Globally Dim Strangeness
World Oil ^ | July 2006 | PERRY A. FISCHER

This is not the first Article on Global Dimming that I have come across. Several articles have been written on this subject within the past six months – This article was posted because it gives useful references and gives figures to the unequal dimming occurring across the globe – or to use a more scriptural term the gross darkness that is covering the earth.

Posted on 08/17/2006 6:44:03 AM PDT

This is almost in the stranger-than-fiction category, yet it appears to be true. In the 1950s, Dr. Gerry Stanhill was working for the Israel Ministry of Agriculture on a government project to measure the amount of sunlight that hit the ground, gathering the data for an irrigation project. Thirty years later, the same measurements showed that the amount of sunlight reaching the ground had fallen by 22%, which seems impossible for the sun to do.  This rising darkness is most intense over Israel and the Middle East over Jordan, Iraq, Iran.

No one noticed when he published his discovery, but it seems the same thing had happened to other researchers, independent of one another, and no one noticed their reports either. In Germany, Beate Liepert, then a young graduate student, found the same thing happening over the Bavarian Alps. Others found that the US fell 9%, some of the UK had 16% less sunlight, and the Antarctic was off 9%. Eventually, the research was combed, found and brought together. But that only deepened the mystery. And we see that this rising darkness is the second highest over the UK and the EU. This is a sign of what is to befall the UK and the EU and Russia within a generation, except they repent.

Meanwhile, in Australia, Michael Roderick and Graham Farquhar had another paradox: there was a worldwide decline in the staggeringly boring pan evaporation rate.

It measures the evaporation rate from a pan of water. Every day, year after year, all over the world, unsung heroes come out in the morning and see how much water has evaporated since the previous morning. They write down their numbers, and the world yawns. More than a century passes since its inception.

By the mid-1990s, a few agricultural scientists noted that the rate of evaporation was falling worldwide. This made no sense, especially in light of global warming, which should have the opposite effect. So, like a puzzled dog, they scratched their ears, tilted their heads, and went about their day.

Then they did the math, the modeling, and discovered exactly which factors (wind, humidity, temperature, sunlight, etc.) contributed precisely what portion to the evaporation rate. The result was that less sunlight would produce exactly the evaporation deficit observed. In fact, although they didn't know it at the time, it closely matched the amount of solar dimming that had been discovered by others, although by an entirely different method.

The working hypothesis is this: It's dirt particles in air pollution that are causing more clouds to reflect more sunlight. So, there is now real concern that if we clean the soot out of the air, which has been masking (cooling) the effects of global warming, the planet will heat up twice as fast.

In other words, pollution has a bright side: It fights global warming. But not to fear, do-gooders will still keep trying to de-soot the air, despite the heat. They claim it has something to do with breathing.

The “findings” or rank speculation espoused in this article does not make sense with the stated facts. “Israel” northern Africa and the entire middle east have no industrial basis to create the type of industrial pollution to cause 30% global dimming in that area  – neither is Israel downwind from any industrial sources. The article implies that the Bavarian Alps have the same rate as Israel of 30% this is again an area that is not industrial and it is not down wind from any vast industrial area.  The UK has a great industrial base but only has 16% global dimming and the US and Antarctica are equal at 9% -- which makes no sense according to the article either as the Us has a lot of manufacturing – but Antarctica is virtually pristine according to even the most negative environmental studies done in the area and it is not downwind from anything.

A partial answer to these dust particles is that they are from the deserts and volcanic activity – it was only three months ago that it was announced that the skies in the US were grayer in NYC and the sunsets were being affected by red dust from the Arabian Desert.

Another answer is that the sun has not been acting normal in the last seven years there has been great solar flare activity making the sunlight produced very irregular, and I suspect that the light is striking the earth irregularly as well

What one should see in this article is not global warming or global cooling, which are all the rage – but the lack of evaporation – the lack of evaporation means drought –massive droughts – this is turn means crop failures and a coming famine.

The Lord is speaking to His people worldwide to begin to build pantries with weeks if not months of canned foods and dried foods and water.  The hour is coming when all things that Christ prophesied of will come to pass and technology will not be able to stop the droughts and famines that are to come.

All believers would be strongly advised to prepare and begin to put aside food, water and purchase non-electrical means for water purification.  We should begin to do so now in the remaining good years little by little.  If it will not feed us, it will be a table spread for others.