“Zub B Ayin The Muslim Moon God Allah Sexually Violated by American Infidels
Another Insult to Islam NASA Mission Condemned
October 13th, 2009
by thelastcrusade.org

Muslims have expressed their outrage at NASA for crashing two rockets into the South Pole of the moon. One rockets was the size of a bus; the second of a compact car.

The purpose of the mission was to determine if lunar craters contained cakes of ice.

The rockets may not have dislodged ice, but they certainly fanned fires throughout the Muslim world.

“America does not own the moon,” Shareef Abdel wrote on a blog. “It belongs to us. The moon has always belonged to Islam.”

This sentiment was shared by Ahmed Bieheiri, another Muslim blogger, who said: “The moon is sacred to all Muslims. What the U.S. has done is an outrage to us.”

“Stay away from the moon, all ye hypocrites and blasphemers,” another incensed Islamist fumed. “You have given us the ultimate insult – - “Zub B’ Ayin” a dick in the eye.” (This penis or finger in the eye should sound familiar – as this disgusting phrase was used in the Talmud concerning adults having sex with pre-pubescent girls down to the age of toddlers – drawing attention once more to Islam’s origin being an offshoot of Talmudic Judaism – That began when Muhammad and his band of theives and murderers ran in fear and were taken in by the Jewish Families that held great influence in those days in the city of Medina. Where Mahammad and his inner circle were taught Talmudic Judaism and in more paticular the hatred, the racism, and the doctrines and traditions of Men of the Talmud which deny the Diety of Jesus Christ, That God has a Son, and the Godhead or Trinity of God that is expressed dozens of times both in the Old and New Testaments which Muhammad [One who  raised Roman Catholic by his uncle who was a Roman Catholic priest] So that Islam is a deadly damning blend of Arab Idolity of their age old Moon God, the worst of Talmudic Judaism, and the worst of 6th century Roman Catholicism.)

Such complaints reflect the fact that Allah was originally a Moon God and that the Crescent Moon (To this day) is the symbol of the Muslim world.

In pre-Muslim times, Arabs worshipped Hubal, the fertility god of the moon. His image, (Was) the crescent moon, (Which) was placed on the roof of the Kaaba, the sacred black stone (Meteorite) which stands in the Center of Mecca. Hubal was called al-ilah or “the god” by the Bedouin tribes. Al-ilah was later shortened to Allah. The Sura contains stories of Arabs praying to Allah while standing before the image of Hubal. (Allah is NOT God the Father as revealed in the Holy Bible, but is an Arab Moon-God, that has time and again been reinvented and repackaged by corrupt and lying the imams and scholars of Islam. To bend the knee to Allah, is to worship the image or the symbol of the beast.

Before the birth of Muhammad in 570 A.D., his tribe – - the Quarish – - paved the way for monotheism by worshipping Allah as the chief god and by wearing symbols of the crescent moon. Note here*** that Mohammad’s tribe was called the Quarish – the word Quaran [Koran] is literally “The words sayings or teachings of the Quarish” So that in Muslimism the descendants of the Quarish tribe are above all other Arabs. Just as all the other Arab tribes were historically beaten and subjugated by Mohammad and the Quarish.  The notion of Arab supremacy over all peoples upon the earth is a modern fable. For all Arabs were Kuffar except for Mohammad and the Quarish, and remain as Kuffar in Islam just as all converts from other nations remain as Kuffar even once there are converted and remain looked down upon by all Arabs today as half breeds or worse.