Radical Islam Threatens the Freedoms of American Women
familysecuritymatters.org ^ | 11/6/2006 | Carol A. Taber

Posted on 11/06/2006 9:08:41 AM PST

Another ex-feminist speaks out about the threat of Islam. This time it is a US ex-feminist

OK…I’ll admit it: I was a ‘60’s feminist. These days, the term for the belief system we gals espoused so passionately in those days is “Equity Feminism”,  (We have an article posted on a European ex-feminist that staunchly disputes this point  [As we have strenuously done so well before she wrote any of her articles]– declaring the militant feminism  [1970’s -1980’s] was never about equality, its stated goal from the beginning was to end male domination, to end male rule, to end motherhood and to end marriage. And we will state again here that almost all of these goals were reached – in Europe it is more evident as European women en masse used all the “empowerment” legislation written to affect the greatest amount of feminist social change. – In the US, women for the most part have been reluctant to pull the rope on the feminism revolution’s guillotine. But because of Victorian feminism’s being adopted lock stock and barrel by evangelicals and fundamentalists back in the late 1800’s. when militant feminism reared its ugly hears some 100 years later – it found a sympathetic audience in bible believing Christians especially in the area’s of equality and fairness issues.)  A phrase coined by Christina Hoff Sommers in her book Who Stole Feminism. That is, we fought – sometimes quite fiercely I might add - for civil and legal equality, and particularly for laws to advance our rights to earn as much as a man for doing the exact same job. (And in so doing feminists and their bible believing sympathist’s removing men as the household’s main wage earner for all time. A move that forced many women that did not want to abandon their children’s care and early education and leave them in the hands of costly daycare centers where their children began their indoctrination and separation from their parents and household.   Legislatively what has been done over the last three decades by feminist’s and their allies in bible believing Christianity can not be undone by any simple method. – And we might add here that it was not feminists, liberal activist judges and liberal congressmen that brought about the 70% divorce rates, and the empty broken homes of Bible believing Christians, – it was increasingly their bible believing preachers and teachers from their podiums in these churches over the last two generations with all of their teachings and doctrines laced with a new carnality and a new self righteousness and their blind mind-numbed followers enjoying all their newly gained worldliness as opposed to seeking god for themselves and digging into scripture for themselves that brought this revolution of change, this judgment, this plague upon their church, the Christian household and upon their children and their children’s children. DO NOT THINK THAT THERE WILL NOT BE HELL TO PAY FOR ALLOF THOSE WHOHAVE LAID THEIR HAND TO THIS COMING INTO BEING.AND DO NOT THINK THAT ALLOF THOSE WHO DID NOT CRY AGAINST THIS GREAT EVIL WITH ALL THEIR MIGHT WILL NOT BE JUDGED SEVERELY ALSO. )  That sounds reasonable to all of us today, (It even does to bible believing Christians today, even though they have seen all the destruction these things have caused to the church and to their nation.) I know, but these laudable (wonderful, praiseworthy) goals bear no resemblance to what we see espoused in the feminist movement today, which most of us see as unreasonable. In fact, outright flaky. (Movements as the teaching and doctrines of men are like government legislation – they never rest and they are never satisfied till they enslave and swallow the whole of their earth. So each successive generation has to add their own stamp and designs to sooth their personal vanity.)   

It’s dismaying to me that this movement went so disastrously off course, (In Feminism this has only been a development over the past five years as the meaning of 9/11 has finally sunk in. So that some of the unsaved feminists now see with great fear their coming destruction and enslavement in Islam. – Which is far worse than anything they hallucinated about and destroyed in their former white Christian male dominated societies.) now that we need “equity feminist” thinking more than ever. One may wonder why supporting feminism’s original thinking matters at this time, with women earning at parity levels and achieving all sorts of amazing feats both inside and outside the home, beginning in their earliest school years too, and continuiing through college.  (As we have already stated modern feminism essentially gained their entire wish list and were helped ever inch of the way by bible believing preachers and teachers and bible believing women.) But in light of the opposite to that - gender apartheid (Here’s a new two dollar word) that we see in so many Muslim nations and which is growing at alarming rates throughout the world (As Muslimism overthrows the world city by city province by province and nation by nation.) - It might be time for those of us who care about our vote, our wages, our economy, our families’ safety and so forth to stand up and be counted in this war against radical Islam. (The question is is theis woman willing to undo all she has spun, go home and be a wife or 6-12 conservatie children that Love God apple pie and will defend their nation and freedom the world over with their lives. – The answer that already has been given is a resounding no! – she would be a good pastor or bible teacher because she instead seeks the congregation to go out and do what she herself is not willing to walk in or do herself.) Individual freedoms and rights for American women and their families are threatened now as they haven’t been in decades.

