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AKI ^ | 09/28/06 | AKI
Posted on 09/28/2006 9:34:25 PM PDT


Lyon, 28 Sept. (AKI) - French women's rights group Regards de femmes is demanding that the authorities bar a controversial Muslim scholar Hani Ramadan - who has publicly advocated death by stoning for women who commit adultery - from entering the country next month to take up a teaching post.

Eropean feminists for the last five years have given full and open support to a wide range of issues supporting Muslims invasion and overthrow of Europe,Issues from fulland open immigration, to welfare support, to laws amllowing muslim's super citizenship, to the institution of Sharia Law in various European countries,Canada.

This public outcry of any feminists against Islam, much less French feminists that have worked so hard to make France into what it is today is an absolute first.

2-3 weeks ago we posted an article written by an ex-feminist from Denmark, that was published with some of her other writings in a mainstream European News Paper in Brussel decrying the hell that is to come to all of Europe from Islam and how the Feminist movement paved the way for the untold death and destruction that is to come.

Could it be that there actually has been some talk about this among leading feminists in Europe? Could it be that they have seen something here and blinked?

Yes it appears so for this sroning to death of women exclussively not the man is but the camel's noseof what is in store for these feminists their neutered husbands and their feminized off spring. Sharia Law for the most part sheilds exempts Muslim men from prosecution of a number of crimes against women. For example in rape under Sharia Law theri must be three eye witness if not case dismissed and the woman accuser is then subject to any number of reprisals from defaming someone's "Good" family name. In cases of adultery under Sharia Law the woman is stoned to death, or hung in other countries in the case of adultry the husband does not need three witnesses one witness will do. And this brings up the Issue of "Honor Killings" if a Husband in the least way suspects his wife is unfaithful -- and unfaith is not defined as having sex with someone else,unfaithful can be a smile of gratitiude, a glance, the man rightly or wrongly avenges himself by slaying his wife. Andd if it turns out to have been done in error -- the man is not helf responcible except in the most moderate or Islamic states. Another side to things relating to a man's "Honor" is of any woman refuses a man's request for marriage be it his thried fifth or seventh wife there have been dozens of reports of acid being thown in these women's faces leaving them disfigured for life. An on one more side of this Family "Honor business if a wife or daughter is suspected of looking at another man, much less talking in private with him there have been many reports of fathers uncles and brothers slaying their daughter, mother or wife to restore the honor of the family or clan. In a recent article a young man fromone family has shacked up with the daughter of a more powerfulclan both were silled and the daughters of the weaker family to prevent them all from being killed were handed over the the more powerful family for slavery / marrrige. Islam and Sharia Law promotes poligamy, female marriage at age nine, and women as sex slaves -- as testified in the latest book about Osama Bin Laden that was written by a Somalie Poet who reveals she was Osama's sex slave for a number of years.

It may well be that it has dawned on European Feminsts that they have opened Pandora's box and at this late juncture they may be having second thoughts.

The president of Regards de femmes, Michele Vianes, has this week sent a letter, co-signed by number of prominent French figures, including several former ministers, to interior minister, (Nicolas Sarkozy demanding he keep Ramadan out of France. He is due to teach a series of courses a the newly formed Shatibi centre in the city of Lyon, beginning on 14 October. The Shatibi centre was founded by a group of young Muslims and offers courses in Islamic studies [Might this include Sharia law? You can be sure of it.] and the Arabic language.)

"How can we tolerate the teachings of Hani Ramadan and others who advocate Islamic (Sharia) law, when his writings and publications are fundamentally alien and antithetical to the values and principles of the French Republic?" Vianes asks in the petition, quoted by Le Figaro. (She and her group are humming quite a different tune here.)

The letter calls on Sarkozy to deny entry to France to "all religious teachers, who transmit the totalitarian ideology of the Sharia, which does not recognise either the authority or the rights of democratic states and are contrary to French constitutional principles of secularism and equality between men and women."

This should have been considered before these feminists and their liberaland communist allies granted special rights to all the Muslim immigrants that came to colonize their countries and make them disciples of Islam.

Ramadan, who is currently the head of the Islamic Centre in the Swiss city of Geneva. Hl he was dismissed from this post in 2003 a few months after making remarks publicly defending the stoning to death of women guilty of adultery. and likening this "deviant behaviour" to that of people who who expose themselves to HIV infection. Ramadan subsequently won two court appeals forcing the Swiss cantonal authorities to reinstate him back in his in his post.

Liberal law and politicalcorrectness throughout western society has hamstrung allthese nations from being able to defend their borders and defend against an enemy that has avowed to destroy them.


God help them, and God help us!