If you want sharia law, you should go and live in Saudi

The true subtitle for this article should be EU and UKif you want Sharia Law just keep on doing what you are doing -- and within a few decades it will be the law of the land.

I see by the Spirit that these nations are fighting against Islam a home a liberal war based upon "containment." So like Israel's land for peace deals the enemy each time gets what it wants and then demands more until the time of overthrow, when they shall destroy allof Israel.

All of these European nati0ons have this smae vain hope that they shall be able to appease, bribe, and persude these muslims (who as with Israel only live to see their destruction) into somehow coming to love and accept them.

Shahid Malik, the Labour MP, explains why he told fellow Muslims that if they don’t like Britain they should pack their bags


Scotland Yard described it as a plot “to commit mass murder on an unimaginable scale”. John Reid concurred: “The terror threat to the public was unprecedented, the biggest that Britain had ever faced.”

As it transpired, there was nothing melodramatic about these descriptions. It was to be a “terror spectacular” beyond our worst nightmares, involving blowing up a dozen airplanes in mid-air over the Atlantic Ocean, with the willful massacre of more than 1,000 innocent men, women and children.


Last Tuesday, after a 90-minute meeting with John Prescott, the deputy prime minister, to discuss the challenges of extremism and foreign policy, I emerged and was immediately asked by the media whether I agreed that what British Muslims needed were Islamic holidays and Sharia (Islamic law). I thought I had walked into some parallel universe.

Sadly this was not a joke. These issues had apparently formed part of the discussion the day before between Prescott, Ruth Kelly, the communities minister, and a selection of “Muslim leaders”. I realised then that it wasn’t me and the media who were living in a parallel universe — although certain “Muslim leaders” might well be.

Maybe some of these “leaders” believed that cabinet ministers were being alarmist, that the terror threat posed by British extremists was exaggerated. Maybe they thought that the entire plot and threat were the “mother of all smokescreens”, a bid to divert our attention from the killing fields of Lebanon. Or maybe it was another symptom of that epidemic that is afflicting far too many Muslims: denial. Out of touch with reality, frightened to propose any real solutions for fear of “selling out”, but always keen to exact a concession — a sad but too often true caricature of some so-called Muslim leaders.

Other members of the Muslim community I am sure would have cringed as I did when listening to Dr Syed Aziz Pasha, secretary-general of the Union of Muslim Organisations of the UK and Ireland, demanded the British institute Sharia Law in England and grant Muslims national Islamic holidays, :

These are the same veiled threats that were issued in Denmark, and the Netherlands last year by similar Muslim organizations within those countries.  What they seek is super citizenship and that their laws be voted in over British common law, and over the British judicial system so that when Islamic people commit crimes they will only answer to Islamic judges and Islamic juries. 

Syed Aziz Pasha continued: “If you give us religious rights we will be in a better position to convince young people that they are being treated equally along with other citizens.”

These are the identical words that the leaders of the Muslim community spoke as Paris burned last summer.  Give us these things or we cannot control our radical youth.

In truth these radical Muslim youths are the “soldiers” or “muscle” of this Islamic mafia.  They are at the beck and call of their Imam’s and leaders. Muslimism is NOT a do as you feel religion, it has a very well defined, authoritative leadership structure much like the mafia, with their Don’s their Under-Bosses and their soldiers and enforcers. When a Don gets out of line or a Mafioso commits the sin of sins -- to rat out the organization they are killed and their family is killed as well. And in some cases every living relative is killed. This is done in Islam all the time in virtually all countries in the Middle East and Asia between the Rival Islamic Families.

The major difference is the Mafia was Catholic and the Church and Bible preached against their activities and when the Catholic Church would say “enough!”  The mafia would for a season curtail its activities.

In Islam the Talmudic Koran openly promotes and preaches all this killing hatred and destruction and so their Imams incite all the more hatred and killing when their soldiers and under bosses seeming slack off.  

All defense and intelligence agencies know that what we see in Afghanistan Iraq, Iran Lebanon and Palestinia regarding all the fighting with rifles rocket launchers and roadside bombes are all coming to towns and cities all across Europe.  