The threat comes from the specter of the global domination goals of (Muslim) theocratic totalitarianism, as represented by radical Islamist terrorists and the rise of terrorist-sponsoring nation states such as Iran, Syria and Palestine. While it may seem far away to some, the threat may be closer than we realize.

In terms of outright catastrophic attacks that could cripple America’s economy, and thus the comfortable and pleasant lives of most American families, the Lugar Survey on Proliferation Threats and Responses estimates the threat of a “combined risk of a weapons of mass destruction (“WMD”) attack over the next five years is as high as 50%. Over ten years, this risk expands to as much as 70%.” The report was completed in 2005. While this horror will certainly cripple our economy, it will also make it very difficult for women to enjoy their hard won civil and legal freedoms if they or members of their families are injured or killed in a WMD attack. (Powerful stuff!)

America’s families are further threatened by infiltration. Muslim groups are now petitioning U.S. courts to allow the establishment of Muslim enclaves in the United States that will live under shar-ia law, the most hostile law in the world insofar as women’s rights are concerned. Prince Al-Walid bin Talal – the infamous Saudi sheik to whom Mayor Giuliani returned a $10 million check due to the sheik’s offensive remarks about America’s role in 9/11 - has purchased a significant share of, among many other U.S. corporations, NewsCorp which owns Fox News; he has already publicly reported his influence over the newspaper headlines of NewsCorp’s global media empire. Mosques that preach anti-American hate and condone gender apartheid are growing in the United States at alarming rates, funded by the Wahhabists of Saudi Arabia in an amount estimated to be $70 billion. Also alarming is the rate at which Islamist recruits are being converted in U.S. prisons among an already-alienated minority population. Muslim schools are being built across heartland America, funded by groups under indictment for terrorist ties, and whose professors espouse the most fundamental of 7th century Islamist beliefs. Outspoken critics are tyrannized with death threats and lawsuits funded by billions of petrodollars. And much, much more. (Powerful stuff!)

All radical Islamists, and many Muslims (moderates as in 98.5 %) who claim not to be radical, envision the United States one day to be a Muslim nation. (As has been documented on this website a dozen times over.) These two groups differ only in their tactics: violence or infiltration. Their oft-stated goal is indeed global domination and they are determined to achieve it.

With this in mind, the subject of national security takes on a new meaning to the women of America and their families. If American women, who are the majority of the electorate (by 10 million voters in the last presidential election, up 43% from the 7 million advantage they enjoyed in ’00), do not unite to fight this war against radical Islam, their own individual rights could be (will be) trampled in a short period of time (If you are European you have roughly 25 years left) in a way that is unimaginable to most of us. The key to uniting in this common cause is knowledge of the threat. Knowledge is indeed power, and I suggest that every able-bodied American woman go forth to find that information…now.

It is doubtful how many feminists are going to listen to this woman, but this is a milestone. What is most troubling is not that this message is not having an impact or penetration among feminists – but that the church overall and bible believing Christians are wholly ignoring these things.

The reason they ignore these things to their own peril their children’s peril and to the peril of their children’s children is because of eternal security, and eternal securities sister doctrine the rapture – so that they can literally ply away their time with not a care for the world or any future generation believing that they will all fly away before that day ever comes. And some even relish every word of the mounting death and destruction as the fourth beast of Daniel rises because they believe themselves to be wholly righteous before God and that God will not allow his beloved to see any suffering.     

The day will come when Europe shall fall to Islam and countless millions will be slaughtered saved and unsaved alike. And in that day the church in America shall momentarily fear, and then shake herself and declare how much more righteous she is than her sister in Europe.  

To those that have an ear to hear this is the day of salvation – look not to another day. This is the day that the Lord hath made and we are to work in the light while it is called day and speak these things and cry out a warning in every high place in every low place and in every valley.  That all should repent and prepare themselves for the coming of the beast, and  that he that shall endure to the end the same shall be saved.