks, encompassing the exterior walls of the Alaska-Land's civic center.

Walrus Mask Mask Beaver Mask Wolf Mask
Mask Mask Raven Mask Bear Mask
Mask Mask Mask

One of Alaska-Land's favorites is the Whiskey Island railroad.   A replica of  the type of stram engine and trains that first were used in the Tanana Valley region of Alaska a centurey ago,  The perfect place to get photo's of Alaska-Land and the Chena River, the Whiskey Island railroad climbs a 40' high berm and crosses tressles as it travels around Alaska-Land's 44 acre park. Rides are offered for a nominal fee from 11:00 AM until 5:00 PM Daily and On weekend it runs from Noon til 4:00.

Tanana Valley Engine#1 Narrow Guage Railroad Station Park Railroad Workers

Always a fun place to visit in Alaska-Land is Gold Rush Village. Gold Rush Village is a creation of the Fairbanks' Historical Society. Which over the years has preserved over two dozen of Fairbanks oldest residential homes and historic buildings and moved them into Alaska-Land.  Many of these building have a new life now as concessions offering tourists a wide range of cuisine, Alaskan gifts and services.



Merry Go Round Athabascan Cultural Center

Alaska-Land also contains section commorating the life and times to Fairbanks' Gold Rush with sediment pond in which there is an operating rocker box, and a hydraulic mining nozzle. And dozens of unique pieces of mining equipment that weres used during the Gold Rush era.

Winter Horse Rides

Another point of interest in the park is a replica native Alaskan Athabascan village, This includes half a dozen buildings and daily guided tours.

The park also a children's carousel, two playgrounds one for toddlers and the other for young children, ball feilds as well as two a mini golf courses each with a distinctly Alaskan motif,

Proudly perched on the outskirts of Gold Rush Village is the SS Nenana, the last "Great Lady" of the Tanana River. This majestic steamship served Fairbanks and vicinity from the 1930's to the late 1950's and now serves more or less as the center piece of the park.  The SS Nenana also contains a small museum, and during the summer guided tour are offered of the ship's decks and facilities.

Nenena Wheelhouse

Paddlewheel Wheelhouse and Riggings

Another great place to visit in Alaska-Land is the Palace Saloon. Located in the heart of Gold Rush Village the Palace Saloon offers a wide variety of food and it also offers an evening comedy show called "The Golden Heart Review" This is a musical comedy about life in early Fairbanks and is performed at 8:15 nightly, from May 15th through September 12th.  The show costs $12 for adults and $6 for children.
They also offer an adulty-oriented show on weekends for the  21 years and older crowd. 

The Show begins at 10 PM on Friday and Saturday night. Tickets are $14 dollars, and reservations are required so plan ahead. Reservations can be made by calling (907) 456-5950

Air Museum Palace Theater

Renowned in Fairbanks as one of the city's top eateries is the Alaska Salmon Bake,  Nestled in the western corner of Alaska-Land, just past the Hydraulic mining exhibit is the Alaskan Salmon Bake.  Open Daily from May 15th -September 12th between the hours 5pm -9pm They offer an all you can eat dinner ranging from Salmon to deep fried Halibut to barbecued beef ribs, or if you like you can have a 19 0z porter house steak.
Each meal also comes with a full salad bar, dinner rolls, home made blue berry cake and assorted beverages.  For more information or to make arrangements for large groups call (907) 452-7274.
Visitors also may park their RVs at Alaska-Land for $9 a night . Potable water is available, and there is also a dump station nearby.

For a Special Night Time Tour of:

Gold Rush Village
and the S.S. Nenana


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