The date of all these things occurring in wholly based upon population numbers as their numbers increase they are emboldened  -- the only way to hold this back is

1) To limit legal and illegal immigration

2) To limit free welfare – that allows people to have as many state sponsored and state fed babies they can possibly pump out

3) And that these children of illegal immigrants would not be granted automatic citizenship. And we have seen governments grapple with these very issues with varying degrees of success and failure –the only real counter to this is

4) Steep Population increase by the citizens of these westernized nations. As their grand parents sacrificed many things in WWII to see to it that their children and grand children had a life of freedom so now in all of westernized society all adults need to work towards those being able to have children, produce as many healthy well educated children as they can. For these children will be these nations only hope of having standing armies to defend their nations from the rising totalitarianism of Islam that is within and without. 

If this generation both parents and grand parents does not put aside its self indulgent decadence and slavish worship for wealth and ease and pour these funds into the families of those who are of child bearing age to produce an abundance of healthy educated Christian children.  These same selfish parents and grand parents shall live to see their children, grand children and great grand children all die before their eyes at the time of overthrow. And all that they have earned and put aside will also be taken away from them by their Muslim overlords 

He has done much good work over the years but this is clearly not one of his better moments.

Who speaks for Muslims? The government has a near impossible task but I’m sure even it realizes that we need to look beyond some of the usual suspects and, crucially, to find mechanisms directly to engage with young people, where many of our challenges lie. To me the plot seemed all too real: I flew back from the United States that very week; my sister, her husband and their two kids live in New York so we all regularly shuttle to and fro. If the alleged plot had been realized we could all have been “statistics”.

As I have repeatedly said, in this world of indiscriminate terrorist bombings, where Muslims are just as likely to be the victims of terrorism as other British and US citizens, we Muslims have an equal stake in fighting extremism. Hundreds of Muslims died on 9/11 and 7/7. But more importantly, given that these acts are carried out in the name of our religion — Islam — we have a greater responsibility not merely to condemn but to confront the extremists. In addition to being the targets of terrorism, Muslims will inevitably be the targets of any backlash.

Given this context, most Muslims will perhaps feel disappointed at some of the comments of those “leaders” who went in to bat on their behalf. Of course self- indulgent bad timing is not the sole preserve of Muslim leaders: David Cameron’s gross misjudgment of the national mood in his criticisms of how the government had failed to keep us safe and secure were just as crass. Cameron’s stance, in undermining the unity required from our leaders on such occasions of national unease, played into the extremists’ hands.

So too, unfortunately, did the comments of some of the “Muslim leaders” who demanded sharia for British Muslims rather than the existing legal system. The call for special public holidays for Muslims was unnecessary, impracticable and divisive. Most employers already allow their staff to take such days out of their annual leave. And what about special holidays for Sikhs, Hindus, Jews? If we amended our laws to accommodate all such requests, then all the king’s horses and all the king’s men wouldn’t be able to put our workplaces and communities back together again.

When it comes to sharia, Muhammad ibn Adam, the respected Islamic scholar, says: “It is necessary by sharia to abide by the laws of the country one lives in, regardless of the nature of the law, as long as the law doesn’t demand something that is against Islam.” It is narrated in the Koran that the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “It is necessary upon a Muslim to listen to and obey the ruler, as long as one is not ordered to carry out a sin.” (Sahih al-Bukhari, no 2796 & Sunan Tirmidhi).

In Britain there are no laws that force Muslims to do something against sharia and Muslims enjoy the freedom to worship and follow their religion, as do all other faiths. Compare Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, a sharia regime where women are forbidden to drive; or Turkey, a secular country where women are forbidden to wear the hijab; or Tunisia, where civil servants are forbidden to wear a beard.

I believe that as a Muslim there is no better place to live than Britain. That doesn’t mean that all in the garden is rosy; often Islamophobia is palpable. But my message is: whether you are white, Asian, black, Muslim, Christian or Jew, if you don’t like where you’re living you have two choices: either you live elsewhere, or you engage in the political process, attempt to create change and ultimately respect the will of the majority.

When Lord Ahmed, the Muslim Labour peer, heard my comments — I said essentially that if Muslims wanted sharia they should go and live somewhere where they have it — he accused me of doing the BNP’s work. He is entitled to his opinion. However, a little honesty, like mine, in this whole debate might just restore trust in politicians and ease the population’s anxieties.

Since I made my remarks my office has been overwhelmed with support. I also know that some Muslims feel uncomfortable, not necessarily because they disagree but because they feel targeted. But what I want to say to my fellow British Muslims is that in this country we enjoy freedoms, rights and privileges of which Muslims elsewhere can only dream. We should appreciate that fact and have the confidence to fulfil the obligations and responsibilities as part of our contract with our country and as dictated by sharia law.