Confessions of an Ex-Feminist
The writer is a collumnist in the Brussels Journal
( I apologise to all my readers --I have had to re-edit my comments in this article -- because they were incomplete and poorly written in places)

I got many comments on my articles about Muslim rapes and gang rapes of Swedish and Norwegian women. Several of my readers asked what Scandinavian men are doing about this. What happened to those Vikings, anyway? Did they drink too much mead in Valhalla? Despite the romantic mistique surrounding Vikings today, they were for the most part savage barbarians. However, I doubt they would have looked the other way while their daughters were gang raped by Muslims. In some ways, this makes present-day Scandinavians worse barbarians than the Vikings ever were.

Why doesn’t the male protection instinct towards their women show itself? Some of this is simply because many people are not aware of how grim the rape statistics are. As I noted in my post, the numbers showing a high percentage of immigrants have been suppressed, probably with at least tacit support at the government level, because it would destroy the multicultural illusion. However, I think the most important reason has to do with the extreme anti-masculine strand of feminism that has been pervasive in Scandinavia for decades. The male protection instinct doesn’t take action because Scandinavian women have worked tirelessly to eradicate it, together with everything else that smacks of traditional masculinity. Because of this, feminism has greatly weakened Scandinavia, and perhaps Western civilization as whole.

The only major political party in Norway that has voiced any opposition to the madness of Muslim immigration is the rightwing Progress Party. This is a party which receives about two thirds or 70% male voters.


On the opposite end of the scale we have the Socialist Left party, with two thirds or 70% female votes. The parties most critical of the current immigration are typically male parties, while those who praise the multicultural society are dominated by feminists.

I have heard that the Danish People’s Party, which has been instrumental in pushing for stricter immigration rules in Denmark, this party has a similar strong majority of male votes.


And across the Atlantic, if only American women voted, the US President during 9/11 would be called Al Gore, not George Bush. The standard reply in my country for this gender gap in voting patterns is that men are more “xenophobic and selfish” than women, who are more “open-minded” and “possess a greater ability” to show solidarity with outsiders. That’s one possibility. Another one is that men traditionally have had the responsibility for protecting the “tribe” (Their household) and spotting an enemy.(As Adam was to Guard and Protect the Garden along with all that were in the household of the garden in Genesis -- this is later spoken of in Ezekiel concerning the duty of those who are appointed as watchment.)  And women (in both these regards) are more naïve. Didn’t feminists always claim that the world would be a better place with women in the driver’s seat, (Their ruling of both "their" households and the governments of the world) because they wouldn’t sacrifice their own children? Well, isn’t that exactly what you are doing now? Smiling and voting for parties that keep the doors open to Muslim immigration, the same Muslims who will (Overthrow all of Europe and be slaughtering you, your husbands and sons, and)  be gang raping  your daughters tomorrow?

Judging from the rhetoric of many feminists, all the oppression in the world comes from Western (white) men, who are oppressing both women and non-Western men. (Thus to Feminists) Muslim immigrants are “fellow victims” of this basis. At best, they (Muslim men) may be patriarchal pigs, but no worse than Western men. Many Western Universities have courses filled with hate against men that would be unthinkable the other way around. (If any Western University would offer "hate -filled" courses against women – all Federal funding would be immediately cut off for that University. –Their would be great public out cry from the media demanding the resignation of the heads of departments in which this course was taught. There would be National boycots of that University, Lawsuits would be filed from dozens of civil rightws groups. Cngressional legislation would be written banning such courses from ever being offered again. And this practice would be added to the already long list of what has been declared to be “hate crimes.” –- We all have seen in the last three decades how that world-wide feminism has been given a status of “super citizenship”  and “minority status” (Even though women world-wide are in the majority) And along with this Super-Citizenship they have also been given legislated rights and legislated priveleges above all non-feninist ciritzens. Male and Female.)   

