The time now is to reach out and preach the Gospel to these nations like never before. The cry has gone out in the Spirit that unless there is a massive repentance in the church at large (that is the church in Europe, the church in Asia, and the church in Africa that their candlestick shall be removed. And unless there is a whole hearted turning to the Lord in the church at large, and a willingness of believers from every nation to lay down their lives to bring the Gospel to these Muslim nations, even to the must radical Muslim nations and tribes – the Muslims shall indeed rise with the Antichrist within in this generation and consume all of the church in Europe, all of the church in Africa and all of the church in southern and eastern Asia.

And all that shall remain not under their rule as recorded in the book of Revelation shall be the king of the West the US, the King of the East China, and the King of the North Russia to battle in Armageddon.  God help the Church, God grant His people the Spirit of Repentance, God help these poor people the old men, the young men, the women, the children, that shall all be brought to slaughter for the blood shall indeed flow in Europe up to the reigns of a horse and it shall flow for 1600 furlongs.   

Babies Win Wars
WSJ ^ | March 6, 2006 | GUNNAR HEINSOHN

Posted on 03/06/2006 11:46:37 PM PST

Dying nations are usually defined as those with fertility rates of 1.5 or lower. By that measure, 30 European countries are either dying today or -- like France -- seeing their cultures and populations transformed by growing ethnic and religious minorities.

Europe is shrinking just as the population in Islamic, African and Asian countries is exploding. In 2020, there will be one billion "fighting-age" men (ages 15-29) world-wide; only 65 million will be Europeans. At the same time, the Muslim world will have 300 million males, often with limited opportunities at home.

Little can be done to reverse Europe's demographic fate. …snip…

This isn't the first time Europe has found itself tottering on the edge of extinction. Throughout the 1400s, outbreaks of bubonic plague and pressure from conquering Muslim armies reduced Europe's population to 40 million from 70 million. In 1484 Pope Innocent VIII responded to the crisis by decreeing the death penalty for "persons of both sexes who…snip…slay infants yet in the mother's womb (or who) hinder women from conceiving." …snip…

The results were immediate, producing fertility rates as high as in Gaza or Niger today.


After 1945 Europe lost every war it fought, from Indochina, to Algeria to Timor. …snip… In just 100 years, Muslim countries have duplicated the tenfold growth that Europe experienced between 1500-1900. …snip

Snip…Europe's share of the world's fighting-age males, which stood at 27% in 1914, is lower today (9%) than it was in 1500 (11%). Thus, the new clothes of European "pacifism" and "soft power" conceal its naked weakness.

With a fertility rate at the 2.1 replacement level, the U.S. is still defendable. But how many times can America send out their only sons to prevent all those second, third or fourth sons from engaging in acts of violence abroad?

In order to avert the Muslim take over of Europe within the next 30 years starting this summer in Europe alone there will need to be 500,000 muslim converts to Christ. Every year that the church fails to heed its calling this number shall exponentially increase to the point of no return which is less than 15 years away.

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