Boy Scouts File Federal Lawsuit Over Dispute with City of Philadelphia

Iíll tell you the truth , in the day of judgment the leaders of the Boy Scouts of America from 1990-2008 will fare far better before God in his throne than most Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Pentecostal, and Charismatic preachers and teachers for in the face of losing tax exemption, money from the united way and numerous other liberal pro-gay organizations, the loss of houses and lands were they were able to meet, and camp Ė These men have not bowed the knee in their rejection of allowing gays into the organization much less be around and influence small children.

Whereas if we were to characterize most of the preaching and teaching in this house concerning sin, righteousness, and the coming judgment of God we would have to declare that these have purposely chosen a policy of donít ask, donít tell so that they will receive the praise of men within their communities, and receive honor and accolades of tithes and offerings for speaking only upbeat, and positive messages of the goodness that resides in all men, that we as Christians are not to be judgmental, and to suggest that who might or might not be saved by outward appearance or their deeds is divisive, mean spirited, and seeks to cause confusion in the flock.

Consider strongly that which is being taught in your church or fellowship and that which is not. For those things that are being omitted, those things that have been lined out in the word of God are being preached and teached as well Ė and the message is these things are beneath us, these things are of a lower realm and we are past all these things in our deeper and more righteous understanding of scripture and the will and purposes of God than Moses, the prophets, Jesus in the Gospels, and the apostles in the epistles.

Divorce, fornication, remarriage, homosexuality, being wealthy, and living at ease and comfort, loving the things of this world, seeking the praise of men. fearing men and not speaking anything that would stir them up against you, eternal security, deep repentance, showing for the works or fruits of repentance, unpardonable sins, the works or fruits of righteousness, that the sin iniquity and unrighteousness spoken of the word of God was written to believers and the church and not to unbelievers and the world, and disobedience, and stubbornness nullify salvation.

by KYW's Mike Dunn

The local Boy Scouts organization has filed a federal lawsuit against the Nutter administration over the mayor's ultimatum that the scouts renounce the national group's policy on gays or leave their city-owned headquarters.

Mayor Nutter had told the "Cradle of Liberty" Boy Scout council to renounce the Scouts' national policy on gays, start paying fair-market-value rent, or vacate its city-owned headquarters -- on Winter Street near 22nd, just off the Benjamin Franklin Parkway -- by June 1st.

Currently, the scouting group gets the office space from the city for free.

Negotiations between the administration and the scouts have been going on for months (see related story), apparently for naught.  The local scouting group has now filed a lawsuit in federal court, basically contending that the Nutter administration is violating the Scouts' First-Amendment rights by delivering this ultimatum.

Jason Gosselin is an attorney for the Boy Scouts:

"What the city has done is essentially ordered the Boy Scouts, the Cradle of Liberty Council, to repudiate that policy. And when they refused to do that, they've now been penalized by the city with the notice to vacate their headquarters."

Mayor Nutter says simply that the city cannot countenance the national Scouts' policy on gays:

"We don't support discrimination by organizations against individuals for any particular reason as they deliver their services. And certainly not on city land. In the cradle of liberty, the City of Philadelphia, that's just unconscionable."