Man handed 16 months for hate website
The Globe and Mail ^ | 02 Sep 2006 | The Globe and Mail
Posted on 09/03/2006 12:34:19 AM PDT

Edmonton -- An Edmonton man convicted of promoting hatred through his website has been sentenced to 16 months in jail.

Reni Sentana-Ries, 63, was told by Mr. Justice Philip Clarke of the Court of Queen's Bench that his views are appalling, that he showed no remorse and that he is a high risk to reoffend.

After his release, Mr. Sentana-Ries, formerly known as Reinhard Gustav Mueller, will face 36 months of probation during which he will not be allowed to use the Internet.

He has also been ordered to take down his website.

Mr. Sentana-Ries was convicted last December because of his website, Federation of Free Planets, which denies the Holocaust and promotes hatred against Jewish people.
While we find this man’s prejudicial views ignorant and reprehensible  -- we remind our readers that these same laws in Canada have declared the bible as “Hate Literature” and on this issue there are a number of cases currently working through the Canadian legal system against some preachers and Christian organizations.

The importance of this in Canada is that this ratchets up the war against free speech, and their ability to prosecute Christian websites and writings posted on bulletin boards onto the web.  All Canadian websites are now under potential scrutiny. – The next expansions will be web sites run by Canadians in servers in foreign countries, and this will eventually opens the door for the examination of all downloads, and e-mails.

It is believed to be the first Internet hate crime case to go to trial in Alberta. CP