Netherlands Advisors Embrace Islam, and Terrorists
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Posted on 04/11/2006 10:57:44 PM PDT

This article shows how deep the rot is in Europe already. It shows that the liberal, green party members are more than willing to sell out their nation and people for a few more election cycles of power. – In the Netherlands there is now talk about bringing  in Islamic Sharia Law. And open support of known Islamic Terrorist Organizations in Egypt Palestinia and Lebanon.  The hour is fast approaching where if Christians will not sell all they have as well as their physical church buildings and properties and give the proceeds to the poor as Christ commanded his disciples – that the Muslim beast that is rising before your very eyes will strip away all of it from you anyway. The hour has arrived for all those who believe in the EU to begin the building of underground churches. And sock up on bibles and whatever Christian media you can

THE HAGUE, 12/04/06 - An unjustified fear of and aversion to Islam exists in the Netherlands. Instead of continuing to drag the name of that faith through the mud, there should be far more criticism of friendly countries such as the US, Israel and Russia, the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) concludes.

WRR researcher Jan Schoonenboom is worried about "Islam-bashing" in the debate in the Netherlands. The frequently heard statement that Islam in principle conflicts with democracy and human rights is wrong, he declares. "If you, as a Muslim in the Netherlands, keep hearing only that Islam is the equivalent of violence and that you belong to a fifth column, then you feel alien. In the debate, many big words are used without being based on facts."

"Look, for example, at the warnings of the Christian democrats (CDA) parliamentary leader Verhagen about the introduction of Islamic Sharia Law. As if we in the Netherlands would then get corporal punishment! I do not know whether it is ignorance or design on the part of Verhagen, but it does not make sense and is irresponsible." Schoonenboom was commenting yesterday on 'Dynamics in Islamic activism', a report by the WRR to be presented to Foreign Minister Bot today.

According to Schoonenboom: We should not be so spastic about the bringing to the Netherlands Islamic Sharia Law. It may be that the system leads to corporal punishment in countries like Saudi Arabia and Sudan, "but under the Sharia in Morocco, family law has been reformed, very much to the advantage of women's rights."


The Sharia for Muslims is comparable to the Ten Commandments for Christians, in the researcher's view. "It is God's plan for human nature."
Islamic Law in no way reflects the ten commandments
This Law only recognizes those who follow Islam as we saw ruled in Saudia Arabia last week no other religions or followers of other religions are allowed to exist. This Law recognizes no rights for women it allows untold physical abuse – acid thrown in women’s faces beatings, horrible disfigurements, it allows honor killings – killing any woman that is thought to have looked at another man, touched or kissed a man.   it allows rape – the woman has to give three witnesses for a crime that occurs generally between one man and one woman. It allows incest, and it allows marriage of Children age 8 and 9. Islamic Law allows lying to anyone that is not a follower of Islam  And it allows any lies any manner o f deceit threats violence and murder to as long as it spreads Islam.    Articles backing up everyone of these allegations are posted in the achieves of

The WRR researcher wipes the floor with Islam critics such as MPs Hirsi Ali, Wilders and Verhagen, law philosopher Afshin Ellian and Rotterdam politician Marco Pastors. "They often play on gut feelings in the debate. On fear of Islam and of Muslims. You also see that in the debate on the accession of Turkey to the EU, this country is made out to be much more Islamic than it is, and Europe much more Christian that it really is."

Schoonenboom advises "an adventurous foreign policy" for the Dutch government. "We must support the moderate Islamic powers much more, such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (group that openly supports terrorism) and Hezbollah (A terrorist orgainization) in Lebanon, instead of secular movements without prospects in Muslim countries. We must talk to the Palestinian regime of Hamas. (A terrorist organization sworn to the destruction of Israel) They are democratically elected. It is a terrorist movement, but so was Arafat's PLO. And the IRA in Ireland."

"On the other hand, we must be much more critical regarding our friendly countries. We must address Russia more forcefully on human rights violations in Chechnya, Israel for its decades of ignoring UN resolutions and the US regarding Guantanamo Bay. In the Netherlands, there has practically never been a debate on the reasons for the invasion of Iraq and the Dutch support for this." (...) "We must also get rid of hypocrisy. We protest if one Christian is sentenced to death in Afghanistan, but what do we do if it is a Muslim?"

Schoonenboom denies that the WRR report is naive. It is a reaction of "a real fear of dangerous developments. Do we want to go on living in a land that is plagued by fear of attacks? A cultural change is needed here. The Netherlands cannot save the world, but we can try to influence EU policy. The battle against terrorism has got out of hand, is getting the characteristics of a clash of civilisations.