Feminists have Paved the Way for Women to be Raped

In Sydney Australia, two Pakistan-born Muslims were found guilty of gang rapes of two teenage girls. Muslim men have been roaming Sydney gang, raping non-Muslim women, calling them "Aussie pigs" and "sluts" who ask for it. But the Austranian feminists reaction was not praise; (To the police and prosecutors who put these rapists away)  it was hostility. They were outraged over the “racism” of the “strict punishments” given to the Muslims rapists.

Feminists have pounced on the issue of rape not because they cared about rape victims, but because it allowed them to spread class warfare. Spreading scare tactics about rape allowed them to make women feel like “victims.” Victimhood” is a precondition for socialism. (The writer here is eluding to how feminists have used these issues manipulate women who tend to vote according to their feelings to vote on the side of their issues – We can say these identical things of the entire liberal news media – and how they have been able to manipulate voting towards liberal candidates and liberal issues.  This is following her statements previously to male and female voting patterns and Males seeking by nature to protect their households and nation. ) 


Despite what Shirin Ebadi says, the problem for women in the Middle East is not “the patriarchy,” (Male run households)  it is Islam. Muslims are literally given a free pass to do whatever they want – including raping, (and murdering) women (In most cases with complete impunity). 

Likewise it should be noted here that in western society God ordained Patriarchal households and Patriachal society was never a threat to women. The abject sin of a small number evil and perverse men who beat and abused their wives and children was the problem.  However Feminism along with their willing accomplices in the press --have for decades beat the drum that all white western men are evil perverse men, who continually abuse women at every turn of the road. And what we read here has been the "fruits"(Ye shall know them by their fruits) of their concerted effort. 

If  (the feninist notion that) all the oppression comes from Western men, (were true) it becomes logical to try weakening them as much as possible. (Which is exactly what has been legislatively done in all westernized countries over the last 30 years.) So that if you do these things, (We were promised) a paradise of peace and gender equality would await us at the other side of this rainbow. Well congratulations, Scandinavian women. You’ve succeeded in harassing and ridiculing your own sons (for at least two entire generations now) into suppressing many of their masculine instincts.  And (Lo and behold) to your (great) surprise, you didn’t enter a feminist Nirvana, (You instead were beguiled and deceived by the serpent into selling out your household, and selling out your children just as Eve did in the garden.) but you have paved the way for an unfolding Islamic hell (that will fall upon all of Europe -The author is European and is terrified of what she helped create.) So that instead of “having it all”, (as you were promised by feminism)  Western feminzed women (Now find themselves at) risk of losing everything.(Their houses they over threw therisonglle mother families they created and their feminist govern nations they worked so hard to build.) What are liberal (European) feminists going to do when faced with aggressive gangs of Muslim youngsters? Burn their bras and throw their pocket edition of the Vagina Monologues at them?

Utopian and Parochial - Why Western Feminism Won't Do

The feminist world-view, which includes an over-the-top hatred of men and of all things male, is malignantly deviant from reality. In what has become the commonplace Alice-in-the-Looking-Glass metaphysics of American feminism, "masculine" does not mean assertive, or strong, or capable. In their lexicon, (Or is the protector of the household, or is the protector of the nation.) (In their lexicon) masculine equals not just bad, but evil.  Men are also stupid, inept, and lost without a woman to somehow alchemize their base nature. (All this was the basic tennents of church sponsored Victorian Feminism -- which then grew up into the moderm militant Feminism of this day which among other things has sought to devour the mother that birthed it.)

Further, with women leading the way to utopia there would be an end to war because women are essentially peaceful and choose to work cooperatively rather than arrange themselves in a patriarchal hierarchy.

The increasing number of
Muslims rapes in the West are a symptom of the empty lies of the coming Feminist Utopia that voting in femists and women leaders was to bring in.  Women's freedoms need to be enforced, or they are meaningless. Even though women can take steps to protect themselves, the primary responsibility for protection will always belong to men. Women will only have as much freedom as their men are willing and capable of guaranteeing them. -- Feminist theories fail to appreciate this fact. Perhaps you can succeed in turning your men into doormats, but it will be on the cost of doing so to your nation and to your civilization as well. Male energy is a driving force of any dynamic culture.

