Muslims Criticize Al Qaeda For Waking Up Westerners
ParaPundit ^ | 2004 July 26 Monday | Randall Parker

This article speaks to moderate Muslim plans and efforts since the mid 1960's of the conquest and subjigation of western society --by colonization.

Writing for the UK Spectator Anthony Browne reports on the determination of Muslims to spread Islam via immigration. Saudi Wahhabi preachers take the line of argument that the West is best kept complacent about the Muslim threat until so many Muslims immigrate that they can take control.

Islam is now the second religion not just in the US but in Europe and Australia. Europe has 15 million Muslims, accounting for one in ten of the population in France, where the government now estimates 50,000 Christians are converting to Islam every year. In Brussels, Mohammed has been the most popular name for boy babies for the last four years. [Osama is the second!] In Britain, attendance at mosques is now higher than it is in the Church of England.

Al-Qa’eda is criticised for being impatient, and waking the West up. Saudi preacher Sheikh Said al-Qahtani said on the Iqraa TV satellite channel, ‘We did not occupy the US, with eight million Muslims, using bombings. Had we been patient and let time take its course, instead of the eight million there could have been 80 million [Muslims], and 50 years later perhaps the US would have become Muslim.’

Many secular Westerners who have a hard time understanding how anyone could seriously embrace religious beliefs tend to discount the idea that a religious faith could pose a threat to Western societies. But those same secular Westerners are not reproducing enough to replace their numbers while at the same time the Muslims are reproducing much more rapidly. Demography becomes destiny.

For Western Europe, which is both closer to Muslim lands and suffering from a more severe birth dearth than the United States, demographic trends are the biggest threat. Yet most of Western Europe's politically correct elites refuse to acknowledge the threat. The EU mandarins even go so far as to misrepresent the ethnicity and religious beliefs of the people who are attacking Jews in Europe One reason for their denial is that they do not want to admit that their own secular culture does not have universal appeal. Another reason is the lingering effects of Marxism. The rest of the world is viewed in class terms with poor non-Europeans seen as victims of racism and colonialism.

If the intellectuals of Western societies do not regain some sense of belief in their own cultures and ethnicities as things worth defending then they are going to be outnumbered and eventually ruled over by people who do not suffer from self-inflicted loathing of their own identities.