Danish TV Seeks Forgiveness with Veiled Anchor Woman
Zaman ^ | 4/3/06

Posted on 04/04/2006 1:58:08 PM PDT (Liberals Running) Danish TV Seeks Forgiveness with Veiled Anchor Woman

By Hasan Cucuk, Copenhagen

Despite what the article claims this “Liberal” capitulation to Muslims is due to the fact that as a voting block Muslim Immigrants (in early March) were able to overturn Danish voters in their attempt to take back their country by electing conservatives that would have limit welfare programs and limit emigration.

The Muslim Immigrant block were instead successful in voting in the Denmark’s most liberal party in – a party that will in the end will gladly betray their own people and nation so that they might stay in power for a few more election cycles.

The News Media arm of the newly elected liberal government is a “brilliant stroke” is attempting to give Muslim women wearing veils (scarves) a high profile – which indicates that their “Muslim Lords” who brokered their election win want as their first payment to overturn laws in Denmark that were written in the last few years forbidding Muslim Woman to wear scarves in schools and government related places. The placement of a Muslim veiled newsreader in Danish national television is an attempt to desensitize the Danish public toward the coming establishment of this first piece of Sharia Law in the nation.

As we have written before the recent Muslim emigration to Europe by literally millions was no accident. It was part of a concerted effort at colonization – just as the Europeans had done in the 1500’s, 1600’s and 1700’s. In all of Europe the whites have become slaves to support their Muslim Lords through the welfare that is paying for Muslims Families to have 6 –12 children apiece while white Europeans are having 1.3 –1.7 children per married couple. From this point on the Muslim Immigrants will slowly tighten the noose around their captives necks until they are able to achieve in the next decade or so a numeric majority.  And in that day in the not to distant future all bets will be off and the Muslims will remove their  “Mr. Nice Guy” mask and not allow throught out Europe any religion except Islam.

Harshly criticized for the cartoon crisis in the international arena, the (New Liberal) Danish government continues its "image repairing" activities in the eyes of the Muslims.

Danish state channel DR2 employed a Muslim woman that practices wearing the headscarf to present a TV program in the frame of "respect towards different thoughts and beliefs." Palestinian-origin Asmaa Abdulhamid, in the eight-week program, will host a different guest every week together with Danish journalist Adam Holm and ask questions in accordance with her beliefs.

DR2 explained the basic goal of the program "Adam and Asmaa" is "respecting different thoughts" and said the cartoon crisis openly displayed the importance of dialogue and tolerance between the East and the West.

Twenty-four year old Abdelhamid was also the speaker of the 27 establishments that had complained about the newspaper Jyllands-Posten for publishing the insulting cartoons. The decision received great support from the majority of the society in Denmark where wearing the headscarf is free in educational institutions and public places.

The strongest reaction came from the right extremist Danish People's Party as well as Nahid Riyazi, the Palestinian-origin chairwoman of the Organization for Foreign Women's Rights. Riazi termed Abdelhamid as an "Islamist" and said they "condemn a state-run TV channel broadcasting with the public's money to employ a women wearing a headscarf to present a TV program."

DR2 Chief Editor Arne Notkin stated Asmaa Abdulhamid is a person believing in democracy and struggling in the political arena.

"It would not matter even if she were an Islamist. We do not only employ people that share our views to host a program."

Abdelhamid said that "she is not an Islamist but a pious Muslim."

She noted everyone knows she opposed the insulting cartoons published by Jyllands-Posten, "I displayed my opposition in the legal platform with the right given to me by democracy."

The young 24-year-old Palestinian came to Denmark at the age of six with her family as a refugee.

Abdelhamid, who studied social consultancy at the university, had also been a deputy candidate from the Union Party.

She was the speaker of the 27 establishments that had complained about the newspaper Jyllands-Posten publishing the cartoons of insult. The new anchorwoman noted that she received many messages after she started hosting the program on DR2 and said very few of them were negative.

Danish journalist Adam Holm with whom Abdelhamid will host a guest every week defines himself as an atheist. Adam Holm, too, will ask the guests questions in accordance with his "disbelief". Journalist-writer and historian Holm is well-known with his works on the extreme right wing. His work titled, "Right Radicalism in Europe," had caused big repercussions.

"The Globalization Council" chaired by Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who opened a wound with the cartoon crisis, started an international campaign for image repairing activities.

Making of a TV program with a covered anchorwoman simultaneously with these activities were found interesting. DR2, an official Danish TV channel, generally broadcasts documentaries and discussions. DR2 has gone into history as the first channel in the country to employ someone wearing a headscarf.