The latest wave of feminism has severely wounded the family structure of the Western world. It is impossible to raise the birth rates to replacement level before women are valued for raising children. And before men and women are willing to marry in the first place. There is nothing wrong with being single, but it should never be promoted as the ideal. Human beings are social creatures, not solitary ones. We are created to live with partners. Marriage is not a “conspiracy to oppress women”, it’s the reason why we’re here. And it’s not a religious thing, either. According to strict, atheist Darwinism, the purpose of life is to reproduce. Given the high divorce rates and the financial losses men usually suffer after the breakdown of a relationship, quite a few Western men now hesitate to get married at all. As one man put it: "I don't think I'll get married again. I'll just find a woman I don't like and give her a house." Feminism has made marriage a risky enterprise for men, but also made it easier to have affairs without commitment.

The writer here cites the following article:

Men commit to staying single
In the article Adele Horin writes:The report lends weight to remarks by Ross Cameron, the parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Family and Community Services, who last month chided Australian men, blaming Australia's looming fertility crisis on men's commitment phobia. "The principal reason young women say they don't get around to having children is they can't find a bloke they like who is willing to commit," he said. "This commitment aversion in the Australian male is a real problem."

A survey commissioned by Relationships Australia in 1998 found fear of divorce and all that goes with it topped the list of reasons for delaying marriage in Australia.

The head of Relationships Australia, Anne Hollonds, said women also seemed less willing to commit. "We have raised a generation of young women who are not focused on having children and that lessens their commitment to partnering permanently."

(By this ex-feminist citing this article -- We see for the first time a clear link of feminism’s goals to disrupt marriage, and bring down women having babies. – And we see the level of success that feminism has had in the destruction of all Westernized Society with the high divorce rates they would seem to lay claim to, and the plummeting birth rates throughout all of Westernized society.

And perhaps the most troubling part of realizinf what really has been taking place under the "watchful eye"(NOT) of the sleeping church of this hour, is that all this has been done in just a little over a single generation. (I realize that the following may make little sense to many readers but it needs to be said here and now.) So that unless there is a great repentance of the Church, both of Spirit-filled and bible believing denominations of intrenched feminism and all its tenants that have infested them for the last 120 or so years, and by repent we do not mean the cherry picking of the things people like in the flesh and saving them aside.(That is the picking the gold and jewels out of the idols of the Canaanites.) and a whole hearted returning unto the Lord and Patriarchal families and Partiarchial churches with all our hearts all our souls all our minds and all our strength and His commandments in scripture – God shall destroy all who hold or support this doctrine of these feminist Nicolaitanes – And their destroyer shall be as stated by this unsaved unbeleving author -- Islam. 

She said (feminized) society did not particularly encourage marriage; (Feminized society instead encourages young women) -- to focus on (their) individual goals. "First comes the mortgage, then marriage comes (only when and) if (the woman) decides to have children."

Another aspect that is brought out in  this article is the western obsession with the Goddess of Suceess” --aka -- the exultation and worship of wealth and sucess or as it is called in the church "The Prosperity Gospel." – Both are done in place of getting married early. And both are against having traditional large Christan families.  It should be noted that in Westernized Societies large familes ended in the 1960’s, when both the saved and unsaved went to a two children standard that produces a overall negative population when sickness accidental death and wars are factored in.

Since that day, death has been working in all of Western Society, and at that time the countdown towards western civilization’s demise began also.

The writer then cites some populist “feminist rhetoric”:
Most men know, deep down, that women are indeed superior to them in certain ways. ( I have heard this very thing voiced from many pulpits over the years – by Evangelicals, Fundamentalists, Pentecostals Charismatics, and Haginite "Word of Faith preachers and teachers as well. 


