Hezbollah – Coming to a town near you?

FSM Editorial Staff

Family Security Matters

August 24, 2006



Many Americans learned about Hezbollah for the first time only during the recent Israel-Hezbollah war. Others hadn't thought of the terrorist organization for years, since its high profile attacks during the 1980's. 


But Hezbollah has been thinking about America for a long time. More than 300 Hezbollah members have been arrested in America over the last few years. That's right – 300 members of an organization that has killed and kidnapped hundreds of Americans were captured right here on American soil. One of them was even a general who entered the United States across our porous Mexican border.


Additionally, law enforcement has identified 11 Hezbollah cells in the United States. Of course, these are only the ones the public knows about. So at least 11 Hezbollah cells have been identified in the United States, All paying homage to Hezbollah's perennial vow, “Death to America”.


Of the 25,000 Americans the United States government transported out of Lebanon during the recent war, many were Hezbollah sympathizers. More than 7000 were from Dearborn, Michigan, where a pro-Hezbollah demonstration was staged soon after their arrival. 
We have another article citing Dearborn Michigan as having a large community of Muslims with ties to Hezbollah. The article describes a High School nicknamed “Hezbollah High” and the goings on in that community regarding Muslim protests, and Muslim celebrations of death and destruction by their radical Muslim counter parts conducted on 9/11 and around the world.


The war in the Middle East may have fallen quiet as the parties involved learn how to live with the new cease-fire, but the threat has not disappeared. Hezbollah is still active in Lebanon and it would be dangerously naïve to expect that it has become inactive here in the United States. The American people (The US government, any citizens that would directly or indirectly confront these people would be arrested for harassment, stalking, racism, etc. Our duty is to report any suspicious activities to local and federal law enforcement. With a high number of reports and calls action does take place.) must confront this threat and not hamstring our nation under the weight of political correctness and willful blindness. 

These laws –largely unwritten regarding political correctness have grossly affected many things including law enforcements ability to act –on less that a person caught with the smoking gun in hand. The Patriot Act sought to alleviate much of this but Liberal groups as well as many deluded “Christian” groups have been seeking to gut the patriot act so that it would be come as ineffective as US law was dumbed-down to prior to 9/11.