Saudis blame Hezbollah
Washington Times ^ | 07/18/06 | James Morrison

This goes along with the Bush news story that was gleaned from the Rush Limbaugh show concerning the president's remarks about Ahmadinejad the president of Iran and the 12th Imam.

Posted on 07/18/2006 8:09:57 AM PDT

Saudis blame Hezbollah

Saudi Arabia is blaming Hezbollah and its supporters, Iran and Syria, for provoking the Israeli attacks on the militant group's strongholds in Lebanon, according to a statement posted on the Saudi Embassy Web site.

The Saudis also warned that Hezbollah created a "gravely dangerous situation" that could spread throughout the region. Although the statement does not specifically name Hezbollah or the governments in Damascus and Tehran, the message is a clear diplomatic denunciation of the group and its state sponsors.

Saudi Arabia "stood firmly with the resistance" in Lebanon while it was under Israeli occupation until Israel withdrew its forces six years ago, said the statement attributed only to an "official Saudi source." However, the Saudis called Hezbollah's latest attacks on Israel the "uncalculated adventures carried out by elements inside the state" of Lebanon.

"Viewing with deep concern the bloody, painful events currently taking place in Palestine and Lebanon, the Kingdom (of Saudi Arabia) would like to clearly announce that a difference should be drawn between legitimate resistance and uncalculated adventures carried out by elements inside the state (of Lebanon) and those behind them (Iran and Syria) without consultation with the legitimate authority in their state and without consultation or coordination with Arab countries, thus creating a gravely dangerous situation exposing all Arab countries and their achievement to destruction with those countries having no say," the statement said "The Kingdom will continually seek security and stability in the region, exerting every possible effort to protect the Arab Nation from Israeli oppression and transgression."