Consider for a moment that all these churches are normally doctrinally at each other’s throats -- on even the most basic issues regarding the word of God, and salvation. – Here in a rare show of solidaritly we see their speaking identical words as if they reading political “talking points.” How is this possible? Shouldn't this set off warning bells, or at lest some level suspicion?  -- The reason for this, or the reason for this being possible (As we have already intimated above) is that feminism did not begin in the 1970’s as people commonly believe today. Nor did it begin as a leftist lesbian movement we see today.  It began as a Church movement – Yes feminism, like Islam is one of the Great Whore of the Book of Revelation’s daughters.  Feminism had its begining in England under Queen Victoria. – History well records her strong feminist views. And her views became in the 1860's what was called “Victorianism.” Her views of a matirachial society would have been a flash it the pan except for one fact, the Monarch of England was the Pope of the Anglican Church. – So that during her 70 year reign her feminist views were codified in Anglican Church Doctrine and this was in turn desseminated throughout the British empire.  In the late 1800’s in liberal American high society everything British was the rage. (Similarly in the 1990’s everything European was adored by North-Eastern liberal blue-bloods.) So in the 1890’s these teachings of utter rebellion of wives, and their ruling their households by the bedroom, and taking control of all household finances – was being taught by liberal north eastern Methodist and Calvinistic ministers -- and through their efforts Victorian Feminism was brought into the Evangelical and Fundamentalist movements And became the staple of "bible belt"Christianity,who have proudly preached victorian feminism and it's tenents for over a century. From these the Pentecostals and Charismatics later sprang from, or were sundered from. Thus Victorian Feminism was carrried along as part and parcel of these later movements.) Women pretty much run men’s private lives. (This also is preached as being "good" and "Godly" from pulpits in all quarters) Men need women more than  women need men. (This was and is the battle cry of modern Feminism)  Men’s lives revolve around women the way the earth rotates around the sun. (This notion of woman ruling over men, and the women being suns filled with all light and allglory and the men being small darkened planets -- is Victorian. ) The sun can manage without the earth, but the earth cannot do without the sun. (A tenant of modern feminism is men can and should be replaced by lesbianism for women’s emotional and physical needs. And a seccond well published notion is men’s uses for reproduction have been superceeded by artifiical insemination.)

Perhaps that’s why (feminized) men fear women so much (these days). Marriage used to be a trade: (This trade is spoken of in cold terms in an 1890 Methodist/ Victornian tract on marriage – The tract may well be a fraud and may have well been written as a satire on prudish turn of the century American Evangelical and Fundamentalist vews on sex nd marriage.


Good satire is always based on truth, and the greater the accuracy the sharper the wit. The notions put forth here of the filthiness and vileness of sex and that it spiritually defiles all who dare touch its flame -- are all ideas taught in the Mishnah and the Talmud. In it sex is addressed as the "Evil Urge" along with eating or any kind of food, drinking water or any other liquid, and the desire for shelter in any form These ideas on spirituality being only for celebates or those who limit sex to procreation was first written in the Mishnah and the Talmud.The difference here being that in the Mishnah and Talmud it is the woman that are filled with lust and perversion to lead astray the righteous and in Victorian Feminism it is the men tha are filled with lust and perversion to lead away the righteous.


One of the statements that is most chilling to me is the writerof this tract declaring that these Victorian/Christian views on sex and marriage were being perpetualted both by the Church seemingly alldenominations and the education system of the day.


Female nurturing and support for male financial and social security (protection). In a modern world, (Because of the welfare system) women may not need men’s financial support quite as much as they did before, (Note here they skip all-together the issue of protection again.) while men need women’s emotional support just as much as they always have.

The balance of power (In westernized societies world-wide has changed in favor of (feminized) women. --  (Feminized) Women still want a partner. But (However this has change to now being on their own terms. On these new terms these feminized women now “bid on” and “buy”their men. On even Christian and Spirit filled dating sites this is very evident with Spirit-filled and Fundamentalist making clear demands being made by most women, financial demands, social demands, dreams, personal wants, and a list of qualifications that their suitable mate must meet to qualify for their consideration.


How far is this from the words of Christ that all His disciples love one another, and care for one another, and fellowship with one another?


[As I have been working on this article I have only come to realize the level of Feminism in the Fundamentalist, Pentecostal and Charismatic churches I have been in contact with and how they have not only been “feminized” since long before I first was saved but that the feminism that was accepted 35 years ago has been evolving following after the tenenats of its more radicaloff spring as we have documented on this website regarding other world trends as they have infiltrated and infested the church.


Feminism in all its form victorian or modern radical is all about the issue of control. Controlling marriage, Controlling the household, Controling finances, and Controling who is the gatekeeper of the households spirituality.


The root of this as the Lord has been speaking to me on this subject in the last few days is one of impatience,and wanting action now. And this actually occurred in the Garden. And we will write more about this in a few paragraphs.


In the Old Testament God established a Patriarchal society. Under current teachings this is becoming a hotly contested point. This is largely due to the secular teachings and legislation for equality.


Nowhere in the bible does it state that men are morally superior to women. Though this is stated in many places in the Mishnah and the Talmud.


Likewise there is no place in the bible taht declares that men are smarter than women. And I would cite here that "Wisdom" in the Book of Proverbs is spoken of as a women. However in the Mishnah and the Talmud the ignorace of woman and their mental inferiority is stated in many places.


In our article the "Talmudization of Israel and the Church" these issues and other issues are discussed at length. So we will not say any more here on this subject.


9/10/06 Last night I had a very painful night. For several hours I was in a semi-dream-like state – The Lord seemed to be going over my failed -marriage with a fine-tooth comb, especially concerning things that my wife did that were unconscionable. It was painful and bothered me a lot. -- One of the first things that was made plain was that my wife's heart had never been mine. And this came to me in numerous images and scenes. During which I asked repeatedly aloud why she would ever do this or have ever done that. (This woke me up severaltimes) And upon my waking I prayed repeatedly and asked God that if I did any unrighteous or unholy to my ex-wife that the Lord would forgive me. Because I wanted to be a bride pleasing to him, and a bride without spot or wrinkle.


This did not stop there but it went on again with secne after scene of my former wife saying and doing things that made me chafe and cringe. After a while of being quite distressed I asked what was the Lord trying to show me. The images scenes and words repeated again as as before I sought the Lord to revel any sins I may have commited to have caused these things to happen, so I could see my faults and properly confess them and receivie cleansing. Once more nothing was forthcoming. So on my own I confessed several times I was a sinner and tried to confessed a few minor things that had by that time come to mind, I prayed about if I still had ought against my ex-wife and I prayed if I had done anything that had caused my wife to foster these words and acts that I could find release before the LOrd.. (I might mention here that these were all real things that did occur -- not just dreams) The Lord began to speak to me and he repeated perhaps three thimes that "This marriage was no mistake but it had been ordained of him." He had spoken these same words three years earlier when I was weeping before him in the midst of the divorce -- and other words then came back to me that He had spoke at the time "That He had been with me and that this had all been His will."


Even so this was very hard to make any sense of . Awake again I prayed more and just lay there and then the Lord spoke a verse to me: A person that is double minded is unstable in all his ways. then a second passage came to mind that of Christ in the midst of the Garden saying: Not My will, but Thine be done.


By this time 4-5 hours had passed -- The Lord then spoke these words: In salvation one's will, one's wishes and one's desires are to stop at the door. -- When one is filled with their own ambitions, their own will, and filled with their own desires and expectations -- they are not saved. For their heart is not the Lord's.


And so they then try to fulfill their own desires, their own wishes, and wants. -- And the seed they produce is that in the parable of the sower that was cast among the thorns. And so these end up with a conflicted walk with God, that goes nowhere spiritually and produces nothing spiritually.


And the Lord continued: So also is it in marriage. When the wife gets married her ambitions, her dreams, her personal desires are all to have stopped at the door. (We see this in scripture with Sarah who followed Abraham unflinchingly wherever he went and whatever he did good or bad. We also find this in Rebekah)


The Lord continued: The husband’s desires are to become the wife’s desires. (She having relased her own and taken up her husband's as her own, In the same way Christ laid aside his own will and made the father's will his own . Not my will, but Thy will be done) Likewise, the husbands ambition's are to become the wife’s, and the husband’s expectations are to become the wife’s.


For the wife is ever to be the representative of her husband and his interests -- she is to conform into his image and likeness as being one in flesh with him.


But in feminized western culture girls are taught from childhood to have their own dreams and expectations.So that these household traditionally for the last hundred or so years have been double minded bringing great unstability to the household as the husband and wife vyied for control.


And this has also true in Christian households -- founded upon this household model of double-minded. with all its pushing and pulling, as this war of wills occurs here. – This only is because these wive's hearts were never given to their husbands. Instead of marriage and becoming one in flesh and becoming a union under the Husband as spiritual head and leader of the household such women seek their own wants and desires seeking to rule the household as competing co-equals. So how rocky (stony ground) will this kind of marriage end upbeing, depends wholly upon the temperment of the husband. For when the nose of the camel enters the tent, the rest of the camel is soon to follow. So the question comes then how much the husband then is willing unbibilically cede to his wife as Adam did with Eve? Well it willnot stop there, Will he then cede his authority? Willhe cede His spiritual priesthood. The train just keeps going until the husband becomes the servant of his wife, and he is instead made in her image and likeness, and in so doing hr lays aside his ambitions, his desires, and his expectations for hers. Many Chrstian husbands have in times past done exactly what I now see. My Step-Father paid a heavy price when he married my mother.


What we see here is the upsidedown household of the victorianized / feminized church and victorianized / feminized marriage.


The camel of the Victorian feminist movement first stuck its nose in the tent of American Evangleicalism and Fundamentalism 120 years ago. And upon it entering the tent, the full camel followed and completely took over the tent, and in so doing it made the American Evangelical and Fundemtalist movements matriachial in nature -- having been conformed into the image and likeness of the Victorian Anglican Church. To this day the camel of Victorian feminism has not left American Evagelicalism, Fundamentalism nor any of their later offspring in Pentecostal or Charismatic demoninations, and on its own will this camel shall never depart from us. Just like the merchants and money changers that had crept into the temple in Christ's day would have never left the bonanza they had found either except when they were cast out by Christ.

(And we see this accomplished in some small measure in the writer of this article -- an unsaved, non- bible beleving, European ex-feminist -- and she sees ultimately that Islam is coming to up feminized western Europe and the whole of feminiized westernizedsociety. Which is fairly visionary.


But like the parable of the clean house and its resident demon inviting in seven spirits worse than itself -- the Talmudization of the church and the feminization of the church are not content to be house pets -- In the book of Revelation this is described as Babylon becoming a cage of every foul bird --a house filled with demons. And Ezekiel prophesies of this in great detail also.


So should it be a surprise that the camel of Victorian feminism being given run of the tent would not call in some of its friends for company. (We will not explore what doctrines and teachings and other "isms" have been carried in with them.) Because of the "culture" of Victorian feminsm in the church it should be of little surprise that when the views militant feminism first appeared in the 1970's, that aspects of their toxic hate-filled teachings might find a welcome place in the already feminized church?


Some would argue this is impossible that Christians would never stand for any such thing

yet with militant feminisms wall to wall dissemination 24/7 by the print media, aka newspapers and magazines, television media, in film, the public schoools, and collages; since it first reared its ugly head in the 1970's. People have heard their views hundreds of times and like everything else they have become desensitized to what is said if for no more reason than the vast barriage of their multitude of words. So what was once outrageous is now accepted are normal. And we are speaking here of the effects of their pernicious teachings among resistant adults.


For Christian children whether they attend public schools or not, the impact of these toxic feminist teachings as probably four-fold. I say this because it was in the early 1980's that the first generation of Christian school girls who were taught bits and pieces of this radical feminism grew up and begin to get married. But something new happened in the church that had never happened before under the rule of the old feminism of the last 120 years. Within 3-5 years these young Christian housewives were getting divorced left and right. And these statistics have continued on ever since the notions of this new toxic strain of feminsm appeared. Normally the church is a decade or two behind the world in partaking of its latest trends in sin and corruption but here we have the church on the cutting edge, and being overthrown with the first wave.


Returning once more to the comparrison of Marriage with Salvation; if a woman wants to marry, she can not be submitted to other earthly masters other than her husband. A woman can not be discipled and love and revere other men and even other women's teachings and words over her husband. -- This is not just your household being double-minded but in most Christan households becasue of their many masters the husband and wife both suffer from multiple-minded twisting and bending and that is tearing your household apart with every wind of doctrine. This is also adulterous behavior and is declared by Samson in Scripture as "Others having plowed with my wife."


Likewise you as a beleiver can not revere the words and teachings of other men and women over the words of Christ. Since the 1970's and the advent of Christian bookstores, tape ministries Christian radio and TV and the Internet, most Christians today are the disciples of many masters. This has brought in confussion in unprecidented levels as all these teachings conflict with each other, this has made beleivers conflicted to the place of complete breakdown and complete disfunction. And this adulterous behavior with them cavorting with the friend of the bridegroom has destroyed their being betrothed with Christ.


Christ declared in:

Luke 14:33 Whosoever -- that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple. (It is impossible for him to become my disciple)


As the bride of Christ can not entertain her own fantasies desires, and personal vanities -- so the wife of one husband can not entertain her own fantasies desires, and personal vanities.


Psalm 45:10-11 Hearken, O daughter, and consider, and incline thine ear; forget also thine own people, and thy father's house; (For doing so) So shall the king greatly desire thy beauty: for he is thy Lord; and worship (In the case of a husband that would be "honor") thou him.


Christ echo's these words here:

Matthew 10:37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me:(Can not be my disciple) and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.(Can not be my disciple)
Likewise a wife that loveth these more than her husband is not worthy of him.


In the following verse we find a secret promise converning marriage

Matthew 19:29 And every one (wife) that hath forsaken (Forsaketh or forgets) houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, (For her husband and her marriage's sake) shall receive an hundredfold (fruitfulness in this life), and shall inherit everlasting life.(See Paul's comments about fruitfulnesss and childbearing.)


The proof text of the above passages are found in the life of Rebekah and have been written of in great detail on this website in: Rebekah Savior of the Household of Faith.


In the bible these Our willour wants and our desires are addressed as the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the world the pride of life the lust of the eyes or the wealth and riches of the world

When a person in following Christ has these selfish and self-willed attributes any or all all of them Christ said you can not be my disciple. – That has done little to stop many from fantasizing and deluding themselves so much so that their cares choke out their relationship with God and their seed is choked until it is overcome and the relationship with Christ is sundered, and so in like manner the marriage is sundered.

Only the purifiedr soils with no rocks, not hard spots for the birds to come and snatch the seed, and soil that has been rendered weedless so that it is not filled with personal ambitions, personal desires, and personal expectations,is what can produce fruit 30 60 and one hundredfold

The lesson here is that before marriage the soil must be prepared weeded and purged. This is not a repentance at the altar rail that takes place for a few moments at one time. This is a full deepcleansing seeking God toshine his ligh on us and reveal and expose these things that have been so ingrained and hidden within us.